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Buried to Premiere at Sundance.

So we have one more bit of travel scheduled before BSparl joins the family - Buried is going to Sundance!

I can't help it - I'm so excited and so happy for Chris and the success of Buried that I can hardly sit still.  We got the call at one in the morning a few weeks ago and I've been waiting for Sundance to announce their film line up - it's hard to wait for them!  But finally, they have posted it, and Buried is making its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival

Chris and I will be traveling to Utah for the festival in January, along with plenty of our friends and family. (Yes, I'll be 6 1/2 months pregnant. No, not quite sure what to wear, but I can guarantee you it will not be a size itty  bitty.  I'll be in mega baby belly territory by then - yay for BSparl!)  I'm so proud of Chris and I'm thrilled to see Buried already receiving plenty of press. 

Buried, written by Chris Sparling

Here are some links to mainstream media goodies about the film:

  • Screen Daily gives a nod to buried in their announcement of the non-competition films. 
  • The MTV Movie Blog also gives some blog time to Buried, noting it as part of the midnight screening group.
  • USA Today has a run down of all the films being screened.
  • The LA Times lists Buried in their non-competition recap.
  • So does the New York Times
  • And MovieLine wants to know if Ryan is performing shirtless. 
  • (And for a peek at the movie poster, check this out!)

More coming in the next few weeks, but so far, I can't stop bouncing around excitedly about this.  It's been a big week for Team Sparling, from finding out we're going to be the parents of a little girl to announcing that the movie is premiering at Sundance.  2010 is going to be a big year, for all kinds of reasons.

Thanks for all of the diabetes community's continued support with this film (actually with everything!), and we hope to see some of you at Sundance!


cool news!!

Oooh, I love me some Sundance films. That is awesome news!!!

OK that picture gives me a panic attack just looking at it! I'm sooo sooo happy for you guys! When does Buried come out in theaters? Or does it? I'm confused about how exactly Indie films work. :)

Kerri, this is so AWESOME!

And not in the least surprising.

I LOVED "Uzi at the Alamo" (gave me a whole new perspective on Rock, Paper, Scissors :-) and absolutely cannot wait to see Buried!

How exciting!!! Two "babies" making their appearance in one year!

Oh my goodness! Congratulations!!!

Wow, so exciting to hear about the premieres of the baby girl and the movie at Sundance!!

As for the movie, I guess this means wider distribution and I will be able to see or pick up this flick eventually from many different outlets.

Can't wait!

Wonderful news! Congratulations to Chris!!
You'll look fabulous no matter what you wear.

Yah! See you next month. If you need winter maternity--I've got plenty I can run you while you're out here. They just announced it on radio and TV out here today. But they mentioned the cast of twilight Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, Katie Holmes, and 50 cent are set to be here. They haven't mentioned if Ryan Reynolds will be coming or not. Dress warm, layer well. you'll be fine. See you next month! So excited for you!

Congratulations Again!! I can't wait to see it! I lived in Barcelona for a while and was so excited to see all your pictures.

Ooooooh I wanna gooooo! Congrats to the Sparlings. 2010 is going to kick arse!

whooo hoooo! awesome!!! congrats to all of you.

What is Sundance? I know of Sundance Wy, is it a festivle? Congrats, it sounds important. :o)

The good luck has smiled on you guys and you deserve it.
(I have no idea what you are talking about. lol but know that Chris wrote the movie)

I wish you well

whooo hoooo! awesome!!! congrats to all of you.

Congratulations and welcome to Utah! It's a beautiful place to visit and live!

I was pretty sure that was what the next big announcement would be!!! Huzzah!!! 2009 has been a banner year for the Sparlings, and I'm so happy you've both seen all of your hard work pay off. Congratulations!!

That's so exciting Kerri! A big congrats to Chris!

Congratulations Chris! That is incredible news! (Next to the Baby gig 8). I can't wait to see it in the theaters.

Awesome! Have fun at Sundance! Wow! Go team Sparl. I wish I lived in Utah.

This is SO COOL you guys!!! I'm so happy and so excited!

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