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Still More SEO.

SUM more SEO terms for this ol' diabetes blog.The SEO terms that lead people to SUM make me scratch my head.  Over the past few months, I've had some real winners, and a few that made me repeat the Google search just to see how the heck that was possible to get them from "there" to "here."  But poking through the search engine terms over the last few weeks has made me laugh - and question the logic of Google - all at the same time, and I wanted to share the latest:

can type 1 diabetic marry and live well - Yes, I believe that they can.

i wear a pump for my diabetes, what is my life span - I'm hoping a really, really long time, my friend.

type 1 diabetes and energy blog - I'm hoping this means that you think I have a lot of energy.  It was the coffee, I tell you.  On decaf, I'm decidely more docile.  (See also:  Zzzz ... zzzz)

what is type 1 diabetes insulin made of - Going out on a limb to guess "insulin" on this one.

clifford noodle soup - Can't picture anything other than a big bowl of Big, Red Dog.  With noodles.  Ew.

Kerri leaving dLife - True

cereal for dogs - Are you talking about the Barkfast of Chompions?  Guilty as Googled.

I am happy - You know what?  I'm glad that search brought you here.  I am happy.  I hope you are, too.

oh what an ocd morning - Oh what an OCD day!  I've got an OCD feeling that everything's going to be counted eight times today.

And the winner this round?

Cat in a banana - OH HELL YES!


What is type 2 diabetes insulin made of? :P

"everything's going to be counted eight times today."

ROFLMAO! Awesome!

These are great!! I really do wonder about Google's logic also ......

ever have one of those times when you read something funny online, and burst out in hysterics while sitting in a dead-silent office? loving the oklahoma! reference.

Clifford noodle soup?? What the heck? My funniest (and also scariest) SEO term recently was "www.super yank it". I'm sure they were extremely disappointed when they got to my blog and found a post about yanking my bad CGM sensor.

ahaha...you crack me up! :)

OCD morning...oh thanks - now I have that song stuck in my head!

Lmbo Clifford and chicken noodle soup LMBO hahhaa

sooo funny! actually, we HAVE Clifford soup! haha...it's really just a pic of him on the box... :)

LOL. Yes, Lipton makes a cup of noodle soup that has a picture of Clifford on the box. I was not aware of this and was at a loss for words when my mom called one day as she was watching dd and was trying to figure out the carbs for "dog soup". Apparently that's what my dd and nephew have called that soup since they were pre-schoolers and eating it at grandma's.

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