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Becoming Leafers.

What's the smartest thing you can do just a week after moving to a new place, new state, and new work arrangement?

Why it's getting into the car and driving 5 hours to bar Harbor, Maine, of course!!

Chris and I love Bar Harbor.  We love checking out the lobster pounds, driving along the scenic highways, and climbing up to the tops of mountains and watching the sun rise.

But this round, it was cold.  As I mentioned yesterday, Alaska-cold, and it kept us from climbing up any mountains because our extremities would have frozen right off our bodies.  So, instead, we went from active 30-somethings to actual "leafers."  We took more photos of frigging leaves that the memory card on my Nikon almost yawned.  

LEAVES!  There were many leaves.

But we thought they were awesome, so we didn't listen to the bored Nikon.  "Screw you, camera!  Just take the pictures."


Once again, we ended up at the top of Cadillac Mountain, only not in time for the sunrise this year.  (Because that would have been at 4:45 in the morning, and no thank you).  But we did see the finest of the New England fall foliage from the summit, looking down on the harbor below.

View from the top of Cadillac Mtn

Despite the cold, we really took in plenty of the brisk, fresh air and the natural beauty.  (I'll also have to post the outtakes with this stupid hat, because I looked like a complete tool.  More on that later.  But it was cold up there, so screw fashionable.)

Kerri and Chris hanging in  Bar Harbor.

But we didn't just sit around in the car and take pictures of leaves.  We did the 3.0 mile Jordan Pond nature trail again this year, and then rewarded ourselves with popovers and blueberry tea at the teahouse.  The views from the nature trail were spectacular.

The Bubbles at Jordan Pond.

And of course, before we left on Monday afternoon, we had a fantastic breakfast at my favorite place EVER, the 2 Cats Inn in downtown Bar Harbor.  The food is so delicious, and they have this strawberry butter that you can put on your fresh-baked biscuit that is just SO epic.  

Breakfast at the 2 Cats Inn

I love Maine.  (Granted, my blood sugars did NOT love Maine entirely.  If I wasn't low - hello, 2 am blood sugar of 29 mg/dl - I was cresting up around 190 mg/dl.  I couldn't adjust to the food/exercise mess for the weekend, but I'm thankfully settled back into range now.  More on that later, too.)  Chris and I are already planning our trip for next year!


Great pics of what looked and sounded like a great time! Strawberry butter sounds like one of the greatest things ever. Must. Try. Some.

You have me SO EXCITED for our anniversary! I remember last year (or a while ago) you mentioned Two Cats Inn, and it's been on our "must do" list since we started talking about taking this trip. We'll be there Friday morning, and while I'm not excited about the cold, I AM excited about how beautiful it looks! (Oh, and did I mention we're CAMPING??? We might just be insane.)

So jealous!! I must hijack Jason and drive him up there - and stop by to say 'hey' on the way :) Although, I don't get along with cold weather so summer trips are my fave. Glad y'all had fun, and I love the pictures!

Fabulous! The pix remind me of the New Hampshire trip I just completed with my brothers. Those upper New England states have a very unique appeal...

I call tourists like you and Chris: Peepers :D

Jeff and I spent our anniversary weekend in Ogunquit, ME. That's a really nice seaside town with shops and restaurants to explore. I don't think it's too far from Bar Harbor.

Kennebunkport is nice too.

Love Bar Harbor. We were crazy enough to watch the sunrise from Cadillac Mountain. Was nice :-) Can't wait to return.

These pictures are awesome! It looks so pieceful & relaxing!!I would love to go there one day and experience the cold that way!!Our coldest weather here is maybe in the 60's, if were lucky the 50's.

Thanks for the pics....SOME day I'll be able to make that trip to Maine...

Next year? From what you've mentioned on here, make sure you register for a good backpack baby carrier or jogging stoller! :D

I'm glad you were able to get some time away - have I mentioned that it is still in the 80s and 90s in South Florida? Perfect weather for a visit! :)

I hope you stopped in my favorite store! http://www.coolasamoose.com/ I must have visited Bar Harbor ten years ago and I_still_wear the t-shirt I got there. I'm destined to not forget the place. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

The picture made me hungry for a "breakfast for dinner" meal. We've got our own beautiful leaves here in Maryland, but the food pics got my attention. My wife on the other hand would join you in New England in a heartbeat.

That's the perfect fall weekend in my eyes!!
and just think how much closer you are to Maine now that you are in Mass. Welcome!!

Cool pictures! I haven't seen green anything since I moved to Cali...The food looks good! I love country potatoes.

How could you NOT like something with a name like "2 Cats Inn"?

The pictures are beautiful!

Love the pic at the top and the second one from the bottom. They are downright "painterly" photos and could be taken for professional postcard shots!

I have always wanted to see the leaves change. My brother plays it off because he lived in Massachuettes for a bit but he likes it too. I happen to be unlucky enough to live in a state the leaves go from green to dead on the ground. No in between here. Well at least it never gets really cold here for any length of time in the winter I can save my money to help pay my electric bill in the summer when my A/C is running 26 hours a day.

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