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Let the Eating ... Begin!

Evil pregnancy cravings.The second trimester (not semester, as I keep mistakenly saying) is in full swing.  According to the baby books I am reading daily, it's time to start putting on 1/2 a pound to a pound a week - oh what a weird concept!!!  For those of you who have been reading me for a few years, you know I work hard to keep the poundage OFF, so the concept of gleefully adding 20lbs in the next 22 weeks is foreign to me.

The weight gain is a weird adjustment.  I log in to the What to Expect (When You're Expecting) site daily to see the progress of the BSparl and because it helps me keep track of how far along I actually am.  I'm now in the 16th week of my pregnancy and the site says the following:

"It's hard to watch yourself gain weight during pregnancy, even when you know there's a wonderful reason for it. The challenge, though, is to try to embrace your body's new shape and think of every pound you put on as a sign of good health for you and your baby. As long as you eat right during pregnancy (minimize junk and maximize nutrient-dense foods) and get regular exercise, you'll be fine in the long run. Remember, every woman is different and gains (and loses) at her own pace."

Eating right has been a little bit of a challenge because what I'm craving is changing hour to hour, it seems.  Earlier in my pregnancy, I could have devoured an entire fruit stand in a week, craving anything with a high volume of vitamin C in it.  Kiwis, orange juice (yes, with pulp!), blackberries, and raspberries by the fistful.  Healthy choices, right?  But now, with about 7 lbs on board already and closing in on the fourth month of BSparl, my tastes are turning towards less ... diabetes friendly options, shall we say.

Like the other night.

"I want a McDonald's cheeseburger, like you read about."  I said this to Chris from the safety of our home, away from the tempting glow of any golden arches. 

"Really??"  He knows I'm not one for fast food, especially McDonald's. 

"Yup.  It's twisted."

The thing about that craving is that it didn't go away.  No sir ... that one was on board for 72 hours, until Monday, when Chris and I were coming back from an errand and I knew there was a McDonald's around the corner.

"Dude, I'm caving."

He grinned.  (He finds this whole thing amusing, from the potbelly to the bizarre things I want to eat now.)  "It's time."

While he waited in the car, I ran into McDonald's and ordered a cheeseburger from the lady behind the counter.  

"One cheeseburger, please!"  I think I looked euphoric.  I must have.

"One cheeseburger, happy lady?"  

"Yes, ma'am!"

"One cheeseburger for the happy lady!" she said, punching the order into her register and calling back to the guys in the back.

"Cheeseburger coming up!"  A minute later, the cheeseburger I'd been craving slid down the counter and was tossed into a paper bag. 

"Cheeseburger for the happy lady!"

"Thank you!"  (Everyone speaks in exclamation points at this McDonald's, apparently.  And there's nothing wrong with being the "happy lady," in my opinion.)

I went out to the car, my face glowing with pregnancy cheeseburger happiness.  Chris was already laughing at me, but I can't care.  This is part of the process, I guess, all this very odd food stuff.  I bolused 3.5 units for this culinary disaster and ate it in one gulp.  An hour later, 109 mg/dl. 

I swear BSparl was in there, clapping his little hands, the whole time. 


Heh heh - you gotta love the cravings.

I remember trying to fight a huge craving for salt and vinegar chips (which I despise, normally). This went on for over a week before I finally caved and bought a bag. I couldn't believe how good they tasted (and horribly bad they are for you). I also wanted peanut butter on EVERYTHING for about a week straight as well - then got sick of that. Watermelon was another thing I desperatly sought at the grocery store (or begged my dear husband to run to those store for at odd hours).

It's weird - and those cravings can sometimes be pretty powerful too LOL.

Only one cheeseburger?? And no fries??? Girl, you did great!!

I wasn't diabetic with my third child, but I lived on the Doritos I craved during that pregnancy. Could not tolerate the smell of cooking meat. Weird.

Go for it. It get that craving every now and then and I'm not pregnant. Sometimes you just have to have the junk. I give in, but only occasionaly. Greasy goodness!

Too cute Kerri! Enjoy your cravings! :)

I was grinning, imagining your grin. Embrace all of this, as you already are, it's a wonderful thing. ;-)

This makes me laugh. The strongest craving I ever had was for a Wendy's hamburger. Sadly, it was the middle of a blizzard, and we live 90 miles from the nearest Wendy's. My husband is very dear, but even he wouldn't venture out to satisfy that craving. Luckily, I managed to get one after my next endo. appointment!

Hee. Pregnancy can make you do weird things. I craved Burger King hashbrowns with ketchup (like tater tots, essentially, if you haven't had them) and White Castle sliders. Fruit was a big one, too. Hated the SMELL, even, of pizza though.

THEN, when I was being induced, I DESPERATELY craved a cheeseburger... no such luck then, though. Take care of those cravings while you can!

LOL at exclamation marks!!!

Jasmine was crazy for apple juice. she would drink bottles at a time. It was really her only craving but it was bizarre.

I craved red meat all through my pregnancy. David was sick of taking me out for well done steaks and soft serve (my fast food craving was vanilla Dairy Queen cones!) and was thrilled once I got back to my normal self after delivery. Enjoy indulging yourself while pregnant!

Mmm McDonald's cheeseburger! BSparl is awesome. I love those culinary disasters.

The wife of my former boss (also a co-worker, but that's another story) was the healthiest eater I've ever met. Then one day, they were home and she walked into the living room with a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a spoon saying "I don't know what's wrong with me, all I want is cake and ice cream". That was his first hint that he was about to become a father again!! This is clearly part of the whole experience, so enjoy it Happy Lady! And now you have me wanting a McDonald's cheeseburger too - and I can't even blame it on pregnancy hormones.

I'm glad you've been able to indulge. Apparently the very thought of food sends my blood sugars soaring. This morning I had a small ripe banana. That's it, just the banana. An hour later I was at 177. 3 1/2 hours later I'm still at 133. (Including correction boluses). Time to call my Dr.

Mine was anything spicy then I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like I couldn't get enough. It was a weird flasback to my school lunch days. (it also made my BS go through the roof at one of my tests...which launched into my telling the staff that I am not diabetic and that it was due to my moning craving, and I promise that I know what I am talking about...but that's another subject)

Hope that Bsparl does not come out with big red shoes and his own yellow jumpsuit. LOL

Way cool. Nice nubers after the burger. That is the one thing I miss about being celiac, i cant have any wheat so hambugers, sandwiches and the really good temptations will make me sick, and I still want the darn things! I'm good at resisting most things though.

I wish you well


Congrats on the great blood sugar number after the meal. I must go and visit that McDonald's because here in south Florida the McDonald's tell you that they are all out of Apple Pies, Ice Cream, and they don't serve cheeseburgers after 11 p.m. I guess that's good for diabetics?

"pregnancy cheeseburger happiness" is the best line!!!

Oh..in case you crave those again, Ian has "little boy cheeseburger happiness" and we have to either combo bolus or do a temp basal a few hours later. Fat spikes are not happiness spikes. hope you didn't get the dreaded fat spike later.

when I was pg I craved chocolate. Which gave me heartburn. It was a bad thing.

Your cravings will change. My main craving w/my first was chocolate dipped ice cream cones. I had these cravings during the middle of winter. Don't worry, my husband smiled a lot during the early months too--until about month 8 when he had to stick his hand out of the drive thru window at eleven at night in sub zero weather with snowflakes attaching themselves to the ice cream. Than he didn't like my cravings so much. I think it's great! Enjoy it. They always say that baby knows what you need. It NEEDED chocolate dipped ice cream cones. Your's NEEDS cheeseburgers. These kids are so smart these days!

You're good! I'd have the combo + dessert.
Enjoy your cravings!

Another interesting read Kerri.
How is the exercise going? You have worked really hard in the past to stay in shape. Have you found new challenges to staying fit since you 1. moved, 2. changed jobs, 3. met BSparl?

the "109" brought tears to my eyes. No, I'm not kidding.

working with all females, I love hearing from both sides - the expectant mom and the current mommies. your case is a bit different
ps - your diabetes 365 music video inspired me to start living. Can't wait to see an 09 follow-up. of course you may have your hands full this yr

I just wanted to say thank you for the honesty with which you share your journey. As a mom of a relatively newly diagnosed teenage boy, I began reading SUM for understanding of this disease. Now I read for that but also for you and your story. Know that you have a fan in Northern Virginia who is pulling for you and your "liddle bit".

Ah, the cravings!

Tell you what... they're there for a reason. Give in to them!

Yes, I'm saying that as someone who wasn't diabetic when I was pregnant. BUT you're a smart woman Kerri and you know how to bolus with attitude and maybe eat slowly or save some for later or whatever is necessary to balance the preggie cravings with the diabetic needs. (You know, test test test!)

Also be sure that whatever you eat is fresh - it seems the pregnant body is good at rejecting anything that might be a danger to the growing baby. Not pleasant for you of course, but good news for baby. Still best to make sure everything that goes in is fresh & clean :)

My only cravings were tomatoes in the earlier months and chocolate - lots of it - in the later months. Boring! I was waiting for that coal craving that everyone talks about lol

Did I miss a post? Is it really a him Bsparl? If so, that is so exciting! Congrats to you and Chris. I want to thank you for your blog. Even though my little D girl is only five it helps me understand d more. Thanks.


i know all this things. I always want this, what I can not have. Fruit salad with milk it is great. But only if you are pregnant.

good luck

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