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Vegas, (with my) Baby. Vegas.

In addition to participating in the BlogWorldExpo medblogger track, I spent an extra day in Las Vegas with my husband, checking out the sights.  

Yes, I went to Vegas for the first time, married and pregnant.

(Something tells me I should have made that journey a bit earlier in my life.)

So now that the pregnancy is out there, I can admit that I’ve been exhausted for the last three months.  Not falling-asleep-at-work kind of exhausted, but while I was working at dLife, I’d come home on my lunch break, take a nap, and then sleep again right after work was over.  The first trimester made me the kind of tired you read about – no morning sickness, no weird food cravings, but I was exhausted just about all the time.  And now, even though I’m into the 12th week, I still haven’t kicked that sleepy feeling.  So being in Las Vegas, dealing with the three hour time change and the general sleepiness that comes with attending a conference all day long, I was a little bit off my game.

But Chris, my ever-patient human xanax (Yes, he had to sub-in for my xanax because now that there’s a BabySparl, I’m not able to medicate before flying.  Thank God for Chris.  Without him, I may have lost my mind on both legs of the flight.  But that’s a whole other blog post.), was ready to explore Vegas with his knocked-up wife.  

We stayed at the uber-swanky Palazzo hotel, in a suite that made me sort of wish I lived in a hotel.  Huge, snuggly beds, flat screen TVs in every room (including the bathroom, which I thought was very fancy-pants), and posh restaurants all over the damn place.  Country bumpkin that I am, I was IMPRESSED.  And the lime-scented toiletries smelled just like Apple Jacks, which I’m now craving.  Using the soaps made me want to take a bite of them.  (No, I don’t have pica.) 

The Palazzo hotel - swanky town.

The view from our hotel room was awesome, both in the daytime and at night, overlooking the Treasure Island hotel and casino.  (And pirate ships.)

The view.  It was pretty spectacular.

Our hotel connected with the famous Venetian hotel, where we watched the gondolas glide by.  The ceiling was amazing - it actually looked like we were outside!  Oh Vegas, is anything here real??

The gondolas in Vegas.

On Friday night, we checked out the Blue Man Group, which I thought was awesome.  I’ve never seen them perform before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I just knew we could be in for it when we sat down in the second row from the stage and were advised to slip on the plastic ponchos, provided by the venue.  “You could end up covered in non-toxic paint, or cereal,” advised the usher.  “Um, okay?”  We slipped them on and tried not to laugh when the opening sequence involved drums that shot paint high into the sky with every beat.  I can’t begin to explain what the show was like, but I can just say that it involved an audience member dining out on a dinner of Twinkies on-stage with the three Blue Men, a makeshift xylophone made of white, industrial tubing, and massive rolls of toilet paper being unrolled from the ceiling in the back row and passed on up to the front of the stage, where it collected onto our fellow poncho-wearers in massive piles.
Upon my retirement, I think I’d like to be a Blue Man.

Knocked up in Vegas.  HA HA HA.

Overall, the trip was a great opportunity for me as a blogger and an exhausting one as a mom-to-be.  Vegas, I’ll have to return after my baby is born so I can drink from one of those two-foot silos and dance on a table somewhere.  You know, like a classy mom would.

(More photos on Flickr, if you’re looking to waste some time.)


My last boss actually did take a few bites of soap while she was pregnant. :D

Oh, the Vegas. It's practically a suburb of California. I'm glad you guys had a blast! I hated it when I lived in CA, but now that I'm in Philly, I kinda miss it.

And no, nothing in Vegas is real, per my friend who grew up there. ;)

I saw the Blue Man Group in Florida 2 years ago...it scared me a little bit! All that staring and not speaking.

And congratulations by the way!

Love love love Vegas - it's the best place for people watching. And free drinks. And elvis. And no, there isn't much that's real, though I was surprised at the mountains all around the city, that was unexpected and so pretty.

Not a huge fan myself, even when I was the drinking sort. I don't gamble (except for that darn office football pool), I don't like shows and flashing lights, etc etc. Now, I simply must visit New Orleans...

Glad you had a good time, when I was pregnant, wait, that wasn't me. Never mind. :)

I seen The Blue Man Group once here in SD, they were awsome and even though I missed some stuff because I could not see real well, I had a blast and laughed a lot. The floresent paint flying up and off the drums was awsome under the lights.

I plan to take a trip to Vegas some time in the next two years to see a NASCAR race out at LVMS, hopefully they will have a dirt track race that weekend too I can check out, but untill I have funds, no go.

So can we start calling you "knocked-up wife" from now on?

I wish you well


Robert - Unless you are my husband, no. No, you cannot.

I love the BMG, but I didn't sit close enough to wear the ponchos. Did you get any paint splashes??

We love going to Vegas. I have to limit myself to once or twice a year because I love playing Craps a little too much. :)

Fun stuff! Glad you dug it!

I have never been to Vegas but after seeing these pic's I have to go. I wonder if Niya would have fun...lol great pic's!

I apologize for the "pregnant wife" comment, it was out of line. A case of me not using my head before I engaged in conversation. I’m sorry.

Your pregnancy is very cool and you have worked very hard for it, I did not mean that like I said it.

I wish you well


Please tell me you've seen Season Two of Arrested Development. Tobias is an understudy for the Blue Man Group. I think you and the hubby would really get a kick out of it. :)

Yeah, but what about the pirate ships?! Did you see them? Sounds like you had a great time. Human xanax. I love it! I think I'll call my wife my human dexedrine!

I must say at least you are in teh early stages of pregnancy, as opposed to the late ones, wherein the heat hasn't set in yet.
I too made my first trip to vegas while pregnant, though I was somewhere around 6 months along, it was April and they were having some dumb race that cut parts of town off and within the first 5 minutes of stepping out the car after the 2 horu drive from St. George I overheated. But it was fun... (I wasn't even legally old enough to cut across teh casino floor enroute to our restraunt, but as my father in law put it I had a ring on my finger a baby in my belly and an overprotective hovering husband so nobody was going to question my age)
I'm glad you had a good time. Totally awnt to see the blue man group.
and if you ever head out Vegas way agian totally look up Northshore Pizza, it's this little Hawaiin themed pizza place that is totally amazing (although I have been told that pizza is a diabetics food of the devil)
Wish you all the luck in your pregnancy. A baby really is a blessing (Even when she's 2 and starts talk back, hit, bite and pull hair there is nothing better than a warm cuddly baby body agisnt you in the middle of the night)
~Amy M.

I love the Venetian. I need to make it back to Vegas in the near future.

I've grown up in Vegas ever since I was born 15 years ago... and I can tell you straight up nothing is real in Vegas. :)

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