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When in Doubt ...

When in doubt about what you really want to write, go with a bloopers video.  If nothing else, it will become clear why these segments never made it into an actual vlog post.  :) (But doesn't explain why I'm talking about books for no reason, what's with the cursing streak, why the cat is on the toilet, and why Abby is impersonating the MGM lion.)


Ha! That's awesome!

LOL You gots a potty mouth! Don't worry, you'll have months to swear before BSparl starts copying u.

I'll never forget the time I was watching Georgie play with a toy which fell out of his hands and he said, "Shit!"

My wife smacked me but at least he used it in the right context!

So cute!!! I was completely stumped on a post for both of my blogs today. I'm totally stealing your idea. The only raw footage I have is from my last vlog about knitting - so I can get away with posting it to both blogs. :) Oh, and the kitten will be in it too.

This was SO funny. . .and then I wondered, does laughter change BG levels? It should. . my belly is aching, from laughing at this post, as if I'd done situps!

and sure enough. . even tho you didn't know what to post and went with the blooper reel, you still brought great value to the DOC. As always. . :)

HA! Who knew?!


Nineteen people with type 2 diabetes, and 5 without, were monitored for blood glucose levels while they watched a serious lecture program. Their blood glucose levels did not change. The next day they were monitored as they watched a humorous program. Every participant's blood glucose levels dropped, whether they had diabetes or not.

Ok. I'll consider this a valid entry in the Race to Vlog competition we discussed on my podcast. You win this round Sparling (shakes fist).

But I'm not giving up on the pulp/no pulp battle.

More please! ;-) Ha.

I don't know why but your bloopers are always hysterical to me so they are ALWAYS welcome!! More bloopers please!!


PS: Love the potty mouth! I have one too and it's good to know I'm not alone in my vice. ;-)

I had to come back to this post, because your 'Weiner' pronunciation wouldn't quite leave me alone. See, I'm horrible at remembering the "rules", but husband isn't. he's the Rule [of thumb] King. and he says, the second vowel speaks... oh crap, or something along those lines. So, Weiner--I, priest--E. I don't think it always works, but it can help. LOL [plus, I went to college with a couple of Weiner guys, pronounced Whiner.

I picked up the book, Certain [

I love the bloopers Kerri. They are damn funny.

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