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Some Pregnancy (and Diabetes) Stuff.

Do you know how hard it was to not tell you guys I am pregnant?  Sitting on that information for three months was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.  There were SO MANY questions I wanted to ask, and so many stories I wanted to share, but I knew it was best to keep my mouth shut until we were past a certain point.  And it is still early in our pregnancy, all things considered, so I shared our news with hopeful optimism and in hopes of some positive thoughts being sent our way.

And holy crap do you guys deliver.  I’ve read every comment on the Dear Baby post, even though I’ve had to take breaks to grab tissues because you made me tear up quite a bit.  My husband, my mom, and my mother-in-law are reading the comments, too.  And they say thanks for the support as well.  :)

So now you know.  And now I can talk about what the past three months have been like.  (Video to come this afternoon.)
I referenced the exhaustion before, but I must mention it again. BabySparl makes me want to spend the majority of the day snuggled up against a cold pillow and a warm down comforter.    I keep reading in all those “Hey, You’re Pregnant!” books about how tired the baby building can make a woman, but I thought they were sort of kidding or at least over-exaggerating a little bit.  Not the case.  Naps are my friend.   I take them constantly, and sometimes I’m skipping the gym in efforts to snag a random hour of sleep.  

Low blood sugars also appear to be my “friend,” only I’m not as happy about those.  Over the last three months, I’ve had some very persistent low blood sugars.  My A1C is down to 6.2% as of my last endocrinologist appointment on October 9th, but it’s not without the nudging of these lows.  (Thankfully, the highs have tapered off to almost nothing, but still.  THE LOWS.)  Other diabetic women had told me that my A1C will be at its lowest during the course of my pregnancy, but I always thought it would be because of all the blood sugar stalking.  I didn’t realize that building BabySparl was going to make me burn more energy than I ever have before.  A few weeks ago, I had a blood sugar of 60 that stayed with me for 12 hours, regardless of the carbohydrates consumed.  I’ve made some headway in peeling back on some of  the lows, but I’m sure once I have it sort of figured out, my basals will change AGAIN.  (They have changed every three weeks since I found out I was pregnant.  Unpredictable body of mine.)  

And the food cravings.  For the first month and a half, I didn’t have any cravings at all.  Nothing new appealed to me and I wasn’t even having any food aversions.  But by the time I hit the 8th week of pregnancy,  I was all over the map.  Just to prove how confused my body is, I’ve gone from despising seafood in all forms to craving grilled shrimp.  SHRIMP?  I even ordered scallops at dinner the other night.  There is something wrong with me.  In addition to the suddenly-seafood cravings, I’m also fiending for fruit.  Vitamin C-heavy fruits in particular.  I think the ideal meal these days seems to be grilled shrimp and scallops with sliced kiwi and whipped cream for dessert.  Orange juice (with pulp - the best!) to drink.  And in even odder food news, I am completely turned off from coffee in all forms.  (I KNOW.) It’s not the caffeine I’m trying to avoid, but the taste of coffee in general.  It makes my stomach do flip-flops and that boggles the hell out of my brain. 

Three months pregnant.  And a banana plant.  It's how we roll.

And now, as of early last week, I’m seeing a baby bump that I can’t suck in anymore.  Earlier in the pregnancy, I had some bloating that made me ask, “Whoa, am I showing already?”  But it would come and go throughout the day, so I knew it wasn’t actual baby bump.  Now, though?  Pants don’t button.  There’s a definitive bump just below my belly button that is hard and protrudes just enough.  It is the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt, and even though it’s hard to adjust to the whole concept of “getting rounder” when I’ve fought an uphill battle to “get smaller,” every time I look at the ultrasound photo on our fridge and feel the hard, rounded belly forming under my shirt, I feel a rush of excitement.  There’s really a baby in there.  That very concept just blows my mind.

I’m beyond thankful to have resources like you guys to help me through the next six months.  And I’m thanking you in advance for being tolerant of all the questions!  This is the coolest thing I’ve ever had the honor of building, and I’m hopeful every day that BabySparl is having a grand ol’ time in there.


Congratulations! Everything is new and strange the first pregnancy. Enjoy it! (And enjoy shopping--that was my favorite part. What other time of your life can you justify spending money on a whole new wardrobe?) It's great! I am so happy for you.

Obviously I wont have much to offer during the course of the pregnancy besides 'good luck', 'awesome', smiley faces and other similar remarks.

But OJ WITH pulp? Really? REALLY?

We need to talk... ;)

Aww! So cute! And you know you are going to have to now do all your tummy updates in front of that plant!

Traci - New wardrobe - for only nine months. I'm already seeing what I can borrow from my 7 months pregnant best buddy. :)

Chris - PULP. All the way. I'd arm wrestle you over this, but you'd surely kick my ass. How about we play Boggle for the win?

Sara - But what if the plant keeps getting bigger?!?!

Every pregnancy is like the first time, no matter how many you have, which is part of the fun of all this. And if you can get through it all ONLY being tired and little leery of certain foods, you are all the more blessed. It is a grand old time feeling like a kangaroo with a prize no one else can really see. It is amazing to think about the responsibility of it all and to actually like the thought of spending money on someone else simply because they exist (and no, spouses aren't quite in this category). The whole thing is so full of oxymoronic feelings it's astounding and the new light it casts on every little thing - awwww! Baby!

Oh and orange juice with pulp, oranges, tangerines, I couldn't get enough of them all, but my skin though otherwise. I miss them! Savor the taste for me!

I can understand the wait to share the news - as an 'older' mum we didn't tell a soul until the 12 week scan (which was 5 days before our wedding - I know, slightly the wrong way round!!) It was such a relief when you can tell folks. Enjoy the naps while you can!

I am so happy for you and your family! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful adventure.

isn't pregnancy fun??!!! What a cute little bump you have going. :)

Coffee - a very common aversion. OJ..you might not love it in month 8 or so when the heartburn kicks in, but I loved it as well and that love of it never left me. if I recall, I think there is a low acid OJ on the market. The tiredness..oh..my..gosh..lets just say, I completely understand. It will pass soon though. For the non-buttoning pants, use a rubber band through the hole and looped around the button. Your pants will last for a long long time that way. ;)

I was exhausted ALL THE TIME. Wait until the third trimester -- I was a bundle of energy (finally) but I couldn't physically do the things I wanted to. It was horrible.

I, too, craved orange juice and seafood. And chocolate. And Raisin Nut Bran. And Nutty Bars. And root beer. And lemonade. But I'm with Chris ... with pulp? Gross. Thinking about it makes my stomach turn. Blech. But to each baby bump their own.

My favorite places for maternity were Gap/Old Navy (online), Target, and Etsy. They have some amazing maternity t-shirts on Etsy. Good stuff, usually can find all kinds of awesome on sale, and classic enough to keep around lest in a few years you think BabySparl needs a SiblingSparl. :)

SO SO SO COOL!! I can't wait to be sitting in your shoes, but until then will very much enjoy watching from the sidelines! Yippee for BSparl!!

I wonder if Chris will have any cravings. Apparently my dad had them when my mom was pregnant with me.

Congrats again! Looking forward to more pictures of your growing baby! :D

I craved banana muffins my entire first pregnancy, from beginning to end. And I absolutely hate banana's. As soon as my son was born the aversion was back- full force! See! You're totally normal!

Wait until you feel the baby move around.

My three month old kept me from commenting on your announcement post. She keeps me pretty busy so I am behind in my reading. A few months ago when she was still inside, I was so terrified of "breaking the baby" with high blood sugars that the lows didn’t concern me as much, as long as I managed to stay upright I was happy. My basals changed every 2 weeks for the entire pregnancy. It was frustrating but having a CGMS was a godsend so you are ahead of the game on that front.

I can honestly say that doing it the right way, planning carefully, getting my A1C in the right range before trying and keeping it there throughout the pregnancy was the best thing I have ever done. I am still shocked I was able to maintain such a low A1C. And little Paige was born absolutely perfect. 10 fingers, 10 toes and perfect blood sugar.

If I can do it, I know you can. And fear not, the energy comes back in the 2nd tri so you should be feeling awake again soon.

Your bump is much more fun than my real pot belly :)

just wanted to say a HUGE congrats - i've only posted once before (about the ping vs. minimed) but i read your site daily - i am so excited for you and as i'm hoping to start my pregnancy with type 1 experience soon, it is so wonderful to have your advice and experiences to help - my most recent a1c (2 wks. ago) was in my endo's approved 'trying range' so i think we'll be heading down that path soon!

It still amazes me when I think back to our pregnancies and births of our children. The wonder and miracle of it all is overwhelming. Keep lots of tissue around Kerri, there are floods of tears to come.


Oh Kerri! Your post made me remember that when I was pregnant with both of my children, I couldn't look at coffee, smell it - couldn't even brew it in my house b/c I would literally gag. And with both pregnancies, I had some and was addicted again w/in A DAY of my delivery. I also craved pizza, mac and cheese and grilled cheese during both pregnancies. Holy Calcium!

It is amazing to me that your body knows exactly what it needs and doesn't need when you're pregnant.

Blessings to you!

Sounds like everything's moving along as planned. I second the elastic band at the waist trick, and also made use of Old Navy/Gap/Target's maternity departments and borrowed whatever other maternity stuff I could. Don't go too crazy--you'll only wear the stuff for less than a year and when it's over, you'll be so glad you can wear other stuff.

Hey Kerri~
Mucho congrats to you and Chris! I was diagnosed w/ Type 1 in 2007 at age 26, and following your blog has been such a great help to me throughout. My husband and I are giving ourselves the green light to start trying for a baby in 2010, so I am thrilled to be able to follow your progress. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

My sister in law is pregnant with #2, and she loves this:
It allows you to wear non-maternity clothes longer, and then helps them fit when you do switch.
Also, a co-worker who just had a baby swears that craving citrus is an indicator of a girl ;-) (She has one of each)

Congratulations! All is well with the world.

I was so trhilled for you when I read about your news! Your letter to Baby had me in tears - I hope it's included in your baby album.

It's truly an awesome feeling knowing there's a little person growing inside that baby bump. The body is an amazing thing, and I marvel at the creation of life and how it all develops! I too was turned off from coffee - you'll be happy (or maybe not) to know your taste for it will return at some point, most likely after BabySparl arrives. I drank seltzer with lemon slices constantly - it helped with any nausea, and also the heartburn!!!

Awww! Look at the baby bump:) the further your prego gets the more insulin you'll need. Good luck! can't wait to see the picks! Omg! The best part of pregnancy is feeling the baby move. Lol, I use to put classical music on my belly and Niya would move to it :) Keep posting babysparl info it makes me smile!

I’m amazed, that’s really cool Kerri.

It’s going to be hard to get back into the gym routine after birth, but I have confidence in you.

Thanks for sharing and I look forward t he video.

I wish you well



I have read every blog post from you over the years and am grateful to have found SUM. I even talk to my boyfriend about things you've posted like we're friends and have conversations everyday! (: Needless to say, I am as excited for you as I would be for my best friend. I was out last week and when scrolling through your posts to the last one I read, I came upon a picture that gave it all away before I could even read the news. My heart did a little pitter-patter dance of excitement for you and your family. Congratulations!

How exciting and thrilling and magical! Each of my 3 pregnancies was it's own - and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. You'll be a great mommy to BabySparl. And actually, that might be a great REAL name, hee hee hee.

I also had a strong aversion to coffee when I was pregnant. The smell of it would make me nauseous. Alcohol did the same thing. I think it's your bodies way of making sure you stay healthy.

The tiredness will pass soon. One day in the second trimester, you'll wake up and feel refreshed. That'll last until you get well into your third trimester and not only will you be exhausted because you're carrying around 6lbs of BabySparl, but you won't be sleeping well, either. Oh, but it is so worth it! Being pregnant is the best, and once your baby comes it's even better.

As for the lows, get used to them for a bit. I'd be able to eat whole peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without bolusing and still be low when I was pregnant. Your doctor will change you insulin doses a lot over the next few months, so get used to it :) The weirdest part for me was that at the end of my pregnancy, I was taking around 100 units of insulin a day, which is over 3x what I was on before I got pregnant. Once you deliver, it'll all go back to normal.

We're so excited for you! Congratulations, again!

You look cute with the little baby bump. Hey don't read to many baby books you can go on reading overload. Also People will try and give you there advise on what to do. Like my daughter says Just smile and Nod LOL
Kids don't come with instructions and I am sure and and Chris with the support of your family you will do just fine.
Take Care and rest when you can enjoy the quietness..
Keep us all posted which I know you will. I feel like I know you and I should be buying you guys a baby gift or something .
I have rambled on long enuff

so amazing...I'm so excited for you!...my ally just turned 11 and nate will be 10 soon, both were D-babies :)...seems like yesterday and reading your blog brings back all those fond memories & a few not so fond ones (like car sickness throughout both lol & being not just morning sick but all day sick haha) but it does not matter...would do it all again...I craved nothing but this homemade eggplant soup from this little italian restaurant lol...my worst lows in all my years w/D were during pregnancy, I still remember one incident like it was yesterday and scares me...

okay I'm rambling but reading your blog brings it all back and it's fantastic...enjoy every moment! The plus side w/ D-babies is LOTS of sonograms! whoot! and lots of extra attention :)


Awwww, that first pregnancy I think is a little bit different. I was a lot less exhausted the 2nd time around - perhaps I'd just gotten more used to sleep deprivation? Good thing you moved to Boston area in time for the seafood cravings. LOL.

Congratulations on the baby. I must say becoming pregnant is one of my biggest fears. I'm a type 1 diabetic and since I was diagnosed 3 years ago my views on pregnancy totally changed. I had my mind set on adopting and my husband is on board but after my cousin, who's more like a sister to me, got pregnant and just had her baby last week I keep thinking about wanting to have one. Reading your story and seeing how the pregnancy is going for you gives me hope that we'll be able to have a baby in the near future. Thanks for sharing this with us!

This is just the greatest news! Enjoy every moment. You're just so cute! Because of D you know your body so well. That is a blessing. You won't miss a thing!

Happy thoughts coming your way!

I recently found out that 2 of my nephews are expecting and so is my niece (and she might be having twins). I don't know what it is, but I am truly happier to hear the news of your pregnancy as compared to theirs. Now don't get me wrong, I am happy to be a great uncle again (for the 12th, 13th, 14th and maybe 15th time). But there is something truly special about yur journey. I think it has to do with following your path and reading about all your planning and hopes.

I will be following the joyous journey of Chris, you and BabySparl. Happy and healthy thoughts coming your way!


Yaaay! I

And you WILL get a burst of energy sometime into your second trimester! Till then take full advantage of the free reign of nap time before it's too late!! HEE HEE!

Once again I have to say congrats on your big news. It is so great to read about your experience...I know I've been able to relate to so many of your postings, and your preggo ones will certainly be revisted over and over!

Mind if I ask you a question?? Were your BG's high right before you found out you were pregnant? I don't mean overall, just like the week or two before. I ask because we have been trying, and this month my #'s are totally out of whack and not budging at all.

Did you hear that Red Lobster has unlimited SHRIMP!!!!!!!!! lol

Yay :)
If you're anything like me, and you are-cause we're both diabetic ;) , your insulin requirements will go up up up eventually. ou'll know it'salmost time when you need to back way the heck off on insulin. Your basals won't stay steady for any long period of time...but that is GREAT!! It's proof things are growing. Enjoy. Your sugars will be the best ever...that's true! Good luck. Sleep. Be happy :)

LOL - I just saw a few other comments - and I'm going to say the same thing - I think I'm about to have twins - with the size of my pot belly! Our kids can play when they pop out of the oven! Seriously tho', what a sweet pic - I'm all smiles here looking at your cute tummy!!! Living thru' your adventures here - maybe if I make it up to Boston soon - I'll be able to put my cold Canadian hands on it . Tell Chris not to worry about the wacko Anna - I'm only kidding ;)!!!

Oh, the orange juice! When I was pregnant with both of my GIRLS (I also have a son), I craved oranges like crazy. My huband and friends even laughed at me, because I loved putting the orange peels in a paper towel and I would just smell them!! :) Loved citrus! I'm guessing girl for you! And, I am loving reading your blog about your pregnancy. This is such an exciting time for you and your family. My daughter is Type 1, and only 6, but I want to learn all I can for the future. You are a great role model. God bless you!

You are so blessed. I missed the 'new baby' post so I'll just say Congratulations here. :)

I found pregnancy was amazing for my A1C, and it didn't matter that I was craving popsicles and eating about 3 or 4 a day... :D I had two kids before getting a pump, and wow was I happy to have the pump for three and four! :) You'll do great, especially with a care team like Joslin.

Dear Kerri,
The best "Baby" book, in my humble opinion is "What to Expect When You're Expecting". That book was my bible for both my pregnacies... very informative and funny! Check it out, it answers alot of questions. Good luck, and take care of yourself...
Waiting for your next post! LOL

I craved Milk! Everything else gave me heartburn. Have you had morning sickness yet? You look so cute as a Mom. Congrats!

I have 3 kids and sometimes it's really hard, but... your baby bump made me smile so much. It really is wonderful.

Any pregnancy book by Robin E. Weiss will be accurate, low on scare-tactics, supportive, and helpful.

Go BabySparl!

Ah yes the tiredness! I've never felt tiredness like the first 12 weeks...it did pass though by bout 14 weeks!

I had a lot of hypos at the start too, although they did settle down!

Glad to hear you're feeling well and not feeling sick!

Yes, I experienced severe lows in the first trimester. I'd start out my commute to work around 100 mg/dL and end up around 40 mg/dL by the time I got there more times than I can recall (and no, the commute didn't take 3 hours). A CGM really helped, alerting me mid-drive. Don't worry, it won't last! By the end of pregnancy, highs will be more of the problem.

I'd have to buy a bag of oranges every other day when I was pregnant. (yay, folic acid!) It wasn't just the eating of them, but the peeling...it bordered on meditation, getting all those strings off the orange. Weird, I know!
Wait till you feel the first little flutters of movement. That, my friend, is amazing. That moment is all yours.

It's interesting to me to read about the lows. I am not diabetic but my 10 year old daughter is. My last pregnancy (I have 6 kiddos) I actually had lows often and for the first time I was able to really empathize with how my daughter feels when she is low and I also know better what foods work to not only raise the sugar but lead to feeling better. My last pregnancy came at a time when I thought it was the worst possible timing. It was literally days after my daughters diagnosis that I found out I was carrying my 6th child. But it ended up being a gift because I learned so much having those lows, emotionally as well as physically and I think I can treat my daughter with better care than before.
I am enjoying reading your journey and while I do not have advice about handling diabetes during pregnancy I have loads of advice on pregnancy in general. Happy Pregnancy!

The fatigue! How could I have forgotten that? Naps are great. When my boss learned that I was taking a nap on the floor under my desk every afternoon, he arranged for me to have access to the conference room couch.

It gets better. Really. By the time the baby is born, you'll have enough energy to scrub the entire house, wash all the windows, and wax the driveway. All in one day.


Never heard that expression before "building the baby", but by golly, it sure fits doesn't it. Really brings home what is actually happening during pregnancy. Thanks. :)

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