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BSparl: She's a Mobile Biscuit.

We're just over 23 1/2 weeks with Ms. BSparl, and she's an active little biscuit in there.  I know I mentioned it in my vlog earlier this week, but this baby is scooting around all over the place inside of me.  Last night, for the first time, Chris and I could actually SEE her kicking from the outside.  Feeling her kick is one thing, but seeing it?  Completely amazing.  When she shuttles and rolls from one side of my uterus to the other, I can see her moving.  My belly swells more on one side, and then I can feel and see the 'bulge' move over to the other side.  (I'm trying to get a video of her doing this, but usually when it happens, I'm too taken by surprised to grab the Flip!)

Baby Girl Sparling, 23 weeks along

On the diabetes front, my insulin resistance is climbing.  Daily.  Like a cat in a tree, howling from the top branch and refusing to come down.  (I need the fire department - stat!)  My basals, once at a conservative 12.4u today per day, are at an even 20u per day and I'm sure they'll need to be upped again sometime next week.  I feel like I'm chasing my tail right now with these blood sugars, but so long as I can continue to effectively stalk them, I'm confident that I'm not boiling BSparl.  This morning, after three days of waking up at 140, 155, and 203 (gah), respectively, my fasting number was 79 mg/dl and the Dexcom reflected a steady overnight, too. I'll take that, and hope it happens again tomorrow. 

But if it doesn't?  CRANK it up again!

A big hurdle I'm encountering is the exercise bit.  Honestly, I haven't had a good workout since before we went to Spain (and returned with Ms. BSparl).  In the first trimester, I was usually too exhausted to get to the gym (went three times a week instead of the five I was getting in before), and then we moved out of our apartment in Connecticut, so that whole transition sucked out my desire to work out almost entirely. 

Now, well into the second trimester, I'm trying to get to the gym but it's just so boring.  My exercise options feel so limited, and I'm not used to the whole "get on the treadmill, walk steadily for 35 minutes, END" routine.  No ab workouts, or I could smoosh BSparl.  No jumping rope, or all these new sticky-outtie parts of my body might leap off of me and my pelvic floor could be weaked.  (Kidding on the body parts leaping off but true on the pelvic floor concerns. I also can't imagine jumping rope being almost 6 months pregnant, nevermind the fact that the kid won't like it.)  And no strenuous weight lifting, thanks to compromised diabetic eyes. Those little five pound weights I have are borderline questionable, considering my retinopathy progression.  Booooooo.

So the treadmill it is, for long and awkward ambling.  (For now.)  And even though it's a whole lot of boring (I've watched that "build a six foot gingerbread house in 8 hours" challenge on the food network like seven times now), it is getting harder and harder to keep moving.  With BSparl expanding every week, my organs are getting a little smushed in there.  An expanding uterus puts pressure on my bladder, my diaphragm, and every other organ I have in there, leaving me short of breath a lot of the time and generally feeling like I'm going to tip over a little bit.  I guess these walking workouts are still exercise, even though they aren't even close to what I was doing before BSparl's creation.  

Every week is different, but I'm definitely not complaining.  Pretty damn grateful, actually.  I'm so happy to look in the mirror and see that my waistline has all but disappeared and has been replaced by this bump o' BSparl.  She's in there, she's doing well, and in just about four months, she'll be here.  


I loved watching belly gymnastics. Enjoy!

You need WiiFitPlus! Gotta be some stuff on there you can do and it's fun! (No money was paid in return for this product endorsement.) :-P

I know it's getting more challenging, but you can do it! You're great at handling your diabetes!
Hope you can get little Ms. BSparl moving on video soon. That's got to be the awesomest thing ever! I'm so excited for you!!

Look for a prenatal yoga class. I loved it with my first pregnancy (but didn't have the time w/ my second).

Just wait until you can identify body parts! I could always find my babies' tushies and knees.


My sister went to spin class up until 8 months+ of being pregnant! I agree you need a WiiFit! It will be helpful for workouts when you can fit them in at home :)

Have you ever tried yoga? (I haven't so can't really comment, nor have I been pregnant) but a friend of mine teaches pre-natal yoga and RAVES about the benefits of it (with the breathing & focusing bit being super for labor!) And I second the Wii Fit suggestion....lots of goofy/fun things you might be able to do on that! Though, if you don't have a Wii, would be quite the pricey solution!

OK, what is it with gyms and having the *food network* on? My gym is the same way...

Here's a few ideas (which I hope help to change up the workout):

1. Prenatal exercise classes
2. Pregnancy workout DVD's. usually $7-10 at stores but help so you're not doing the same thing everyday. Get a bunch for after the baby too. They have baby and me workout videos.
3. Look at your future. In 4 months, you won't be able to get to the gym as often. Sorry, even with the best intentions it will be a lot harder. You'll have to find a sitter, will be too tired, baby gets sick, baby too young for the gym daycare, etc. Start investing for AFTER baby. Start looking for recumbent bikes, baby and me exercise classes, a treadmill, etc. So many times it was easier for me to jump on the treadmill for 15 minutes several times a day than it was to try to go to the gym and get a good hour workout in. Okay, it was impossible to try to go to the gym in those early months. And then when I went back to work?? Impossible except on the weekends. You can rent equipment for your home, buy refurbished, and it's pretty inexpensive. while it might not make the living room look pretty, it will be so easy to get back into shape the more accessible working out is. I had post partum w/ my first and it was a lifesaver! Hope that helps, if you need anything else, send me an email.

If it makes you feel any better, you're getting to exercise 3 times a week more than I and I'm not even restricted with what I can do because of a pregnancy :p (that's my own fault but wanted to point out a positive aspect of your hurdle) I've heard that yoga is very good during pregnancy and is very good in general. I see that it's mentioned by others so maybe worth a try.

How fun! I second the prenatal yoga classes. They are a good, safe workout for mom and baby plus they change the classes up so it's not the same boring routine. Also, you can meet other pregnant people which I loved.
Sounds like you're doing everything right!

I wasn't with diabetes when I was pregnant so I can only think your pregnancy is tougher than most. But I love reading about the babysparling and the photos make me miss my kids at college!!! I am older lol.

Register for a WiiFit! We'll get you one! It's awesome!!!

Kerri where do you wear your Dexcom sensor? Just curious since it would certainly be difficult to wear on your stomach at this point! I wear mine on the upper outside of my thigh usually, and have had good results. Just curious!

I used to love laying in the tub at night and seeing my son(s) feet kicking and then rolling!

Yeah, it's no accident that "like being on a treadmill" is a synonym for boring.

Get an mp3 player, ipod or whatever and get audiobooks to listen to while you're on the treadmill. You can purchase from Audible.com, or often download for free through your local library. There's nothing like a good story to make the time pass.

I have no experience with diabetes, but what about water aerobics for exercise? Or just getting in the pool and walking? When I was pregnant with my first, the only place I felt human was in the pool - especially during the third trimester. It might be a good break from the boring treadmill, it would take some pressure off of your back/spine/legs, and you wouldn't have to worry about shaken fetus syndrome (haha) like you do with jumping rope.

It might be worth thinking about, especially as you start to get bigger. :)

So cool about the baby gymnastics. :) I would love to see that.

What about yoga? I know some gals who loved the prenatal yoga classes, and supposedly is very good to get you ready for delivery and a quicker recovery.

My sister walked like mad when she was pregnant with her first and not so much with the second. The difference in labor and recovery were amazing between the two. She could not believe how much walking helped everything to run smoothly. Just an FYI.

althought I haven't ever been pregnant, I hear good things about the workout DVDs. Try Freecycle to see if you can get some locally or the library if you don't want to buy.

Always ebay too!

A pregancy has its own challenges and being a diabetic can double the difficulties but I'm sure sure that you're going to overcome all the obstacles. Actually you already have!
Have you tried working out in the pool?
Best wishes!

Dear Baby ..I love you already. Grammie!

I loved watching the baby move from the outside!

As for exercise, have you considered some of the birth/physiotherapy ball exercises? Even just for stretching they can be great. I'll also second prenatal yoga or water aerobics.

I didn't use my Wii Fit in pregnancy but I know lots of women do.

Oh definitly find a prenatal water aerobics class. I too was restricted with what I could do, but my Dr ok'd me for that and prenatal yoga. Nothing like floating back across the indoor pool on a noodle after a nice lite workout.
The hardest part was trying to find a maternity swimsuit in November in NewEngland! Keep moving your doing fabulous.


Yoga and walking are fab. I met good friends through pregnancy yoga. It's so funny when someone makes a little parping noise in a silent yoga room! By third trimester you get increasingly less control over such things but at least they are mufled by your bulk. Also you WIll have lots of time for walking and being out and about when BSparl is small. She will just tag along. Once she is moving herself and crawling about it gets harder.
Enjoy the nest few months and beware that when you say "I can't get any bigger, surely" that YOU WILL. It's gravity defying.

The boredom issue has to do with the time you are on the dreadmill. Didn't Larry ever tell you not to exceed 33 minutes?! ;-)

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