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Buried in Clips.

I'm shamelessly plugging Chris's movie, Buried, as we prepare to head out to Sundance tomorrow afternoon.  In case you missed it yesterday, here are the latest clips, borrowed from the MTV website (which explains why there are preroll adds in there - forgive in advance.):

I'm excited and proud, I'll admit it! Thanks for your continued support with this movie, and we're hopeful it will generate some serious buzz at Sundance.


I hope you have a blast at Sundance! I'm excited for you and Chris. :)

Plug Chris all you want! Woot! Have fun at Sundance. Take plenty of pictures!

I Can. Not. Wait. to see this movie!

Have a great trip and be safe. I have been watching these clips too. It looks great.

Congrats! And plug away...I'm excited to hear about all of it. And see it with the little people in the theater (:

OMG. So, so cool!

Oh, and Ryan is hot.

Have fun girl!

The trailer looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!

I am getting claustrophobic just watching the trailer...thank goodness Ryan is a hottie! Congrats on the movie and have a great time at Sundance!

Looks really good! Enjoy Park City! You have to go in the little shop that has the custom pet stuff too! It's crazy and sooo cute! Its about middle of the "old Park City" main street on the north side (I think?). Anyway, good luck and enjoy yourself!

I'm going on Wednesday and skipping class. All the other times were sold out. Luckily it's only about an hour north of where I go to school. :) I'm so excited.

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