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Unpacked and Vlogging.

Here we go:  diabetes vlogging about the potbelly, our new apartment, sharing a bathroom with the cats, and a craving for Apple Jacks.

And please excuse my belly rubbing fixation.  It's new, so I keep touching it.  :)


I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary with Type I Diabetes this week (I was 27 at the time), and since I got on the pump in July, my blood sugars have been awesome. We're now trying for a baby, so I'm eager to have all my questions answered vicariously through you. Congratulations again Kerri!

Just stumbled on your blog from Opposite Life - you are so cute - love the belly rubbing, and the urge to do it will never go away!

I was a Type II diabetic for 8 years, the last three years I've turned into a Type I - didn't know that could even happen!

I can't even imagine how scary it is to be pregnant AND diabetic, but it seems like you are in a great mind frame - kudos!

When I was pregnant, I could not stand red meat and craved Chinese Food. Fast forward 17 years and my daughter hates red meat and loves Chinese food!

Her theory is since I didn't introduce these foods to her while pregnant, she never learned to like them!

Do you mind if I put you on my blog roll? I always like to ask permission before I do! :D

Kerri...belly rubbing is ok as long as you are doing the rubbing. It's when someone walks up to you and wants to touch your belly that it becomes a problem. I urge you to learn the very ninja like move I like to call the arm block and step...at the first notice of the weird hand moving towards your belly you a) place your left arm in front of your belly while you b) extend your right hand as if you're assuming the invader really wants to shake hands then you c) do a little half step/slide backwards. Try it now. I'll wait...
ok, perfect that and you'll never have the random belly rubber again.

You should work on smiling more in your videos. I don't think you were enthusiastic enough ;)

Great Stuff.

Your watch can tell the time in months? ;)
(you looked at it when you said "three months ago!") :D

Manny - My fake watch does tell the time in months. It also sings a capella versions of 80's TV show themes.

I realize this is in no way connected to the content of the vlog, but I was a little freaked out when the door behind you magically opened at 1:27. If you had a imdb page, some nerd (in this instance, me) would probably describe that as a "continuity error". Hey, Chris has one, maybe I could note it there!

Kidding, of course. Loved the video. :)

So funny. I too am a potbelly of confusion but its not a cute one at all! LOL

the Interesting Fail had me loling

Oh my god you are funny. Good luck with all the new changes!

I don't have diabetes but just think you are funny as hell so I read your blog.

Nicole - Thank you! :)

Biz - I'm glad you stopped by. And I'd be honored to be on your blogroll!

Michelle - I totally need to practice that ninja move. I may have to vlog that, too. ;)

Chris - I'm a miserable human being. Can you not tell?

Harry - The frigging cats kept knocking on the door. In a clip I didn't use, Abby starts yowl-yawning while I was talking. But yes, total continuity error. I'll have Chris's production team slap my wrist. ;)

SuperG - I love the potbelly. Potbellies of all kinds are fun. And it WAS an Interesting: FAIL. I just couldn't think of a damn thing to say!

Jennifer - Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words. :)

Cutest vlog ever. Of course, I had to go back and watch 1:27 again after seeing Harry's comment. :) Only bad thing about this vlog? It made me miss you so much!!!!

Very exciting stuff, Kerri! I had the coffee aversion with my first pregnancy too. Totally off of coffee and tea! Tea is my go-to drink whenever I'm physically or mentally under the weather so that was very odd. I became addicted to lime Perrier with scads... SCADS of ice which I would noisily chew in bed (hubby LOVED that) while reading when I was past the point of sleeping due to a lack of comfortable positions. My harmless little dance with pica. I hope you don't mind us Moms sharing our pregnancy stories with you. We certainly don't mind the questions. I always said I wouldn't be that woman who has to chime in with my pregnancy stories. But honestly, hearing you relay your experience has me remembering mine which seems like only yesterday. It truly is an amazing thing. There will be times when you won't necessarily think so... at least there were for me. Like when nothing fit anymore and I sat in my closet crying because we were on our way to a social function and I didn't have a thing to wear...LITERALLY! But the day I gave birth to my oldest daughter I have never, NEVER been more thankful to be a woman... as corny as that may sound. I'm so excited to hear about your pregnancy journey over the next few months. All the best, Kerri. (((BIG HUGS)))

Loved the vlog! I can't wait to see one after you feel the baby more for the first time!!!

I would have to agree with Michelle, practice that Ninja move!!! Nothing more annoying than complete strangers trying to touch your belly!

I look forward to following your pregnancy and maybe I can answer a question or 2 along the way! :)

If you don't try the soap, just once, how do you know you wont like it? :D

Thanks for the vlog, it was good to see you and your excitement.

I wish you well


Kerri -
I'm 23 now, and single... but eventually, I hope to be married with a potbelly and baby on the way. Your adventures and struggles to wrangle in the A1C and stability of blood sugars overall has really made me want to focus more and more on that NOW in my life so that when I DO get to a comfortable part in my life with a husband and am ready to have a potbelly (on purpose I must add) that I can go straight for it and not have to plan a baby around the diabetes thing. (nice run-on? I think so...) Anyway, thank you for inspiring me to help me and my future potbelly through better blood sugars and greater stability. Good luck!! I'm sure everything will be great!!!

Entirely too cute!!! I love that you embrace the belly!

I love to watch your vlogging. The craving that sticks in my mind is hard boiled eggs. That was the second one. The first was C W Post granola type cereal that you can't even find in the stores anymore around here. Of course the carb count is way too high for me now.

as far as that "belly" goes, "you ain't seen nothing yet!" I didn't want to join the 100s the first day and sent my congrats via YDMV. Here it is direct, enjoy this time!

Awww. Just can't tell you how happy I am for you :)

And the cats using the litter box while I'm on the toilet? all the time with five cats and three litterboxes. ALL THE TIME.

I'm 23 weeks along, Kerri. I rub my belly all the time, too! I can't help it! LOL

So so so so happy for you.

My blog completely sucks - though I keep saying I need to write about this whole experience - but feel free to ask anything and I'll give my perspective when applicable. Yay for pregnant (normal) type 1s!

Loved the vlog! Lol, the fake watch funny:) the belly rubbing was cute! You have a little life growing inside of you...lol keep showing babysparl some love:) oh! when you mentioned the cats litter box it made me think about meet the parents prt 2 lol

You look so happy! And that makes me happy. Congratulations, once again! Like some of your other commenters, I'm also eager to learn about this potbelly of diabetes/pregnancy confusion through your experiences. I have so much hope for my future family and you, dear-blooging-guru-who-I've-never-met-except-through-your-beautiful-words, have played no small part in fueling those dreams. Keep on smiling and rubbing that belly!


Love the belly rubbing. Enjoy it! Soon you'll be rubbing it to keep the kid from kicking your rib cage every five minutes. (But even that's fun too; just not at 2am). And don't worry about the cat situation. It's just preparing you for the next few years---when you'll never pee, take a shower, or be in the bathroom by yourself again! I remember my little boy hauling his potty chair into the bathroom to be by my husband in the bathroom.

CONGRATULATIONS! You look fabulous...glowing! You remind me of me(not that I glowed...pretty sure I didn't...waddled...yes!....
glowed...um no!)! Five years ago I had my first boy after being Type 1 for 3 years. I will never forget those nine months, the delivery and the first few days after we arrived home...truly amazing! The road ahead is full of ups and downs and many Dr's appts but well worth every minute in the waiting room for those monthly appts. I now have a total of 3 boys ages 5, 4 and 2. They are my world and my diabetes has taken a backseat to breakfast, laundry, diapers, housework, sports, playtime, lunch, homework, dentist appts, dinner, baths and bedtime. I am hoping to find inspiration through you because my health was so important when I carried my boys and now....? I love reading blogs and have even started one of my own which has been abandoned for some time now...gotta get back into it(making mental note)...it was quite theraputic and I love re-reading it now...let me know if you'd want to take a peek although be warned...I write mainly of the trials and tribulations of being a Mom...more specifically a Mom of 3 boys! Best of luck and I can't wait to tag along with you during the next six months!!!

You probably already know this, but since you are sharing a bathroom with the cats just make sure to have Chris change the litter, so you don't get sick! Cat Little and BabySparlings don't mix.

k i know i'm a little late to comment on this but i just have to say: the first 2 cats look really sweet and adorable. but the last one (siah?) looks like it is clearly up to something! haha. they are all super cute though.

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