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BSparl and the Buried Poster.

It's been aaaaaaages since I recorded a new vlog post, and much of my delay was the fault of my old PC (and its magical, melting hard drive).  That and I lost the tripod for the Flip, so it's taken me a while to figure out how to wrangle in iMovie and all the Mac crap. 

Here's my first Mac vlog, touching upon that moment every mother-to-be experiences as her baby is growing in the womb ... when she realizes that the ultrasound pictures sort of look like her husband's film poster.

(Sundance in less than two weeks - I can't wait!!)


LOL You are Gym Kerri!

Funny how those two look similar! Crazy.

Great vlog! I love the party aaaaa I'm in a box imitation! That was funny! :)

You look great Kerri! Pregnancy agrees with you! :)

I love the way you smile and glow the minute you speak of your baby girl..it makes me smile too!

Nice vlog. Wait till you can see her foot pressing through your skin, I think that's always so cool.

Oh my goodness, this is too funny. Yup, she needs a little lighter too so she can say "oh help, help, I'm in a womb"!!

HAHA...you are sooo funny!!

You are the gym, that's great. I'm glad things are going great and hope you get the chance to get out of the house.

I wish you well


You rock. That is all. :-)

Love it! You're adorable and so is BSparl!

Love it! You are too funny. Just gotta love your sense of humour!!

Very cute!

Awesomeness! What does the kicking feel like from the inside?!?

Laughing outloud...that was great! (And you're right...it DOES look like the movie poster!)

That was hysterical!!! Your posts (and vlogs) are great. I love that they are just what you are thinking at that moment. I think they are so great because they are just real, from the heart (or from the belly)...

This is so much better than my mom saying that my nieces looked like aliens in the womb.


It's such a joy to see how well you're doing with the pregnancy.
I'm very happy for you.
Thank you for sharing!

You are too cute and funny!!!

Still hoping for a certain name. :)

seriously i can not stop laughing right now ... you made my night :-)

Oh Kerri, that honestly made me laugh out loud. You're right though - all she needs is the little baby-sized lighter to hold in her hand .... :D

You're looking good! The next four months are going to fly by and she'll be in your arms before you know it :D

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