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Evicting the Hippo.

Yesterday's Diabetes 365 photo was this:

Blue hippo - BSparl is NOT a fan.

This little, blue, ceramic hippo came with a circus playset I received decades ago.  I can't even remember how long I've had it, but since college, this one creature has been living in the drawer in every bathroom of every apartment I've ever lived in.  It just refuses to be lost or misplaced, though its face is chipped and it's not the same vibrant blue it once was. 

Over the last few days, BSparl has been moving actively and visibly, poking her little legs and arms into my abdomen and dancing around in there.  Being the mature adult that I am, I wanted to see if she would respond to things being placed on my belly.  If Chris puts his hand on me, she reacts immediately.  (She loves her daddy best, I think.)  I rested a glass of ice water on my stomach for just a second the other day and she went after it like Siah after a pump cap.  And yesterday, a warm mug of tea made her jut her legs out aggressively.  (Someone on Twitter said this baby has beverage editorial going on.  I'm not shocked - she's my kid, so she's bound to have some strong opinions on stuff.)

Knowing BSparl is going a little stir-crazy in there, I wanted to give her a challenge.  So I placed the blue hippo on my belly and encourage her to go after it.  The first time (of course, not on video - blast!), she waited a few minutes quietly, then launched the damn thing right off my belly onto the bed.  Hippo got some serious air on that one, and I couldn't stop laughing.  So I set her up again, this time with the Flip at the ready.  Her attack isn't as solid as the first time, but you can see her moving in there.

Chris came home from a meeting and I was laying on the bed, shirt scooted up and belly swollen, with a blue hippo on my stomach and the video camera in my hand.  He put his computer bag on the floor.

"Um ... hey, Kerri."

(I can just imagine that split second, just as he's putting his key in the door, not quite knowing what to expect as he walks in.)

The last couple of days have been a diabetes and pregnancy nightmare, with very unpredictable numbers and an ever-increasing insulin resistance, but I'm very encouraged by your messages and am inspired every time BSparl moves to keep things under the best possible control.  And she's growing.  And moving. 

Diabetes be damned, pregnancy is amazing.


that is awesome!!! its going to be great to show her these videos one day

that's way too freakin adorable :)

I can't even begin to imagine your husbands face as he walked through the door. Brilliant stuff kerri!

Keep up the good work!

AWW!! How cUtE!!!

LOVE the mental picture you paint with Chris coming in to find you doing this. Uh....hi Kerri. FUNNY!

You have such a wonderful wild imagination!!

That's the coolest thing ever. :)

This makes me happy.

That is all ;-)

haha, that is hilarious. And kind of freaky. Even though I've felt it, it is weird to watch somebody else's tummy. Like some weird little being is in there trying to get out...oh ya, it is!!

It's funny~ I watch that and can actually feel what that felt like (from an expectant mommy's perspective) like it was just yesterday. You never forget the physical experience of being pregnant. It is, as you say, AMAZING!

I remember Gillian kicking the remote control off of Jasmine's stomach once. So awesome and amazing!


Great post. Reminds me of... http://eyesrubbed.blogspot.com/2008/02/life.html

we had a vid of my cell phone onher tummy that anna kept kicking off.

I love bsparling too!

haha! cute!
i need a "LIKE" button!!

LOVE this video! Kerri, you are gonna be the best Mommy everrrrrrrrr!!!!!!


Your mood turn-around (however brief it may be) makes me happy!! :)

Best video ever of a baby kicking a hippo's butt. It made me seriously laugh. You will have to show her the hippo once she is out and about and see if she smirks when you show it to her :0)

Hahahaha, that is hilarious! She's going to be so much fun.

That is so fun!

haha!! awesome..absolutely nothing more amazing than being pregnant!!!

Too cute :)

It's funny to visualize you showing her these videos someday and her realizing how hysterical and fun her Mom is!

You made my day with this! It's always good to see someone really loving being pregnant.

Ok... That was cool. Thanks for sharing! :)

Very cool. Keep on going, things like this are what it is all about, even when the diabetes comes a kicking. :o)

I wish you well



My son HATED Bluegrass music and would kick my husband until he feel asleep when I was pregnant. At the time I was pregnant the song "County Auction" by John Michael Montgomery was popular. When it came on the radio, he would kick so much that I had to change the radio station. He is now 14 and hates country music. Also my craving was Mr. Misty Floats from Dairy Queen and he was born with a milk allergy--go figure LOL!!
Take Care!

You go girl!!!!!!!

You are going to be a very good mom...you already are.

That is so adorable! Hang in there - I am going through the exact same thing you are (at 26 weeks now), especially at night. It can be so frusterating and I know exactly how you feeling as I am going through the same thing.

Too funny! I can't help but laugh at Debra's comment. While pregnant with my son he loved to dance around to whatever music we had on (his favorites were the White Stripes and Foo Fighters) but whenever country music was on he was still as could be. He is now 2 1/2 and still loves dancing around to music and his musical tastes are still exactly the same. It's hilarious!

Priceless - I foresee sports in her future - maybe soccer?

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