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Dear Baby.

Dear Baby,

I've been thinking about you for a long time.

My doctors told me it would be a challenge to have you.  They said that diabetes would be a tricky hurdle as I planned for you.  They said you might not happen.  There were so many reasons to be scared and so many reasons to doubt, but I never gave up on you, Baby.  I have always wanted you and have worked so tirelessly to make my body safe for you.

And at the end of August, at the Joslin Pregnancy Clinic appointment several weeks ago, I thought you could possibly be there.  I thought there was a chance, because your dad and I were ready to try for you, so we took that leap.

"It's so early, so the test might not show a positive result, but we should do one anyway.  But remember, it might not be positive because you wouldn't be very far along."  The CDE gave me a warm smile while the nurse went to test the sample.

Your dad went into the waiting room to sit.  We didn't know how long it would take to get the results back.  And while I was waiting, the CDE and I were talking in the hallway about how great it would be if you really were there.

Then the nurse opened the door of the lab and came out with the test in her hand.

"Oh, she's definitely pregnant.  Look!"

I'm pregnant!!!

And I saw two lines.  And the CDE began to cry.  And then the nurse began to tear up.  I cried, too, because I was so scared and humbled and in love with you already.

"Chris, Chris!"  Even though we were in a waiting room with people who were there for their own appointments, the world sort of stopped for a minute so we could have our moment.

Chris heard the commotion from the waiting room, and came over, his eyes shining.  And Baby, I wish I told him about you with even a scrap of grace.  That I'd whispered, "We're pregnant!" or "We're having a baby!" or even, "Oh my God!" 

"It's on!" is what I said.

Super classy.

We hugged.  And we kissed.  And the family in the waiting room burst into a quiet applause.

There have been many weeks that have passed, and they haven't been the smoothest.  There have been some very scary moments, and I'm still scared to be writing this all down.  There have been so many doctor's appointments since that day.  Thankfully, everything seems to be just fine and on track, and my diabetes is under the best control I've ever achieved.  (Last A1C, taken Friday, was 6.2%!)  You are growing fast, and we've slowly told our friends and family about you.  Everyone is very excited, and I'm working really hard to make sure that we both remain safe.  You're coming next spring  and we couldn't be happier.  Being your mom is the most important job I will ever have, and I'm ready.  

When I looked in the mirror this morning, I saw the rounded baby bump and felt such a surge of happiness.  I don't know if I'll be the best mom, or the most "together" one, or even if I'll be one who has any clue what she's doing.  But I'm so excited for you to arrive, even though I am scared and careful and preparing as best I can. 

You are so wanted.

Baby, I can't wait to meet you.  I've always wanted to be your mommy.  And in just under six months, I'll be able to hold you in my arms instead of just in my heart.

I love you so much.  And now everyone knows.

Your Mommy


CONGRATULATIONS to both of you! I'm so excited that I could hardly read thru the whole post. Wishing you all many blessings!

Omg! I am crying and it's not even me! I am so happy for you and Chris! I can't wait to read your journey as a mother. You are going to be awesome! I'm excited. *hugs*

That was so awesome that I teared up just reading it. CONGRATULATIONS, Kerri and Chris, and CONGRATULATIONS to you too, Baby Sparling, for having parents with the most important qualification for parenthood of all: unconditional love, for you and for each other. I'm so happy!

CONGRATS! I cant wait to meet the new Sparling!
kelly k

BEANS SPILL'D! Or bean? Anyway, hurray for BSparl (and her folks). :-D I bet it feels good to spread the news.

You know just how THRILLED I am at this news!!!! I could not be happier for your new family! :) You are going to be an awesome mother, because you CARE and you have already done so much to prepare. I want to say "don't be scared" but I know this whole journey is a bit of a scary one, so I'll just say "Enjoy each and every moment of this wonderful experience!". Can't wait to see you and the little baby bump!

Wow - that's great news! Congratulations!!

That's awesome, Kerri!!! I'm so happy for you and Chris (and babySparl). Congratulations, it's on!!

OMG! Congrats Kerri! You give hope to all of us PWD's out there.

Both you and Chris and baby are in my prayers and you guys will make wonderul parents!

Awesome news!

Awesome. Way awesome. Congrats to you both.

You'll be wonderful parents.

Awesome. Yeah, way awesome. ;-)

You are an inspiration to the rest of us. CONGRATS! This is great news and I'm looking forward to reading about how you expertly manage your diabetes and pregnancy (because if anyone can do it, it's you!).


That is GREAT!! It gave me a little tear to read this one. I only wish this for my daughter one day.

All the best.


Oh wow! Congratulations to you both!

CONGRATULATIONS! I don't know you, but I feel like I do. And I kinda sorta had a feeling you would be saying this! Yay, freaking Yay!

Sap that I am, I am tearing up about this. What a blessed thing.

awwww. And Congratulations to your husband too.


CONGRATULATIONS! I don't know you, but I feel like I do. And I kinda sorta had a feeling you would be saying this! Yay, freaking Yay!

Sap that I am, I am tearing up about this. What a blessed thing.

awwww. And Congratulations to your husband too.

Oh, KERRI!!! Congratulations! You and Chris are going to be such amazing parents, just look at how much you love that kiddo already! What a lucky little boy/girl/baby!?!? I wish you nothing but a wonderfully healthy and happy 9 months!!

Congratulations, Kerri and Chris! I had a feeling the Boston move was baby-related, but I wasn't sure if you were already pregnant or just about to start trying.

Although I'm a million miles away from preparing for a baby myself, I can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy.


Oh my word. Sorry for the double post. Your happy news made me forget how to use a computer!


I totally have tears in my eyes just reading this! I could not be more excited for you!!!!!!


Oh, Carrie! Congratulations! It is scary, but so worth it. My baby turned 21 this summer. It wasn't an easy pregnancy and it was back before insulin pumps and good control (for me at least) We even thought we lost her about half way through, but she was just being really quiet. I am so happy I have my daughter and you will be ecstatic when you bring the baby home! Best Wishes!


Awww, this is GREAT news!!! I'm so excited for you both! I will be praying for you and Chris and for the little growing inside! I know I haven't know you long and we have never met, but from the emails, I can tell you will be an exceptional MOM and Chris too!!! Enjoy your pregnancy, it's like no other experience in the world!!! Again, CONGRATS


Congratulations Kerri!
Sleep all you can now....
I know you'll be a great Mom. I never pictured myself as a Mom either, ever. But now I wouldn't change it for the world. You'll do great. Have a good trip to Vegas!

Oh WOW! Congratulations!!! I am bawling with excitement over here and am thrilled beyond belief for your growing family. You give me so much hope and inspiration for my own future baby. A happy & HEALTHY 9 months to you and baby.

I'm crying. And my co-workers want to know why. I'm so happy for you and Chris. You will be wonderful parents. Congratulations guys! You'll both be in my prayers.

CONGRATS!!! I hardly know you..and I'm sitting here crying in happiness for you!!! What a wonderful blessing for you and Chris. I knew this was coming when you slipped in your post the other day that you had "news"....


Woo Hoo! Congrats. Enjoy every moment of it; time will start flying from here on out. You will definitely be a great mom!

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you two. You're going to be such great parents.

Now. Where did I put the tissues? *sniffle*


Kids are an adventure. You two are gonna be great.



I had a feeling when I read your post back in August!!!!

I hope you're feeling well and enjoying every moment. I can't wait to start seeing baby bump pics...and hearing all about your journey.

A brand new world where dreams really do come true!


Fantastic News. Congratulations.

Congratulations!! I only know of you from reading your blog but I, as everyone else that reads your blog, know you're going to be a great mom because you tried so hard and wanted this baby so much. Congratulations to you and Chris :) Here's to happy and healthy pregnancy!

Lurker here . . . CONGRATULATIONS!

Congratulations! :-)))

Watch me burst into tears first thing in the morning, albeit really happy ones. :P

Congratulations, Kerri! This is awesome news!

Congratulations!! Praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery! Being a mom is the greatest thing ever :)!!

Congratulations! Very happy for the three of you...

So awesome. Being a Mom will be the best thing you will EVER do in your life. Congrats to you both!!!


CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy for you and Chris. What a touching way to tell your story. All the best as you two begin this new journey together!

Wonderful wonderful news!


Oh Kerri, congratulations!!!!! I teared up just reading this, I am so happy for you! Your baby is so lucky to have you!

Oh Kerri, congratulations!!!!! I teared up just reading this, I am so happy for you! Your baby is so lucky to have you!

Congratulations ! What a great time. Enjoy and congrats on the fantastic A1c!

This is so exciting. Congratulations to both of you, I know the next while will just fly by.

Congrats! How incredibly exciting for you & Chris. This baby will have so many DOC godparents, LOL!

Never doubt that you and Chris will be awesome parents! Warm congratulations!! :)

Congratulations!! It will be an honor and a pleasure to watch this next great leap in your life unfold!

I couldn't be happier for all of you. I've been reading your blog for a very long time but have never commented. What better and happier occasion than this?! Tomorrow is my 30th T1 anniversary and I have 3 beautiful and healthy daughers. I wish the same blessings to you and Chris.

Congrats! Such an exciting time in your lives. :)

Wow, very big congrats Kerri! That's great news!

Kerri, I am so happy for you and Chris. You are going to be a wonderful mom! Congratuations, sweetie!

Congrats! for all three of you ;)

Welcome to the best, scariest, most fun, fulfilling, and amazing club ever. I'm so happy for you guys!

(I was hoping this was what you meant when you talked about "news")

Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you guys that I'm actually crying at work. Best of luck and much love to you both.

Tissues!...You both will be amazing parents...Cheers!... to the amazing adventures of mommyhood! :)

EEK! 1. omgcongrats! 2. good luck with pregnancy bg control- you've got a whole mess of people who empathize with the hard work you're putting in and are rooting for you! you and the baby are gonna do awesome =)

How wonderful!!
Very happy for the two (or three?) of you!

My first comment here! Seriously, how could I not? Congratulations! I feel silly for crying but I am just so happy for you! I know how worrisome the journey can be, but the wonderful will outweigh it all!


Reading about your news made me smile. Congratulations to you both! I'm sure you'll make a wonderful Mama.

hooray! i'm so happy it's ON!

Congrats! This is such good news.

Congrats Kerri and Chris!! Great tease on Monday had everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for your post on Wednesday!

Congrats, Kerri! I'm so happy for you!

Only you know how to make a Ninja cry!!!

Yay BabySparl!

I've said it before, you and Chris are already great parents!

You and Chris will make wonderful, loving parents. Congrats!

Congratulations!!! I know you and Chris will make great parents.

Wow! Congratulations!

Congrats! This is such good news.


I am SOOOOO Happy for you Kerri and Chris - you two are going to be wonderful parents :D My tears welled up reading this post, reminded me of the first time I found out I was pregnant :D

I have been anxiously awaiting this news and am so happy "baby" is on his/her way. He/she will be beautiful and you'll do GREAT throughout this pregnancy!

Congrats and many wonderful wishes coming your way from me, up north in Canada, where it's actually snowing right now.

This news totally made my day :D

great news! so happy for you and chris!!!

When you said there would be news on Wednesday I hoped this would be it! Blessings to you and your family. Congrats!

Congratulations, Kerri!!! Wow... I'm so dang happy for you guys.

You're going to be an amazing mom. :-)

(((Big hugs)))

Wow, great news! Your post brought a tear to this 51-year-old father of four's eyes. Congratulations!! Parenthood is awesome, challenging, simply the best of life!

Congratulations Kerri & Chris! A happy & healthy pregnancy to you!

A very healthy 6 months left for you, I hope.

I got pregnant with my daughter when my A1C was 11.5% I was terrified that something would happen - I got my A1C down to 6's in 2 months (not without a lot of lows) and right after I delivered her my A1C was my best ever at a cool 5.6 - being pregnant did wonders for me as a diabetic. My little girl is the sweetest little thing ever now.

You've plotted and planned and tried for this - You'll be a fantastic mommy, and already are!

Congratulations to you both :)

Did you and Chris fist bump too?! hehehe

Congratulations to you both! Can't wait to see pictures of Baby Sparl next spring! :D

Michelle Campbell was right... we'd need tissues to read this! Congratulations to you both! That is the absolute best news!

I am crying and just so happy I had to post here too! BIG HUGS for you and Chris and the little one!

I teared up reading this. Congratulations!!

The "Grammie" is very happy too!! Grandbabies are for me to spoil. Oh Boy!!

Congratulations!!! I can't wait to follow along with your journey.

Congratulations!! So excited for you both!!!

Mazel tov!

Congratulations! I just bawled my eyes out reading that!

You are an inspiration for all young adults with diabetes! :)

"It's on!"

I am so happy for you, Kerri. You have been planning and wanting a baby for so long, and all your hard work has paid off. I wish you and Chris the very best, and you two will be awesome parents! *hugs* Congratulations!!

You guys are great. Every last one of you. Thank you so much for your very kind comments and for being part of the extended family!!! Your support made this so much easier, and I'm so grateful. :)

Okay, I'm off to see if that pickles and ice cream rumor is true.

I'm so thrilled for the both of you. After following your posts for a good while now, I know you have been working really hard on your bs control to get to this point.

You will be a GREAT mother! Your baby is going to be thrilled to have you & Chris as parents.:)

Yayyayayayayayaya!!! Congrats to both of you!! Can't wait to hear about your prego journey. :-) good luck!!

- Lindsey

I've never met you, or even commented on the site, but I couldn't make it through without tearing up with happiness for you! Congratulations!!!


I've been reading for years, since before the proposal and the wedding, back in the day! I am so excited. You'll tell us all where you register... RIGHT?

Kerri and Chris,
I am so happy for the both of you. This is it!! as i remember I Love Lucy episode... You are going to make loving and caring parents. OMG I go back in time when I was notified that I was going to have indentical twins...They are now 16. Time does go fast and it it great you can share such wonderful news with all of us. Thank You. I am tearing up now with excitement for you guys, and I don't really knopw you. Chris take good care of her as she has sort of taken care of all of us.
God Bless you Both

Congrats! I don't even know you and I'm tearing up for you because I know that you have wanted this! Best of luck and I am so excited to read about your adventures with pregnancy and parenting because someday I hope to be a diabetic mom!


Thank you for sharing with us this very special and exciting moment of your life. You're an inspiration to others, like myself, who are trying their darndest to rein in A1C's and provide a safe body for a new life.

All the hard work has paid off, and you and Chris should be so super proud.

Congrats! That is just so wonderful that I sit here with tears in my eyes!

This is the coolest, most heartfelt, sweetest, most poignant blog entry of yours I have read. I hope you continue to write letters to Baby Sparling.

Much love to all of you!

What a beautiful post with such perfect news. Congratulations!

tissue, please! YAY!!! so excited to see the adventure unfold for you, Kerri!! your life will never be the same! :) :) :)

And so it begins. ;-)

Kerri -

I have been following your blog since you started here and you have never failed to inspire me. I am only 17 but you give me hope for planning my family in the future.

I am so happy for you and Chris I cried reading your post. I can't stop smiling :)
I can't wait to read your journey :)
Congratulations :)

What a beautiful post. I only know you through your words, but I'm so excited for you. I had a healthy baby boy a year and a half ago. It was a lot of work with type 1, but so worth it!


I only know you through your posts but I am absolutely thrilled for you and your husband. Congratulations, Kerri & Chris! Big fat congratulations on your soon to be big fat belly =)

This post is a tribute to you, to Chris, to modern medicine that enables women with diabetes to proactively plan their pregnancy, to the Joslin team who champions your commitment, and to the cyber world where your personal post can generate over 100 joyous comments from (mostly) strangers within a few hours!!! Thank for sharing your latest journey with your loyal readers! I was hoping your recent allusions to "news" was going to be this announcement!!!!

Okay, so I don't know you at all - other than your blog - but I'm crying happy tears for you.

I just want to encourage you and let you know that YOU CAN DO THIS.

I live with multiple chronic illnesses and my sweet baby girl is turning one next month. It's been a big crazy adventure for my husband and I, and there have been some really tough times, but it's the best thing EVER. You're going to figure out your own way to do mommy things that non-chronic mommies don't have to worry about - but you're going to do it, and you're going to do GREAT. It will be worth every bad day, I promise.

My doctors told me and my parents when I was little and first diagnosed that I was going to grow up and live a happy, normal life. Sometimes - OFTEN - I look around and my eyes fill up with happy tears because THEY WERE RIGHT. I wish you many, many of those moments as you navigate this pregnancy and learn how to be parents together.

Ahhh, yay!! I totally had a feeling :) I can't wait to follow everything, especially since we will be going through it together!! Please let me know if you need anything at all!! I am scared every second of every day, but I know it will all be so worth it! It is SO on!!


Congratulations Kerri and Chris! What an exciting time for you! Best wishes for a happy and healthy baby and mommy!

I have never commented any of your posts, but I'm reading them since the days Chris proposed you. I am crying too, like most of the people here... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
I hope to be a diabetic mum soon too.
Take care!
Hugs from Slovenija!

Congratulations Kerri!!! Can't wait to see pictures of baby Sparling :)

I am so pleased for all of you.
And just think, all these comments (a record, I'm sure) will make for a great page in the baby book!

Congrats Kerri!

Kerri!!! Oh my gosh!! I am SO completely excited for you!
What a great way to start my day!

I want to say so much, but I'll keep it simple - CONGRATS!!!!

Congratulations!!! Another lurker chiming in (and tearing up here...*sniff*...nothing like seeing those double lines, eh?)

I wish you and your baby a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth, and all the best.

Congratulations Kerri :]
That's such brilliant news.

Kerri I am so so happy for you and Chris!!! You give me so much hope every day! Good luck and please keep us updated!! You are going to make an amazing mom.

Kerri I am so so happy for you and Chris!!! You give me so much hope every day! Good luck and please keep us updated!! You are going to make an amazing mom.

This made my day sooooooooooo much better!!!!!!! I am so excited for you! Take care!!! :)


Congrats to you and Chris! You'll both make great parents! Good luck, a new and exciting adventure has just begun. :)

Congratulations. My wife and I found out 3 weeks ago she is pregnant with our first and it's too early for me to tell everyone, so I am taking the opportunity to share a little of my excitement anonymously. Best of luck with everything

Many, many congratulations, Kerri! I've been thinking about you and had my fingers crossed for you for a while. You and Chris are going to be fantastic parents.

COngrat's to you and your family... You are already a wonderful and fantastic mom. Every thing you have done to get up to this point has proven that already. Good luck and cant wait to hear more!

Congratulations, Kerri & Chris!!

Congratulations!!!! I am so glad for the both of you!! I was reading the other comments, and the one that is sooo true is "sleep alot now, while you can" LOL. I'm sure that all will go beautifully! You deserve it.

Congrats Kerri!!

This is wonderful news! I hope you a very happy and healthy pregnancy. How exciting!!!!

Congrats is an understatement, I am so excited for you.

Thank you for continuing allowing us a glimpse into your life... I read you almost daily and you continually give me hope for a bright future for my daughter with T1.

Mazel tov! This is such fantastic news, Kerri, I am so thrilled for you and Chris!

Congrats on the pregnancy! Hard work will truly pay off this spring :)

Nothing but the best for the now 3 of you!

(btw, you are a major influence and role model for us other type 1's out there who still dream of the husband and baby and white picket fence)

Great news! I've been Type 1 since 1985 and my due date was yesterday, so we're all pacing the floor waiting for baby boy to make his debut. It's been a more high maintenance pregnant as a T1, but nothing horrible. I wish you and yours the best of luck!

CONGRATULATIONS! This is awesome.

I'm catching up on blogs on my iPhone on a public bus in London, thousands of miles away from you, and you have me in tears. They're happy tears of excitement that I just can't supress, but also tears of hope. We're similar in age and diabetes experience and you give me so much optimism for my very near future.

I know you'll be awesome parents as you both have so much love to give. Hear's to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. I'm so looking forward to following the ride.

Love and hugs to you all.

Congrats to both of you! Fill us in on an ETA?

As my husband and I work on getting my own a1c down for that very wanted baby, your blog posts have helped inspire me and helped keep me on track. I have a diabetes appointment in 7 days, and I'm praying for an a1c of 6.5%.

Reading your blog post, I know I can do it. I look forward to watching this baby develop!

SOOOOO AWESOME! Congrats to you both! :-)


I see some cute baby knitting in my future. Any requests?


Oh, Im tearing up a little reading this post!

My hubby and I are also trying and I just can't imagine how happy we will be when we get those positive results!

Congratulations! I am so happy for you and Chris. You're going to be great parents!

Congratulations Kerri and Chris! What wonderful news. You two will be such fantastic parents. What a lucky little baby. Wishing you health, wealth and happiness. You will be a great mom to this baby Kerri.


There are so many comments on the page already, I am not sure you will ever get to this one. This is the most wonderful post I have ever read. There is nothing better than being a mom, nothing better I swear.

I know that you are going to be the best parents ever. You have the best attitudes and are so inspiring! What a lucky child Baby is to be born to such amazing people.

I wish you all blessings of good health and lots of smiles and laughter. This is the best time in life hands down.

All the best!

smiling through tears--what wonderful WONDERFUL news for you and Chris and baby-to-be.
CONGRATS and much HEALTH and happiness!!!
Thank you for sharing this fantastic news!

I'm so excited.
Congrats you guys.

Congrats!!! I have tears of joy in my eyes for you both. As a T1 mom of 2 healthy beautiful girls, I say 'Sleep now!" and relish the fact that you can eat a hot meal in one sitting!! Enjoy every moment !!!


OK, now I'm crying....best wishes for smooth sailing the rest of the way, many happy thoughts and prayers are being sent your way!!!!! :)

Congrats Kerri!! I'm so happy for you and Chris!!
You are an inspiration for all diabetics who dream of being moms someday!!!!

Congrats Kerri!! I'm so happy for you and Chris!!
You are an inspiration for all diabetics who dream of being moms someday!!!!

Congratulations! Such and exciting time! :)

Congrats to you both, thanks for sharing the journey with us!

Aaaww...this is amazing! Thanks for sharing your joy with us. You will have some ups and downs but it will be so worth it!! I have two beautiful daughters who are now 18 and 14. God Bless the "three" of you :)

Wow, what a nice way to head out to Vegas. Congrats Kerri.

SUCH GREAT NEWS!!! I don't know you personally but I feel like I do! I am so excited for you! Congratulations!!

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.. Crying happy tears. I hope I can be where you are one day down the line...

Oh wow!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

That's awesome news Kerri!! I'm sure you'll make an amazing mommy!!! I'm type 1 and have 2 healthy children and had 2 healthy pregnancies...hated the pregnancy but the end products were worth every inch of the hard work!
Congratulations from England!

Long time lurker, just wanting to say congratulations! It's spectacular news!

Congratluations Kerri and Chris! So many of us are touched (and teary eyed) by your news. Thank you for sharing and your little one will always have a record of the joyful reception of the pending arrival!

My heart was racing and I was tingly all over reading your post! You continue to be an inspiration and give me hope that I will one day find someone as fantastic as Chris and be able to start a beautiful family--all while having a healthy attitude about the joys of diabetes. I am a great admirer of you and one day I hope I will have the honor of meeting you and your family.

Oh WOW!!! Yeah!!! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you guys! I'm in tears too! It's awesome news! Keep up the good work!

I cried at my desk while I read your post!!! Congrats to you and your family!!!

We are hoping to be there in 3-4 years. What a blessing to get to see you go through it!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us all. Way to go on working so hard to make this happen!!!

I'm crying tears of joy for you, Kerri! Sooo exciting! My Baby is due in just four weeks. In my opinion the prep for Baby was MUCH more stressful than pregnancy has been. All will be well, I just know it.

Congratulations Kerri & Chris!

Congratulations Kerri! I cannot wait to hear more about your journey over the next 6 months. You are going to be an amazing mom and baby Sparling is lucky to have you! You are an inspiration!

Congratulations!! :) I'm so happy for you.

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I had to wipe the tears before I could type. I'm SOOO happy for you guys!! Motherhood is one of the most amazing things in the world :) You're gonna be a GREAT one! Praying for a healthy pregnancy, healthy delivery and healthy baby!! Can't wait to hear more about your journey :)

Amazing news, Kerri and Chris!!! Congratulations :)
Your family deserves all the best!

Can't wait to see pics of the baby bump!

So, so happy for you three, guys!!

Kerri, congrats to you and Chris. Totally awesome news !!!!

congratulations i'm so happy for the both of you :)

Congratulations Kerri! Oh yeah, and Chris! :)

Ohhhhhhhhhhh that's wonderful!!!! Congratulations to both of you. I wish you all the best! What a great adventure that is starting! :)

Congrats, Kerri!! Diababies are so loved with all of that extra work put in to prepare for the pregnancy. Can't wait till s/he starts blogging with you!

CONGRATULATIONS, Kerri & Chris! I sat in the middle of my work training class reading your baby news with tears in my eyes! I wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy filled with much love and joy (and near-perfect blood sugars)! You will make wonderful parents, I am sure. Congratulations, and what a lucky baby!

Congrats! So happy for you and your growing family!

congratulations! Many prayers for a safe 6 months!! You are such an inspiration - thank you for sharing such personal information in your blog. You help the rest of us.


Congratulations! That's wonderful news!!!!

Okay, I'm wiping tears from my eyes!! I'm so happy for the both of you. Wonderful news.

Congrats Chris & Kerri! I'm so excited for you and anxious to read about diabetes through pregnancy. My husband and I are headed that direction through embryo adoption. Praying for a healthy pregnancy and an adorable baby for you!


It is so amazing to me that I have never met you in person. That I may never meet you in person. It is so amazing to me that I sit here and tears of joy are streaming down my face for you! I am so very happy for you both!


Oh that's wonderful news!! I am so happy for you both. Take good care of yourself, and relax when you can. I'm so happy for you.

Yipee!! I am so thrilled for you. Congratulations! I have the highest hopes that all will be fine - I did it two years ago, you can do it too! Enjoy the journey...

Congratulations! What a lucky baby.

Congrats - but I must say I guessed from the dropped hints over the last few days ;)

I'm sure all will be well. Welcome to the adventure

Oh my gosh! I actually teared up! I got married a month before you, and we are planning on officially "trying" next month. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Congratulations, Kerri! Best wishes for a very boring pregnancy :-).

I am sooooo thrilled for you guys! I have been reading your blog for a couple years now, and always wanted you to get your dreams! This gives me hope that I can be a type 1 diabetic and pregnant someday too. Congratulations and I wish you a healthy pregnancy!


You guys are going to be great parents and just with your own personal expereinces you will be one of the best mom's next to my own!

I had to think about other things like the cat Siah Sausage and her name, I hope you guys are not going to name the baby something like "Darling" are you? (Darling Sparling) Just wondering. :)

I wish you well


That is the best pregnancy announcement I've ever heard! And I am so freaking happy for you!! I wish you the best for a very healthy pregnancy & delivery. And this BSparl is so lucky to have you & Chris as parents :). Many hugs!!

Oh, dear, dear Kerri and Chris,


I'm so happy for you - and I know you're going to rock this pregnancy.

Much, much love to you and Baby.

Congratulations to you and Chris! You constantly remind me that anything is possible as a young woman with Diabetes. This baby is so lucky to have you for a mom! I'm looking forward to the tales of a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Oh Kerri, it's the best thing that will ever happen to you, I swear.

Mazel Tov to you both!!

SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you. Enjoy the next six months!

Congratulations! I was crying as I read this! I can tell you are going to be the BESTEST mom! #1, you are scared...already a GREAT sign. It is a scary step. #2 you are taking the leap despite the uncertainty, and #3 you appreciate your own Mom. You have what it takes to be a fantastic Mommy...the world's hardest but best title ever!!!! Best wishes to you and your hubby. Enjoy and relish in the excitement of it all. You deserve it!

BEST. POST. EVER! I am so thrilled for the two of you!!!

Also wanted to add....spring babies are the BEST! Both my kids are spring babies (as am I)!

Congratulations Kerri! My mom and I are so happy and excited for you. I actually started screaming to her with excitement when I read the post. Best of luck with everything to come.

Kerri, I couldn't be happier for you. You have worked so hard to get here. Your letter was so much like the one my mommy wrote me 37 years ago. Well she didn't have the "D", but the love was just the same. I was given my first (of many) letters from my mom when I turned 13 and it was so amazing to realize how happy she was to be carrying me. Trust me, this letter, proves you are already a GREAT Mommy!

Oh Kerri- that is such wonderful news! I am so happy for you and Chris. Your little one is so lucky to have such wonderful parents. I got teary too with your exciting news and they way you wrote it.


I am **SO** happy for you three!!! :)

Poor Siah! :)

I am SO happy for you. Reading this, I let out an audible squeal of "AWWW."

You have worked so hard for so long and I hope you enjoy every minute of it.

I am new to your blog. Thinking about an insulin pump and was wondering about the whole sex thing and found your old article. It helped. So you know, I am 36, have been diabetic for 24 years, and I have two beautiful kids -10 and 7. Healthy pregnancies. Healthy babies. Healthy years later. And I remember finding out I was diabetic in the age of Steel Magnolias and being petrified. This is so exciting. Congratulatins.

Yay! I'm so happy for you!

You're going to be a great mom. This post captured the joy and wonderment of pregnancy so beautifully. What a great announcement!!

Enjoy pregnancy... I can't wait to read about your experiences.

Congratulations! I am a 30 year old, type one diabetic, mother of two. A two and half year old boy and a six month old girl. I know it is hard (physically) during pregnancy but don't beat yourself up too much. In about six months you will have a happy (and cubby) little baby who will think you are the greatest mom the world! Enjoy every minute of it!

Well written. Said perfectly. Congratulations...

Ahhh! Congratulations! WOOHOO!

Congratulations and good luck -- it's an important step!

Congratulations!!!! Wonderful news!!!!


I'm so happy for you and Chris, and your child is lucky to have you both as parents!

When my little girl was diagnosed three years ago, the first words out of my mouth to the doctor were, "Will she be able to have children?" Of all questios to ask, and I ask that one! :\ As a mom...I know that desire, love, and ooie-gooie feelings we get for those little buggers! I didn't want my little girl to miss that.

I am soooo excited for you and Chris!!! Thank you so much for making your journey with diabetes (every part of it) so public so that parents like us can learn and be prepared for life's big moments.

Congratulations!!!! We will be praying for you and Baby Sparling! :)

Congratulations, Kerri! :) You will be an awesome diabetic mommy. C'mon over and chat if you ever have a question...although I bet you're an old pro already. Hope the first trimester lows & highs weren't too bad for you!

I've read your blog for years and have always been in love with the way you allow your readers into your life like old friends. After reading this post I wanted to run around telling people the news, as if you were the oldest of friends! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!

I'm not sure where I was or what I was doing that I missed this!

Congratulations, Kerri :)

Congratulations!!!! Honestly, I've been toying with the idea of having a baby, but always thought it would be too risky with Type I. Reading about your experience, I'm starting to rethink that. Thanks!

HI Kerri,
Well I am very happy for you. Guess what I am type 1 as well, I am 29 and I am pregnant!!!! I am due in Spring as well. I so excited and scared as well. I am glad I have someone I can refer to, while I am going thru this. Good Luck!

Congrats!! Enjoy the journey!

So happy for you!!!

ah so exciting!! and so encouraging for me as I'm on that rough journey to make my body safe right now. you'll be in my prayers as you continue throughout these next few months! all the best.

Similar to what a lot of people said, I don't know you but am sitting here crying reading about your news! Congratulations! You seem like you're going to make an amazing mom. It is my lifelong dream to be able to have healthy children and I have always been nervous about doing that with Diabetes. You have truly given me hope and inspiration. Congrats!!

Fabulous! Simply thrilled for you.
Best wishes for you to enjoy the wonder of your pregnancy and congratulations to you!

I don't even know you (first time reading your blog), and I'm in tears! Thanks for your encouraging note on my blog. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

you are such an inspiration to the rest of us young diabetics who dream of starting a family someday. thank you for the hope :)

I'm a T1 (have been for 16 years) who first found your blog while searching for how to wear a pump with a dress (I know I am one of many). As the mother of a perfectly healthy 16-month old daughter, I am thrilled to read about your pregnancy and look forward to your eloquent description of this latest journey. Congratulations and best of luck! Don't forget to enjoy the pregnancy part even amidst the strict focusing on the diabetes part!

You and Chris are going to make THE BEST parents!! Sending you positive vibes and warm wishes!!

OMG! Congratulations!!!!

I can't wait to read about your journey during the next nine months. You are an inspiration to me as I hope to be pregnant soon!

WOW!!!! I cried within 2 seconds of reading this....I am so unbelievably happy for you. I know how you are feeling - I just gave birth to my son (aughhh MY SON) 10 days ago. I never thought I would be able to be a "diabetic mom". But I AM!!!! I'm so so so so happy for you! I wish you all the best - my A1C was the same as yours all through...my baby is healthy and chubby and wonderful...every minute is the greatest minute of my life. Every second is better than the last...I can't wait until you feel these feelings too. I am so happy for you!!!!!

WOW!!!! I cried within 2 seconds of reading this....I am so unbelievably happy for you. I know how you are feeling - I just gave birth to my son (aughhh MY SON) 10 days ago. I never thought I would be able to be a "diabetic mom". But I AM!!!! I'm so so so so happy for you! I wish you all the best - my A1C was the same as yours all through...my baby is healthy and chubby and wonderful...every minute is the greatest minute of my life. Every second is better than the last...I can't wait until you feel these feelings too. I am so happy for you!!!!!

Congratulations Kerri! I'm SO happy for you both. You and Chris will make incredible parents.

And yes, you are a real inspiration. Even for those of us who aren't ready to get pregnant yet... :-p

Yay!! Congratulations Kerri and Chris!

Congratulations Kerri!!!!! :) Yaaaay! What a great news! :)

so if you havent heard it enough...CONGRATS!!!! ohh i cannot wait to read this new journey of yours!!

Such wonderful news! Congratulations! And THANK-YOU for the HOPE you have provided us all...

I have a type 1 daughter (and a type 1 son) and even though she is only 9, your fears are my fears for her. I am so happy that your dreams are coming true because it gives me hope that my children's dreams will also come true. You will be a fantastic mommy! Thank you for all the wonderful insight into a world in which my children live.

Congratulations to you and Chris! Nothing makes me happier than to hear of another healthy happy Barton baby on the way! (Though it does make me old, how can someone I knew when she was 9 be having a baby??)


Kerri...you have impacted me in ways I think you'll probably never fully know. Congratulations! And thanks for passing hope along.

Congratulations to the Sparling Family!! Your post made me tear up with happiness. I'm just tickled about the news. I'm working towards my own little bundle of love and you are an inspiration to take the best care of body and soul. Happy and healthy pregnancy to you. You have the love and best wishes of so many people helping keep you both safe over the next six months.

Congrats! You are such an inspiration and have given me hope that if I work hard enough I too will be able to have a baby.

I am so happy for you!! Best wishes to your family. I will be thinking of you!

I might be the 1000th commenter (if so, do I win a prize?), but my wishes are much of the same: 1) Congratulations to you and Chris, and 2) Good health for you and the little one. (I also wish Chris good health -- I just about drove myself crazy with anxiety before my kids were born -- don't let that happen to you, man, it'll all be fine.)

You're in for the ride of your life -- hold on to your hats and have fun!

Wonderful news! Congratulations. I check your blog often. I am also a Type I diabetic (have been for 15 years)and had my first son in July without any complications. Three months later and my A1c is at record lows and the little guy is happy as can be. Blood sugar ups and downs are inevitable,just take it one day at a time.

Again, congratulations! You are doing great!

Congratulations, how very exciting for the two of you. I was at work when I read your post and you brought tears to me eyes. I love the idea of writing baby a letter and I hope you keep writing them even if you do not post them, what a great gift for this already much loved little one.

Wonderful news!
I received OUTSTANDING care from Joslin/BIDMC program last year. I'm 43 and have had type I for 35 years and now have a beautiful healthy baby. You and baby are in THE BEST OF HANDS.
Enjoy every precious moment of this amazing journey!

It's Ryan Reynolds' baby, isn't it? :). Congratulations!!!

Great news! I cannot wait to read more!

I got behind on my reading, but as I scrolled through my reader and saw "dear baby" I got a chill!

And then tears as I read your letter. Congratulations to you and Chris, and best of health as you move through your pregnancy.

It just proves that diabetics can lead a very normal and productive life.

Congratulations and joy that you will receive from this gift!!

Congratulations!! This is fabulous news! Do not worry about being a wonderful mom, follow your instincts and remember you had a phenomenal role model.

Kerri, I am so absolutely thrilled for you and Chris. This is such awesome news and you have worked so hard to get to this point and it will only get better from here! Though I don't know you personally, I feel like I do from your posts and truly think you will make a fantastic mommy. Congratulations!

Congratulations, Kerri! I am, like a couple others, seeing your blog for the first time, but it resonates with me, as I am a mom with long-standing type 1 diabetes. I've just started my own blog - if you care to look sometime to see what another type 1 mom deals with - though I'm incredibly impressed with your site and what you've acomplished so far. It's time for us to have more real-life information about diabetes and pregnancy, instead of trembling in silent fear. I'll be reading your posts avidly, and I wish you and Chris all the best. It's not easy, but you really can do it!

Kerri (and Chris too),
Congratulations!!!! SO exciting. I have been away from the computer on vacation and this was so exciting to come back to. I somehow just knew that anytime you would be making an annoucement. Good luck with a healthy and easy pregnancy (as easy and healthy as it can be with Type1). I have never felt better than when I was pregnant!

Congratulations again and this baby is so lucky to have a mother like you :)

late to the party, but congrats, KLMS, Chris, and Sparkling :)

my bro's having another one in december, so if you're ever back at the homestead, you have an option for a playdate (just keep them away from madlibs and professor bee-thoven tapes) :P

Oh, congratulations!! I LOVE it that you told Chris by saying "it's on!". Congrats and I can't wait to hear how it goes with the Joslin Clinic... we're debating on waiting for #3 on the off chance that my hubby will be stationed in Boston next! :)

Congratulations! I am so happy for you and so filled with hope for my own daughter who someday will also see two lines on a test (but not yet, please, she's only 17!) lol
Happy for both of you!!!

Wow, how incredibly exciting!! Congrats to you and Chris, both.

You seem like a natural Mommy to me. :)


THAT is the best news in the world!

Congratulations! I'm a T1 of one year as of this week (!) and my husband and I have been trying for a few months. I can't wait to read all about your journey. I have much to learn from you!

Oh Kerri, this gave me chills and made me cry. I'm so happy for you guys and your much-loved sweet little one.

Aww, Congrats Kerri,
I'm sure your baby will be as wonderful and beautiful as the words you write, and then some!


I'm so happy about you :) . I was waiting for this post, especially since I've tested positive :)
I'm in the very same position - type 1 and pregnant. The beginning was difficult to control (especially with nausea etc.), but from 8th week my numbers are such good,that I do not believe them :).

Hey, and being pregnant and diabetic is a very good training to motherhood - sleep deprivation with my first daughter wasn't so different from waking up to measure my BG during the night in the pregnancy ;).

What a beautiful post. Congratulations, Kerri.

"It's on!" That's a classic. Congratulations - you're "on" to one huge adventure!

Oh. My. God. Congratulations!! I hadn't checked SUM in a few days so I'm late in seeing this. But so excited for you!!!!!!! Send me an email or msg me on TuD if you want to know anything about what I went through w/my pregnancy (or if you want to vent about anything!). CONGRATS!!

Congratulations! I'm also Type 1. Seems like I spent most of my pregnancy meal planning, keeping meticulous logs, going for non-stress tests and ultrasounds. But in the end I gave birth to the sweetest little healthy baby who was born at a great weight. One of my most fond memories was when another Type 1 mom who was in the office for her postnatal appointment approached me with her new baby and offered her encouragement. I imagine you're getting that time 1000! Thanks so much for sharing your joy. I wish all of the best for you and your family!

Congratulations!! We had the chance to meet in July and in this brief time, you expressed how important this was to you. What wonderful news. I can't say that I know what it is like to experience pregnancy with diabetes, so I won't pretend to understand the challenges, but if you need any suggestion on what loot to go after, let me know. I've had 2 kids in the last 2.5 years so I've kicked the tires on just about anything.

CONGRATULATIONS, "It's ON"!!! I'm type 1 too for 24 years and have been following your blog as my husband and I plan for a pregnancy with T1 diabetes. So happy for you and looking forward to hearing all about it!!! Thanks for helping us T1s not feel so alone. I had to fight back the tears reading this at the office ;)

Hi Kerri!
I was falling behind on your blogs, and I just checked it out. WAY TO GO!!! My son just turned 7 months, and he is the happiest, healthiest little boy! I've been diabetic for ummm... 29 years (plus I'm a bit older...lol), but I was the most digilient diabetic EVER while I was pregnant. Now, to keep on being that way (I know I can do it now!!) so I stick around to see my little man grow up. If I can be ANY help to you on your awesome journey... please email me! I ended up being admitted to hospital at 31 weeks because (1) I have high blood pressure (2) and I live 3 1/2 hours from the hospital I was delivering, so they wanted to keep an eye on me. However, I was not on bedrest and I could wander all over the hospital! I delivered my son at 37 weeks, I just made it to 37... Anyway, I'm SOOOOOOO thrilled for you, I had goosebumps while I read this blog! ENJOY your pregnancy!!!

Congrats!!! I just now saw this and i'm really happy for you!!

In a similar situation with a different disease, I can only imagine how extra exciting this for you!! I'm so happy for you - what a story of hope. You're gonna be a great mama! CONGRATULATIONS!!

I'm 28 years old, and I've had Type 1 for 8 years. I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl, Leah Grace, on October 18th! I had a really smooth pregnancy (albeit with a pea sized bladder and puffy feet near the end) and I was so surprised that diabetes was such a non-event throughout the pregnancy. Sure, I was testing religiously and constantly adjusting, but my focus was never on diabetes, it was always on the little one growing inside me. I know being pregnant with diabetes can be scary, and it does require a lot more doctor's appointments than a typical pregnancy, but it's all worth it. I'm hopelessly in love with my little one!

Feel free to email if you have any questions or want to ask about anything.

Wishing you all the best!


I just wanted to add my tearful joyful heartfelt congratulations to you and Chris. I am 38 and have had T1 since I was 15. I just gave birth October 7 to our first child, a beautiful baby boy. No complications throughout the pregnancy. I monitored my own blood sugars with the help of my husband and stayed in the mid 80s throughout my labor! No insulin drip. YOU CAN DO IT! HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF AND YOUR CAPACITY! WE ALL BELIEVE IN YOU. XOD

Congratulations for the great news Kerri ,I'm sooooooo happy for you and Chris , we met last year at FFD 2008 ORLANDO ,I'm so excited to meet you and the cute baby in 2010 . Take good care my friend.God bless.

Oh Kerry, your line of congrats is already so long but I just can't help but being happy fpr you! : )
I've also been thinking about pragnancy quite often, and it always touches my heart to see healthy mumy with diabetes! All the best to you and your baby an d greetings from germany!


Warmest congrats! What a lucky little one to have you two as parents! The love you have for the little one. Woo Hoo!

Kerri, I am way late on this news, but congratulations to you and Chris!!! I am so happy for you and wish you a safe, healthy pregnancy.


Reading this brought tears to my eyes! I am a newlywed and although we aren't trying for a baby until after I get my nursing degree, I am constantly thinking about my future child and how diabetes will affect the pregnancy, if there will be a pregnancy, etc. I have never wanted something more in my whole life, and I really understand where you are coming from with this post. Congrats!! (Even though I know this is an old post.)

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