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The Weather -

- I'm under it.  See you tomorrow!


Sorry to hear this. My 4-year-old T1 is under the weather too and we are fighting the 200s and 300s as a result! Get well soon!

I hope you feel better!!!

Oh wow bad time huh ? change of weather . hope you feel better soon . I was not so good a couple of days ago .

I am now listening to "like the weather" from 10,000 maniacs. You should try it, it may help.

Get better my friend.

Sending a little sunshine your way, Kerri. Feel better soon!

Feel better! Check often. And maybe check ketones to be on the good diabetic list!

Get better Kerri. Sick days suck. Can't say much else than that. It's pretty short, sweet and to the point.

feel better Kerri!

Sorry to hear that, Feel Better.....Onward and Upward!!!!

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