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Showering the Baby and World Diabetes Day.

This past weekend played host to World Diabetes Day, and there were so many cool diabetes advocacy events that I can barely keep up.  Here's a run-down of just some of the WDD events that took place across the blogosphere:

  • George and Cherise (oh, excuse me - SugaSheen) made the greatest YouTube video of all time, combining two things I love:  my fellow PWDs and a little Beyonce action.  Check out "All the Diabetics!"
  • Kelly, Manny, and Amy lit up the San Francisco Ferry Building in blue for WDD - Amy's post has some great photos of the event!
  • If you visit the World Diabetes Day Flickr pool, you can see some photos from the past weekend's festivities, including many bright blue landmarks from around the world.
  • Plenty of PWDs in the NYC area held a pizza party for WDD - check out this post on the ACT 1 blog for photos of the event, and a recap from Brenda at Blogabetes!
  • Karen at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes raised awareness for WDD on her knitting blog, posting the Top 5 Things NOT to Say To a PWD.  (Number three is my favorite one to roll my eyes at!)
  • Sandra Miller at A Shot in the Dark posted a video of her son Joseph, living with type 1 diabetes, who tells it like it is.  His attitude is exactly the kind of honest, real information that teenagers with diabetes need to hear.  Watch this video!!
  • The Big Blue Test took place at 2 pm (local time for participants) on Saturday, and this event was spearheaded by the TuDiabetes team.  Several diabetes communities and hundreds of PWDs participated in testing their blood sugar, exercising for 14 minutes, and then testing again.  (For me, I was making baby shower favors and playing with a toddler, so I blanked on posting my numbers on time.  I participated with the Central Time zone. :) )

For me, my focus was turned to something entirely less diabetes-related:  my best friend's baby shower.  I spent the last few weeks making one of her gifts (thanks to plenty of time in airplanes -makes for quality crocheting time):

The baby blanket for the best friend's  baby-to-be.

And she liked it.  :)

She seems to like it.  :)
(I can only hope to look this good when I'm 8 months pregnant!)

And then preparing for and celebrating the day with her and her family this weekend.  It was a nice baby shower for a beautiful mommy-to-be.  (And I can't wait for her baby to be my baby's best buddy.  Circle of life, indeed!)

Yes, her hair is just a smidge pink again.  But come on, she's having a girl!  :)
NBF and Kerri, two pregnant fools.  :)


Damn, pregnant girls DO glow! Ya'll look fantastic. Congrats to you both and what an awesome thing to be pregnant at the same time as your best friend!! JOY!

You and your BFF rock! I wish I was that cute at 8 months prego. Thank you for the SugaSheen shoutout; glad you enjoyed the video and song. Let me let you in a tiny secret...if I keep reading your blog I'll might give in to having another kid. Lol

Of course she loved the blankie, it's so cute!!! What did you make the fishies and various sea life out of? The whole thing is adorable.

And thanks so much for the shout-out to my blogs. I'm glad you liked the post. I actually had to make Pete proof it before I put it up, because I was afraid I was being a raging *InsertNonBabyFriendlyWordHere*. I probably was, but he claimed it was okay to post!

Hey Kerri,
I think You are going to look so cute at 8 months. You are the type of person who will look good no matter what..
Nice pic of you.
Take Care
A daily reader..

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