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Flu Shots Suck.

I hate flu shots.I'm not a good PWD, because when I'm told to get a flu shot, I do whatever it takes to skirt the issue.

"I already don't feel well."
"I don't like needles."
"I think flu shots give you the flu?"
"They never help me avoid getting sick."
"Your mom should get a flu shot."
"No one likes flu shots and they smell." 

But a few weeks ago, I was at Joslin and they were prepping me for the worst that winter has to offer, namely the Regular Flu and then the ever-looming Swine Flu.  I have to be honest - even though I have a lot of faith in my medical doctors and I believe firmly in their fine training (especially at Joslin), I always second-guess these vaccines. 

But this year, with my health under careful watch by the Joslin Clinic and my eye on the prize of good control and good health, I let them coerce me.

"Do I have to get this shot?"

The nurse wrinkled her nose.  "Yes.  But I can't force you.  But yes."

"You mean you can't make me get it but you can guilt the hell out of me until I get it, citing all kinds of studies and risk groups and the benefits of vaccination?"

"Yeah, that's about the bulk of it."

So I rolled my eyes and then my sleeve, letting her inject the flu shot into my shoulder.  

"Next time you're here, you'll want to get the swine flu vaccine, okay?"

"Seriously?  Isn't it the first round of that?"

"Yes, but people with diabetes are on the high risk list, so it's going to be the same recommendation from your doctor as this one."

My response:  "Grumble, grumble."

Last year, I skipped my flu shot because I felt a little under the weather that day and they advised me to wait.  And I didn't go out of my way to follow-up.  The two years prior, I ended up in the line at work on "flu shot day" and received the vaccine, but reluctantly.  I don't like the idea of injecting myself with a dormant virus in efforts to make antibodies. (If that's how it really works ... don't quote me on that.  I'm sort of making this up as I go along.  See also:  not a doctor.) I don't like going out of my way to expose myself to different illnesses.  It just seems counter-intuative.

Am I the only diabetic who is reluctant to get their flu shot?  


Nope. G doesn't want one, mainly because he's always healthy aside from D. I've gotten the flu three too many times to not get one, though.

I've been avoiding this topic, too. I'm getting calls and "reminders" from family and friends. I've never had a flu shot (and haven't had the flu since I was a teenager.) I'm still not sure...

I've only gotten one flu shot, and it was because my doctor basically attacked me with it last year. this year, even though I was there in September, she didn't even mention it. Sweet! I'm not a huge fan of vaccines in any form.

Um no!! I never have gotten it because I ma so reluctant!! I think I might at least get the swine flu one this year. I don't want to, but they are making such a out of it!

I don't like getting it only because I have to take time out of work and wait. But this year I had no excuse...they were giving them away free at work! And since we all had to get them, we made it a field trip. =P

My county offered a free flu shot this year via a drive up service. You don't have to even get out of the car to get one. Typically, I wouldn't have cared, but with two young children, I thought it would be a good way to get everyone done all at once. It's a pain to get everyone to the doctor for the shots. Inevitably, one of us is sick that day and can't get the shot.

The hours were between 10-2 last Sunday. When I got close to the location the traffic was backed up for miles. I said the hell with that and have yet to get a shot. My next attempt will be next week when my daughter goes for her 6mth checkup. After that, my next Endo visit is in December, so that's a given. H1N1 (Swine) is another story. First ever vaccine, hmmm, maybe I'll take my chances. I bet many Pw/oD can't understand that diabetics don't like or are afraid of shots.

I don't want one but I think I am going to do it. I hear this year is going to be bad. I would like to avoid that if possible.

I avoid like the plague or err flu?! I pump me & kiddos full of vitamins & other stuff for immune & glutathione levels...everything I've read up on I don't feel it is necessary...lots of hype and if kids get sick they are over it pretty quick just riding it out...(maybe I need to knock on wood here) but I won't go near a flu shot...every single time I go to any doctor they tell me because I'm diabetic & I need it...not buying what they're selling...

there is a good video on mercola's site about swine flu not being as bad as what the media is saying...

It's not counter-intuitive when you understand how the immune system works, which you seem to, so that's counter-intuitive. ;P

The idea is to get your immune cells to "see" the virus not necessarily *fight* it (for injections, almost always killed or attenuated viruses). That way when your immune system sees the real bad guys later, the antibodies are ready to go to neutralize it.

This is not theory or "best guess," this is absolute fact. The problem and gray areas are how viruses will mutate and how individual immune responses differ. People can feel "sick" from this primary immune response, not because they are loaded down with the vaccine virus.

I cannot remember the last time I got a flu shot. Sometime in college I think. I have not gotten the flu the last two years, or any other year I didn't get the flu shot. I have occasionally gotten sick... I had a one-day fever last February or March that sucked, but it went away pretty quickly. I haven't decided if I'll get it this year. NYC was hit pretty hard by the swine flu and I haven't died yet...

I've been getting the flu vaccine every year since I can remember. I've never had an adverse reaction from it and it has prevented me from getting the flu. (well I had the flu once a few years ago in September which was before I got the shot. I never want that ever again!) I guess since I've had positive experiences, I never questioned it. The h1n1 vaccine however, I'm not so sure about.

I've been reading some alarmist lit that suggests the H1N1 vaccine may cause sterility, among other things (OK, the alarmists are convinced that it will cause sterility, and/or kill people with the real virus or with the additives in the serum)... Also hearing in those channels that there will be legal mandates and if we refuse, they will force us to get them, anyway.

I'm in the probable-minority that says keep the (expletive deleted) flu vaccines far away from me.

No, you're not the only one. I've gotten the flu shot 3 times ever, including my years being diabetic. I also will not be getting either one this year. I also do not want to "get sick" to get antibodies OR expose those to my 9 month old who doesn't have much of an immune system to fight that yet (despite everyones insistence it'll be better than not). ;)

In the last 15 or so years, the one year I didn't get the flu shot I got the flu. It was so bad, I remember lying, soaked in sweat and shivering, in my dorm room bed thinking "This is why people die of the flu - they are too sick to drink water, go to the bathroom, or call their doctor." Luckily my roommate's mother was a nurse and she and a few other friends took good care of me. I never miss a flu shot now because I felt so bad 10 years ago!

You are not the only one. I have never in my life gotten a flu shot. And I've been fine.

*** Of course, now I have jinxed myself and will get a terrible case of the flu. Maybe I should just delete this comment instead of hitting "Post"? Nope, the jinx is probably out there already. *sigh*

Nope. As many have written above already....

I haven't had one in over 10 years.

My Endo really tried to sell it to me this year though. I am still debating.

Every year the endo gives me the guilt trip about not giving Kelsey and now Marty the flu shot. I get that diabetics will struggle and face more issues if they get sick. However, the only time I have allowed Kelsey to get a shot....she got horribly sick. Never again. I have never had the shot, nor has my husband. It's just not for us.

I was able to avoid the flu shot until 2006 because up to that point we thought I was allergic to eggs. Then in 2005 I became so deathly ill with the flu that in 2006 the comment was "get the flu shot, if something happens we'll know for sure you're allergic to eggs"...it turns out I'm not allergic to eggs the way we thought I was so I no longer have an excuse.

I've gotten the shot for years, and for years I haven't been sick. Not sure about H1N1 yet. For us diabetics though, fear of needles is not a valid excuse.

I always get Tristan's regular flu shot (not for me... I'm scared of needles, I don't feel well, I'm never sick etc). However I doubt that I will give Tristan the H1N1 vaccine. I have too many reservations about that one :(

I avoid it too, and don't really trust it. I think I'm going to stick with that approach again this year. My next endo appt. is in November though, and since I've only been going there since April, I don't know how much they're going to pressure me about it. So we shall see...

I may be in the minority but I'm a big believer in getting the flu shot. I've gotten them religiously for years and have never gotten anything more than a 'mild' case of flulike illness the winter following. Kept me well enough to take care of the healthy family members who didn't get the shot, then got deathly ill (:-X

The swine flu bug doesn't seem worse than most, but my family includes a pregnant lady and a toddler right now...so I'll get the shot for them, if nothing else.

PWDs *should* get one important shot: the pneumonia vaccine, which prevents 80% of bacterial pneumonia infections. I got one a few years back because we with the D get pneumonia so easily. Can't be too careful...

I always refused to do it as a kid (I get poked enough as it is!) But I also usually got the flu and was really really sick. Which didn't bother me until I went off to college and mom wasn't there to take care of me anymore. I don't want to deal with two weeks of vomiting and the risk of ketoacidosis.

But I do think they're making too big a deal about swine flu.

No. And the flu shot only works for the respiratory type flu--not the stomach flu that makes you feel like you're stomach has taken up permanent residence in hell and taken every muscle in your body with it. (I like to remind the doctors of that every time I get the stomach flu).

However---a word of caution. The only year my husband decided to NOT get his flu shot, he landed himself in the hospital with Type A influenza (the type of flu that just happens to be covered by the shot). Let me tell you, the doctors and nurses WILL NOT let you forget the entire time you are there that this was the year you forgot your flu shot. You can just tell they're saying, "That's the idiot who has a chronic illness and forget his flu shot in room 127" when they're giving report to each other. Oh wait, they did. Plus your entire family gets a very costly dose of Tamiflu. The whole experience basically sucked enough that we'll drag our butts to the doctor every year and spend $100 for our whole family to get our shots. But we don't do it happily or willingly.

It's a double edged sword. Why bother getting a flu shot if it doesn't cover all types of the flu (and you'll end up getting one of the strands it doesn't cover anyway) or pay $2,000 out of pocket for a 3 day hospital stay just because you didn't feel the flu shot would work? I totally understand where you are coming from and I feel the same way. However, after going through what we did, I'll get one.

I'm getting the H1N1 vaccine as soon as it is available. I always get the flu shot and haven't had it for as long as I can remember.

I think the main difference between H1N1 and regular seasonal vaccine is that we know exactly the strain of virus for swine flu (H1N1!) so it will probably be much more effective.

Of course there are never any guarantees but I guess I think my chances of picking up swine flu from people around me are much, much greater than from getting sick from the vaccine.

A couple articles on the topic:



I've never had a flu shot that I can remember.
But, this month, I have a doctor's appointment w/ my endo and intend on asking about the whole swine flu thing. Sigh. I hate shots.
And I DO think flu shots give you the flu. :(

Here's my hard sell. Biggest selling point for you should be blood sugar control. My blood sugars go nuts when I am sick, as they do for lots of diabetics. If you want to keep the tight control that you've enjoyed, it is absolutely ridiculous to not get one.

I've gotten a flu shot ever year I can remember. I've often been the last one standing in a household full of people with the flu since I'm the only one who musters the miniscule effort and small cost to get one.

Of course, maybe I'm part of the great flu shot conspiracy! It truly boggles my mind that so many diabetics who take all sorts of medications to stay alive have decided not to trust vaccines and would even debate this.

Thanks for the hard sell, Nora. But just so you know, here there is not a flu shot conspiracy. Instead, just some people with diabetes who are asking questions. Mind you, I did get my flu shot this year. And I do take the guidance of my doctor seriously. But if your mind is boggled by people who are reluctant or are asking questions or who have had negative experiences in the past, then let it boggle. It's good to ask questions, in my opinion.

Like most things it is a question of the risk of exposure.

If I am likely to be in circumstances that increase the risk. Lots of contact with others, cold weather, temp changes where I am moving from warm to cold and back, etc., then I would likely go for the shot.

If I am currently in poor control of my diabetes, then I would likely go for the shot.

If I am not routinely washing my hands, around folks who are not washing THEIR hands or using tissues when they sneeze, then I would get the shot.

Otherwise, no.

FWIW (nothing!), I am a little peeved that I get stereotyped by the CDC just for being a diabetic.

Fair Winds,

I've been diabetic since I was two, and I'm 20 now. and I didn't get my first flu shot until I was 8 years old. I had the flu at age 7, and I couldn't get out of bed for 2 weeks. It was the worst experience of my life. My mom had it too, and it was to the point where she would crawl in my room, give me a shot and crawl out. Everything hurt - it was the worst feeling! To date, we don't know how I survived, because for two weeks, my mom and I were both too ill to manage my diabetes. So, yes, I will ALWAYS get a flu shot after that horrible experience!

For those of you that read wil's blog (http://lifeafterdx.blogspot.com/), his last post is about having just recovered from 11 days in bed with the flu. So maybe that will help any of you who are undecided.

I always get flu shots. I've already gotten the regular shot this year and will get the H1N1 when it's available. I'm not particularly concerned about the flu because I have Type 1 diabetes. I just don't want to get the flu. I'd get them if I didn't have diabetes.

Also, for those of you who don't read the blog mentioned above, it's a great read, especially if you start at the beginning. He was one of the first to ever use the Minimed Guardian CGMS. His posts discuss diabetes, his family, his job as a diabetes educator in New Mexico, etc. It's fabulous. IMO Wil and Kerri are two of the very best diabetes writers on the web.

So, I just got mine today and I feel the same way you do! It sucks. The swine flu one scares me because it is so very new!!!

First off, I did get my flu shot last week. But every year I argue with myself about it too. Dead virus, eggs, injected in my perfectly good arm....it's just ookie! I also think I fight against anything that suggests I am less healthy overall just because I have D. But pride comes before a fall, eh?? As I get older though, I just don't seem to recover even from colds like I used to, so the thought of the flu is enough to scare me through the ookieness.

When Jada was diagnosed with Type 1- she had the flu and almost died because she was so sick. There is NO way I will ever put her through something like that again. I know getting the shot isn't a guarantee, but I don't think I can afford to risk her life.

I fully support asking qestions. I'm just surprised that over 50% of the responders here avoid them. I'll take any help I can to keep my blood sugars under control. Just seems odd to me that this of all things would be an issue that people don't trust their doctors (and basically every reputable medical agency) about.

I'd never thought about the sterotype issue, but I can see that point. I've always thought we are high risk not because we're unhealthy right now, but because getting the flu makes it harder for us to stay in control.

On one hand, I can get a flu shot. Advantages: I don't get the flu. Disadvantages: None that I can see (unless of course, you are allergic to eggs).

On the other hand, I can not get a flu shot. Advantages: I might not have gotten the flu anyway. Disadvantages: I get the flu and blood sugars go out of control for weeks and the flu is awful.

the first year after getting pneumonia and having my gallbladder out, i was on the mandatory list for the flu shot vaccine. i got it. noone else in my house did. guess who got the flu? My husband and daughter. Since my CKD has pushed me further into that mandatory list, we all got our shots last week. no ifs, no ands, no buts.

please get your H1N1 for me too. i'll be thinking of you when i get mine.

i always get my flu shot. seems a small thing to do to try to prevent a sickness. i hate injections, but hey, what's one more? and i also whole-heartedly trust vaccines bc i've worked on developing them in my profession (yes, a diabetic patient and pharmaceutical scientist in one! :) ). it's funny, and a little sad, that i always seem to be surrounded by co-workers who are afraid of the flu shot though... and then the season rolls around, invariably a few of them get crazy sick with the flu, and i'm just thankful that once again i got the vaccine, bc i'd certainly be contracting it in the workplace.

obviously you're not the only one freaking out about the flu shot ;) i hate getting mine as well, if for no other reason than the fact that it throws my blood sugar out of whack for the day. unlike the stereotype, i go low when i'm sick (like... 30s & 40s until I suspend my pump for 3+ hours and eat as much ice cream and high-sugar treats until I finally start creeping above 60). and unfortunately, the same thing happens (although to a lesser extreme) when I get my flu shot. I had promised my husband that I would get it this year, and work made it easy by offering a clinic right here... until the supplier at the hospital decided they didn't have enough vaccines left in their stock to come here. now i'm stuck trying to find a new place to get a shot that i don't really want in the first place. *groan* good luck getting your H1N1!

I don't get the flu shot anymore...I refuse because every year that I did get the shot I would have an adverse reaction and a flu-like bug for a few days after having the shot. Therefore I avoid it! Also Dr. Mercola' site as well as many others advise against the flu and swine flu shots!

No, you're not. I am very skeptical myself particularly as far as the swine flu vaccine is concerned. My doctor strongly recommended that I have it as soon as it is available and I am just letting the whole thing wait in the drawer.
I hate it when all we have to do is make decisions about what is the "best" for our "health" as diabetics.

I hate getting the flu shot, but I have gotten the flu before (on top of my diabetes) and the shot is a WALK IN THE PARK compared to the flu. So grin and bear it! :)

I have to get it every year, in 2008 a year after my heart sergery, I got the shot late (Due to doctor recomendations) and got the flu and it quickly turned into something way worse and I spent 13 days in the hospital, 7 of them in ICU. So yea I got to get it, I really have no choice.

I'm always concerned about anything pharma does so I am really nervy about the H1N1 shot, but I don't belive I will have a choice. With everythng I got and am going through, I am willing to bet the H1N1 will likely kill me.
(That sucks)

I wish you well


I avoid getting the flu shot all the time too! My family bugs me, my doctors hound me, the school sends me notices... every time I get the flu shot, I seriously feel like I end up getting the flu. I'm getting one this year. But, if I get the flu this year right after taking the shot... I'll be so annoyed!

I am basically against getting any flu shot ever.....I don't get the flu--the only year I did get the flu shot, I got the flu twice that year. Never again. My doctor knows this and doesn't even ask me anymore. I would rather die by the flu than by diabetes anyway--I think it is a faster way to go...just saying. Love your blog btw.

I'm a virologist, and I want to encourage EVERYONE, diabetics and non-diabetics alike, to get both seasonal and H1N1 flu shots this year. Please note that there is a lot of misinformation in these comments:

1. You can't get the flu from a flu shot.
2. Any risks from the H1N1 vaccine are no different from those associated with the seasonal influenza vaccine - they are the same type of vaccine, simply designed to protect against different strains of virus.
3. Everyone should get a flu shot. Even if you aren't concerned about getting influenza yourself, please help prevent spread of the virus to others who may be less able to fight it off - friends, family, infants, the elderly, etc.

I don't get it, either. *shrug* it's a little like the chicken pox vaccine... why? We all had chicken pox as kids... it's not life-threatening. It's just sick and television when everyone else is at school. Ice cream for dinner and long baking soda baths. :D JK I get it, but I'm not getting it. LOL

HEADLINES!!!!!HEADLINES!!! Who want to get in line for a vaccine to prevent diabetes? :) ya ya

Yes I will be getting the flu shot. It is free at work.

I always get the flu shot. Been diabetic for 13 years, and had the flu two years in a row when I was 10 and 11. It was hell for me. I hated it and my blood sugars were out of wack forever...months on months, no joke! I haven't noticed any ill side effects to the normal flue shot, but I am weary of the swine flu shot as of now. I think I will wait a year or two to try that one out!

I will get the flu shot but not the swine flu shot. The swine shot is waaaaay to new and I'm not being a gen pig.

Just to spell out something to which a few previous posters have alluded:

The H1N1 vaccine is just another flu vaccine; there is no "first time" business here.

Every year's flu vaccine is a "first time" because the viruses mutate every year--that's why you need a new shot. If you got last year's then you're immune to last year's flu strains. As the NY Times article linked by another poster states, if H1N1 had broken out a few weeks earlier it would be part of the normal flu vaccine, which always protects against a spectrum of flu strains.

C'mon people, get your flu shots. If not for yourselves then for all the people you'll spread it to if you get it.

I went to the doctor today because I'm having a problem with my feet...and ended up getting a flu injection! I'm going back tomorrow for some travel vaccinations, and then the swine flu jab is ready in November...as if I didn't have enough needles already! :)

Nah, not getting 'em. Vaccines were indicated in my Type I diagnosis. It might be uneducated and paranoid of me but I'm avoiding any deliberate prodding of my immune system for the foreseeable future. If I get a virus and that causes another autoimmune issue in my body, so be it. But I'm not doing it to myself again.

My son received the (regular) flu vaccine. Hope I made the right choice! I don't want him to get sick because of my choice to not to receive the vaccine.

I think that everyone should get the flu shot if they can. In a time where Health Care and Insurance premiums are a hot topic why would you want to take the chance of getting sick and possibly hospitalized and driving up health care costs with something that was preventable? The fact is, as diabetics we cost more. We see the doctor more, we have more prescriptions, we have specialists, and if something serious happens we usually require more care. I'm not saying we are the reason health care is as outrageous as it is, but why add to the issue with the risky behavior of not getting immunized?

On a side note I hate getting shots as well, but I got my flu shot a couple of weeks ago. I think it is the fact that the shot is given by someone else and I am so used to giving them myself. Kudos to everyone that got one!

You are not the only one. I don't want the flu shot for the same reasons. I feel there is something wrong with being injected the flu. Anyway, my mom forced me to get one.

Excellent information here, and thanks to you guys for chiming in with your thoughts. Damn, this community is involved!!!

As one who has gotten their flu shot but not yet the H1N1 shot, I appreciate all the info.

i have never gotten the flu vaccine, and i have stood pretty firmly against it. if your health is in control you are not at any higher risk than anyone else. i love the "diabetics are at higher risk" line.. which diabetics?

Nope, I don't get the flu shot, I am allergic to eggs. I am also not able to get the swine shot either for the same reason, and I already got the swine flu from being in college. I would suggest other diabetics to get the swine vaccine because it was terrible for me. My blood sugars were almost impossible to control.

I usually get the regular flu shot, but am somewhat hesitant about the H1N1 shot.

On the other hand I live with a massive germ sheddder toddler...

You can find flu shots really easy at www.medtipster.com! Right in your own neighborhood!

They also have a search you can do to replace expensive name brand prescriptions with the discount generic alternative.

According to the Center for Disease Contrl and Prevention (CDC) more than 200,000 people are hospitalized each year from complications related to the flu. Around 36,000 per year die from flu related causes. The CDC recommends seasonal flu vaccinations as the best way to prevent the flu.

Glad I'm not the only D out there who's hesitant. I do believe that we are going to be hit with a gnarly case of cold season; however, I'm still not sure of the actual good that the flu and H1N1 shot will do. I don't know if I believe it when they say "you don't get the flu from the flu shot"... last time I checked, most if not all, the people that I've talked to who've gotten the flu shot actually have gotten miserably sick. So you may not be getting the flu from the shot, but you're WBC's are fighting it and now your body is more susceptible to illness. Now, if the flu shot was more like small pox vaccine or polio, for example, I might be more open to it.
anyways. That was way to long of a comment to just say "eh, i'm not planning on getting either shots"
Have an awesome day!


In the 70's I had the swine flu vaccine and had the worse flu ever from the vaccine. 103 temp. and soaked my bedsheets with sweat, so I know I am not getting the swine flu vaccine. I get the regular flu vaccine every few years, not sure what I am going to do this year, but for sure no swine flu vaccine.

I had my flu shot in September, I get it every year and mostly avoid the flu.

I've also had a pneumonia vaccine, probably over 5 years ago. From what I can tell you may only need 2 of those in your lifetime and they provide great protection against many bacterial pneumonias. Bacterial is the one that produces more deaths that viral. Younger people who get H1N1 seem more likely to develop pneumonia, so I think this one is well worth it.

And I'm waiting to find a place where I can get an H1N1 shot/nasal spray. I'll let you know how that goes once it's over.

My cousin who is a chiropractor and my doctor who is a holistic M.D. said that the flu vaccine is definitely one of the the vaccines loaded with mercury. I think they have tried or have taken it out of kids vaccines but not the flu shot. Yikes. Mercury is NOT good. But I haven't suffered seriously with the flu so I guess if I do then I might weigh the pros and cons to both but for now I've chosen to stay away. I'm not the diabetic, my daughter is but I don't like loading her with mercury either. Also, with the flu shot not covering all flu bugs that's kind of a bummer because you can still get the flu, just not the strain the shot was for. My cousin said MANY people died from the swine flu vaccine back in the 20's because it was new and they didn't know a lot about it. However, we are far from the 20's in our advancement so hopefully that won't happen this time. I'm glad we are talking about this but I really feel this is a personal decision and either way we should not judge each other for trying to make the best decision for ourselves and our families.

Oh, I forgot to mention in my last comment. Dr. Oz on T.V. mentioned taking Vitamin D and North American Ginseng because these will help your body resist viruses. He also mentioned probiotics and prebiotics, garlic, onion, and yogurts. Also, my cousin mentioned loading up on antioxidants and avoiding refined sugar. I know I heard somewhere too that Omega 3's really help boost your immune system too. Just some ideas to build up your immune system & possibly protect yourself from these viruses.

Get the flu shot along with the H1N1, both are the same except for the virus. I am an ER nurse that see's lots of bad things happen to good people. We have a disease that can decrease our immune system. Also think about the Pneumonia shot. I spent seven wonderful days in my progressive care unit here at the hospital that I work at in Northern California. It was not very fun. Think again about it!! I also would reconsider the nasal version of the H1N1 because it uses a live virus??? I don't want anything alive going into my body except me. Good luck on your decisions.

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