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Ceiling Gnomes.

Dear Shoes,

It's been a while since I dropped you a line, and I'm thankful for that fact - mainly because I'm not living anywhere near you and your clompy-heels-on-the-hardwood-floors.  It's not that I don't miss you, but more that I'm really enjoying sleeping through the night now, before Miss BSparl arrives and changes that whole dynamic.

Oh Shoes, you and I have quite a history.  Three and a half years of memories.  Do you miss me as much as I miss you?  Did you know that I actually wanted to get a broom and bang it against the ceiling when you were playing with DogShoes or hollering at BoyfriendShoes, banishing him to sleep underneath the mailboxes?  I never did these things, Shoes, because I'm not an 80 year old wizened woman, but still, my internal wizened woman thought about it.

The new place is very nice, and no one lives above Chris and I, except for the bright blue sky and the clouds.

Oh, and the ceiling gnomes.Le Ceiling Gnomes

We live near some open fields, and there are all these geese that hang out there, smoking cloves and making out.  They toddle around and ultimately end up on the roof, where they sleep for a few hours and then run like hell for the edge of the building, taking off into the sky. 

But from my apartment, it sounds like we live beneath a commune of ceiling gnomes that scamper back and forth throughout the day, most often in the morning when the sun is shining brightest.

The cats aren't sure how to handle these critters.  When the pitter patter of gnomey feet starts progressing across the rooftop in a hurry, the cats all stop DEAD whatever they're doing and they turn their furry faces to the ceiling, bewildered.  

"What IS that?"  Siah breathes as she scurries across the floor, trying in vain to follow in the footsteps of the ceiling gnomes.  

Shoes, it's the weirdest thing ever.  The little clicking footsteps, and then NOTHING.  Silence, once the geese take off, leaving the cats unsure of what to do next, other than stare frantically at the ceiling.

But it's funny.  And it entertains me endlessly, especially when all three cats stop and stare in perfectly synchronized motions.  And I find it oddly calming, that I live beneath ceiling gnomes instead of your high heels.

Kisses to you, my Shoesy.  Hope you're well, and torturing the new tenants.



The mental image of your cats staring at the ceiling in unison made me laugh out loud. thanks for speading the cheer. I even had to go back and read about "boyfiend shoes." At least geese migrate.


I live under a girl who does something similar to Shoes. Except she also likes to open and close drawers and move around boxes at 2 a.m. My boyfriend and I have taken to calling her Little Shoes, after the original Shoes. Hope you don't mind. ;-)

I have actually spoken to her about it because I'm like that. And once we hit the ceiling with a broom. And she stomped back in reply. So that didn't work so well.

Now I wear earplugs.

My day wouldn't be worth getting through if it weren't for blog posts such as this from Six Until Me. My co-workers in the newsroom think I'm nuts after laughing historically about this and nearly fumbling my coffee cup as I tried to silence my non-stop laughing... Oh, the beauty. It's the fun side of entertaining, opposite the scary story I'm reporting on today: a man who claims he's a vampire threatening to torture and kill an Indianapolis judge and his family. Oh, the lives we lead. Between vampires and ceiling gnomes, today is pretty much a day where focus is out of the question. HAAA.

Okay - what are you and Siah smoking there! What a GREAT post - my face is cracking - mainly due to the cold walk I just ook - but it feels good to smile and have a laugh for the day.
BTW, I lived in a place where the flat across from me, when they wore high heels, I'd hear it! Tho' I have been told I'm blessed with Super Woman hearing (not good when as a child my Mum & Dad would be discussing what to do with their Devil Child aka Anna). :)

But are you *sure* they're geese? I was immediately reminded of this: http://www.nytimes.com/1999/09/19/weekinreview/the-world-gnome-is-where-the-heart-is-what-little-elves-tell-icelanders.html

Maybe the cats are smarter than you think...there really is something strange going on.

Once again my imagination takes over before I get to the end and not only laugh with the story, but at myself for thinking the oddest things because I must have forgotten about "shoes" and what a thought crossed my mind when I thought you were talking about "your shoes" and maybe that you could not see them past your "celing gnomes" (I never know what you going to name things, your very creative) My own creativity must have escaped it's cage. Doh!

Love the story and look forward to pictures of siah and the cats trying to figure this one out.

I wish you well


I have an idea for you. It comes from the lyrical nature of today's post. Why not start writing some books for your darling daughter. Simple images and text, colorful pictures especially of family and pets, and real life, not fiction. Children are thrilled to hear real stories about their home, family and the world they interact with. The books would be treasured and read again and again! No need for fancy bindings. Trust me - I know these things - I teach kindergarten.

Thanks for the yummy recipe. Will have to try it out for Christmas!

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