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Ninjas in the Mail.

We had a package arrive in the mail on our second day in the new place.  A small, brown box without any descriptive markings.

Obviously this was the arrival of our housewarming Ninja.  Courtesy of one Ninjabetic, who spreads his yarny minions around the country.  (He's awesome, George.  We love him!)  And since his arrival, Ninja has been acclimating himself to his surroundings and becoming part of our new place. 

Ninja believes in the importance of exercise, and he's been using the ellipmachine day and night.  And then again in the afternoon.  Ninjas do not sleep.

He keeps his ninja muscles firm.

He's also environmentally-friendly, taking care of the banana plant in our bedroom.  

Ninja loves the greenery.

He's been an excellent influence when it comes to oral care, and he's been stealthily encouraging me to brush and floss ... sometimes threatening me with his ninja stars, but I can deal.  It's for dental health!

Ninja wants me to banish plaque!

Ninja has offered to handle the laundry folding, but he does NOT do the washing.  He doesn't like bleach.  I think he's scared the bleach will leave stains on his gi.

Ninja is good at keeping that one red sock out of the whites.

But his biggest battle so far has been against one formidable enemy, who apparently exists somehow without a brain.  Here, it looks like Ninja is about to be stalked by the Sausage.  But he knows she's there.  

You can't sneak up on Ninja.

He always knows.

Thanks again, SuperG, for this wonderful housewarming Ninja!!!  He's currently hanging out with Syn and plotting world domination.  Chris and I are thoroughly entertained.  :)


HAHAHA I love that last photo of Siah with Ninja. She's looking at it like, wtf is this???

Nice. He looks so familiar. lol

Oooooh .. I want a ninja too :) Your new place looks so bright Kerri! And I love the stalking Sausage picture - great shot!!

Cool Ninja. :)

OK, that's just too awesome for words. Now I want to move solely to get a housewarming ninja :)

sooo cute! Great housewarming gift.

OMG LOL i love it!

LMAO! Those pics are great and yes, a ninja's second rule is GOOD ORAL HYGIENE ALWAYS! I can't tell you what number 1 is.

I am so glad you like ninja. I can tell he likes you. He's smiling in every pic!

so. awesome.

I'm sure your other two cats are just getting used to the new place but I bet Siah, The Mine Machine, walked in after the bath and stated,"Mine". LOL

So a Ninja in the new place was something to really investigate thourghly with broader intententions picked at a specific date to be derteminded by mood and enhanced scamming.

Glad you're getting settled in.

I wish you well


LOL - I'm going to have to ask George and ask him for a little monkey or where he got it (handmade perhaps?). WARNING: do not throw your monkey into a bag of legal cat drugs (catnip) - otherwise monkey might not be happy. I have a ziplock full of catnip - toss in the toys - my cats go WILD.

I was sent pictures once of a ninja piggie. I need to find those. SuperG awesome ninjas! WTH Kerri? You just moved in and you look more moved in than I do!

Hi Kerri, Off topic, I was just thinking about how the Dexcom7 has help my management with my daughter. It is this. My other daughter named the dexcom "carl" who knows? and my d-daughter accepted it although she never named her pump. Now, when I come home from work I ask "how is carl today" and she says "highish" or "great". somehow it is better than asking her "how are your numbers". Not only has the dexcom helped her stay in range, it has helped our relationship. Just wanted you to know.

Hey, that's cool!

Are you sure those Ninjas aren't Teletubbies? :)

I want a ninja for my daughter. Can you order them somewhere?

OMG how cute is that ninja??? George is just the best, isn't he? I'm glad Syn has a new friend - I'm sure they are planning a yarny take-over. :)

It's a total ninjafest! How cool! I love that George. He's the best.

I own a team for the American Diabetes Association titled; Nick's Diabetes Fighting Ninjas. When I read this it tickled me pink! Cutest idea ever, two thumbs up to George!! I would love a ninja of my own, how can I make that happen?
please visit my team's website, www.freewebs.com/stepoutsupportteam
-Cassi J.

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