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Melted Peanut Butter Cup Cat.

If someone took this:


and threw it in the dryer with this:

Peanut butter.  (Jif freaking rules) 

and this:


It would become this:

Enormous peanut butter cup, resting contentedly in my laundry basket.

Abby looks like she's made out of a melted peanut butter cup.

That is all.


Great - now I am hungry.

True confession: I enjoy Kerri's prose, and I admire her diabetes advocacy, but I LOVE her cats.

LOL!!! You are awesome!!!

I just discovered all the amusing comments you make when I mouse over the pictures. Once again you have made my night. :)

LOL!! Okay, is 8:41 a.m. too early to eat candy - because I know I've got a couple of peanut butter cups left over from Halloween and I suddenly hear them calling to me!

Hmm, are you craving let's say.....peanut butter cups??

My childhood kitty was a melted peanut butter cup, too ...but we called her the word that rhymes with witch.

She looks so snuggly!!!

I think this is a secret message from Bsparl, the baby's talking to her, I'm convinced. :o)

Lol this post made me think about reese's peanut butter cat!!! Lol

Aw, now I miss my kitty!

The kitty reminds me of a hot cup of coffee when stir in the yummy Hazelnut creamer. Warm and delicious.

stupid...your cat would die in the dryer

Anonymous - You are a fun vacuum.

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