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Boy or Girl?

We're heading to Joslin today to find out the sex of the baby (providing that BSparl isn't feeling shy today.)  I don't have a single gut feeling about what this baby is, and Chris and I cannot wait to find out.  Because we're tired of calling the baby "it."  :)

See you in a few hours!


(Okay, I'm already laughing that more than four of you guys have voted for "kitten." :) )

So exciting!! I've put in my vote - cant' wait to see if I was right or wrong. :)

Thanks to me, the kitten vote is up to ten. Ha ha.

So exciting!!! ;-)

I'm Team KitSparl all the way!

I hope the name poll, when it comes around, includes "Toonces" and "Boots" as options :)

Happy baby (er.. kitten) thoughts coming your way today!

Prayerfully, it will be a healthy baby!! I have a boy and a girl and both are wonderful.
( I voted girl by the way. ha ha)


As much as I wanted to vote for kitten, I voted for what I truly think BSparl is :)

I won't tell you what that was until after I see if I'm right!

Can't wait to find out. I voted little girl :)

I voted for kitten since TWINS was not an option!

while if you were going to have a kitten, you would have a whole bunch of them and i think your hands are already full with Siah around.

I'm going with boy because I always guess people will have boys. I'm right about 50% of the time...

tell us tell us tell usssss

Argh! The poll is closed. I must have missed the deadline LOL.

My vote is girl :D

Can't wait to hear if BSparl will prove me right!

I hope its a girl, but either way you will make awesome parents!!

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