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Feeling Maternal.

Between these slowly rotating into the laundry cycle as we get ready for the baby:

Baby clothes in the laundry basket - makes my brain melt.

and the fact that my baby bump has popped overnight:

Kerri, Five Months Pregnant

I'm feeling pretty pregnant these days.

That is all.  :)

(Light posts this week, what with the holidays and the fact that I'm headed to my mom's to make gingerbread cookies all day today.  Photos to come ... and probably a few boluses, too.)


You look positively & insanely adorable. Merry Christmas to the Sparling (and Morrone!) family!!!

SOOOOO cute!!!!!!!

I have a friend who had a baby last January, and looking through her photos, at first you could hardly tell she was pregnant and then all of sudden - BAM! - baby bump! And then she looked really preggers the rest of the time. :o)

Merry Christmas, Kerri.

Oh how I love belly pictures. So adorable. :-)

Adorable. Both the clothes and you (I LOVE pregnant bellies!!!).

Your picture made me smile. You look absolutely adorable! Merry Christmas!!


Oh, you are so cute pregnant! Love that sleeper, can't wait to see pictures of baby wearing it!

so fun! you look great ;) enjoy the gingerbread cookies!

You look adorable pregnant!

Merry Christmas to You, Chris and Baby Sparling!

happy christmas

Tiny baby clothes and cute baby bumps. This has to be the best blog post ever! :)

"Adorable" seems to be the word of choice! It was the first one that popped into my head.

Smile, enjoy, merry...

:) you look adorable kerri!!! I hope you have a brilliant christmas, allow yourself some treats girl :)

S xxx

Love the oufits! You look Fabo pregnant! Have fun and tell Mom hola!

You look fabulous!!!
Happy holidays!

YAY!!How wonderful

HAppy holidays!!:]

Merry Christmas to you and Chris.

Awww, adorable!! Both the onesie and the bump. :)

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