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Pregnancy Progress.

Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day.  While my best friend's baby shower is this weekend and I'll be busy preparing for and helping with that event, I know there are lots of events taking place to celebrate the big, blue circle (including the Big Blue Test ... more on that later).

But today is just another day in diabetes management, and it happens to be another endocrinologist appointment for me and the ol' BSparl.  BSparl is getting bigger, as evidenced here:

BSparl, 15 weeks and 2 days

I am now sporting my first baby bump, and it's becoming more and more pronounced every day.  (Pronounced baaabeee buuuhmp.)  Clothes don't fit, maternity jeans are necessary, and when I zip up my sweatshirt to head down to the gym, the zipper strains a bit over my belly. 

But is it all baby?  Or could it be some weight from treating all these lows?

One of the things I'm talking to my endocrinologist about today is low blood sugar.  Specifically, the crazy-ass low blood sugars I've been experiencing over the last four months.  The other night, I woke up to the BEEEEEEP! of the Dexcom and a pool of sweat in my clavicle.  Blood sugar was 33 mg/dl, and I wasn't even entertained by the Larry Bird reference

Instead, aside from the sweat, I was completely symptom free.  And that scares the hell out of me, because there have been several lows in the last few weeks that clocked in under 50 mg/dl without a single symptom.  Last week, it was a 29 mg/dl that just sprang up on me, and even yesterday I had a 41 mg/dl with my only symptom as thirst.

THIRST?  That is my low symptom now?  Come on, diabetes.  That doesn't even make any sense!!

In preparation for my Joslin appointment today, I have two weeks worth of blood sugars all logged and ready to roll, and as I was printing out the logbooks, I noticed that there isn't a single trend.  These lows are cropping up at 3 am, 10 am, 4 in the afternoon, while I shower, while I'm at the grocery store, during conference calls ... you name it.  No reason for these pesky lows (and also no reason why I shouldn't just buy stock in glucose tabs, seeing as how I've wrecked through a bottle in the last week alone).  Plenty of other type 1 diabetic women who have been pregnant have told me about the epic low blood sugars they've experienced, but I had no idea what they meant until the 20's and 30's started pestering me at all hours of the day.

I have high hopes that my endo can help me peel back some of these lows without sacrificing the excellent post-prandials that I've been working my butt off to achieve.  I'm willing to let my A1C creep up a bit in order to bring my machine average back up into the triple digits.  I just need some help in making these lows stop.

(I also have high hopes that I can stop sleeping with a bottle of honey next to my bed, because when I slap my hand against that instead of the alarm clock, it's all sticky.)


Aww, what a cute baby bump!!!! I am SO happy for you. :-D
I hope your appointment goes well for you today and y'all can work on your lows. Very scary to have them that low, especially being preggo.

I had that problem too. There was absolutely no trend to my lows. My doctor had me emailing her blood sugars ever week and we were both trying to figure out how to get rid of the 20's and 30's and my average was 85. The thing we could best figure is just that the baby was eating what I'd put into my stomach for me. :)

Low symptoms do change while pregnant too! Mine was that my tongue would go completely numb. It was the strangest thing and was the only thing tipping me off to a nasty 22 at times.

Your baby bump is adorable - by the way! :)

Good luck at your endo!!!

And watch CVS online - they routinely have 40% off CVS items - last week I picked up 15 tubs of glucose tabs...with free shipping. ;)

Congratulations on being pregnant!
It would seem to me that your lows are due to the baby. The nurishment required for the baby might be tapping into your carb balance causing these "epic lows". Maybe the doc can figure something out for you two so you're both safe.

BabySparl is SO CUTE!

Kerri, I've also been dealing with some nasty lows, and none had any symptoms.

I have no idea if you already know this, but I've since learned that a side effect to the BP med that we both take is that it can hide hypo symptoms.

Hey! I've been trying to lower my a1c, and those lows are horrid! It's like we are punished for doing the right thing, you know? Anyway, thanks for sharing your pregnancy with your readers. Your tummy is so cute, and I'm sure the baby is healthy and happy and safe. :)

I dealt w/ the lows too. Fun part now that you've moved onto the 2nd tri is the ever escalation insulin requirements. Right when you get the lows figured out your basal and bolus ratios will start to change what seems like daily.

Funny to read about the low's trending in pregnancy after all these years brings back so much...lows were the worst in my D-history while preggos...no trend..so many in 40's, quite a few in 30's and I'll never forget seeing 26 on my meter thinking "wow, does it go that low!"...freaking out, sat on couch, crying and trying to explain to Dan frosting & juice and once I felt a tiny better I think I ate everything in the fridge! ....

Thank God for Dex but still...prayers and safe vibes!

That baby belly is so cute!!! Congratulations and good luck figuring out those lows. Praying for you!

On a completely unrelated digression, Eddie Izzard is coming to the Garden January 12th. =) Might as well start the comedic education of BSparl early...

Hi, I have been reading your blog for a while now and haven't really had any 2 cents to add. But then today I see your baby bump picture and I just had to say that you must have photoshop'd your skin because while I have only had diabetes for 2 years my skin is already full of red spots and scars. Please share your secret!

Re: Thirst. Just a note to let you know - the thirst may just be pregnant. I do not have Diabetes, but when I was pregnant I was SO THIRSTY - first thing I did every morning was drink a big glass of water, and sometimes two. As you know, you add a LOT of fluid to your body (additional blood volume, amniotic fluid) when you are pregnant. So - not sure whether that could be the diabetes talking, because I don't have that experience - but it could definitely be Baby all on his/her own making you thirsty. So excited for you about this baby! Best to you.

So glad to have found you--and on World Diabetes Day, to boot!! I can't believe you had a low of 29. I would have passed out from the fright (not just the low!). My lowest ever was 41--and I'm not (and have never been) preggo. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for blogging this. You're doing a great thing, sharing your experiences here, and helping other diabetics realize they're not alone.

I've never been pregnant, but as a diabetic medical student my first thought is maybe a little protein/fat or slow releasing carbs like almonds, other type of nut or a little peanut butter before bed, and maybe a little more protein at meal times?

Hey! I am so thrilled to have the thought to type "blogs" into google when looking for info about pregnancy and diabetes! I was diagnosed in '84 at age 11. Have been told for the last 6 years that I would probably lose my kidneys if I was to carry a pregnancy until a few weeks ago from my new kidney doctor! I am so thrilled at 37 I could scream! I am old, scared to death and am thrilled again to find this blog! I was told that I need to wait about 6 months to get tighter control before we get pregnant but I'm hoping for more like 3-6. I also am working my butt off (I wish more literally!)to make this work and get a healthy happy baby here! Thanks again for blogging about your experience!

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