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Snacky Time: Meatballs.

Trader Joe's has some of the tastiest food options I've found since moving to CT (we didn't have a Trader Joe's in RI waaaaay back in the day like three years ago whoops digression and a run-on - yay), and their aisles appear to be crammed with almost entirely organic options.  Which is nice for a diabetic who is making attempts to be healthy.

But I find that a lower-carb lifestyle leaves me hungry sometimes.  Not like The Hulk-type hungry (You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry!) but more that gnawing stomach rumble that seems to be quieted only by a nice slice of toast.

Thankfully, Trader Joe (whoever he is) made meatballs.  And it is good

I love me some ... meatballs.

These round mounds of seasoned deliciousness are substantial enough to take the edge off my hunger and they pack a protein punch of 12 grams per two meatballs.  Clocking in at only 5 grams of carbs per two, a bowl of meatballs can give me 36 grams of protein and only 15 grams of carbs.  Coupled with Chris's homemade red sauce, this snack option does it for me. 

I've also been working on trying to not treat lows with juice or glucose tabs, but instead with "real food."  Stop & Shop also has these smoooooshed fruit bars from Fruitabu that are organic, delicious, and 10 grams of carbs apiece.  I've used these to treat lows over the last week or two (lows like 60 mg/dl, not lows like 40 mg/dl) and the hardest part has been sitting and waiting for the carbs to take effect.  But I'm not inclined to over-treat when the snack is portioned out into one 10 gram slam, and since they taste so nice (grape is my favorite so far), it's almost like a treat.

Food is a huge part of that equation we're trying to balance on a daily basis, and I remain thankful for the things that actually WORK OUT.  (And I'm also thankful for the fact that the word "smoooshed" is used in the Fruitabu marketing campaign.  That's quality.)


I love TJ's turkey meatballs!!! Their organic sauce is delicious too. I will usually have them for lunch, stuffed into a whole wheat pita. I love it because I know how my BS will react.
The Fruitabu sounds absolutely delicious too. I'm going ot have to keep my eye out for that.
I love finding out about new snacks that won't kill my BS. Thanks!

I'm hungry.

Thanks for sharing.

I would love to visit trader joes . But we dont have them here in florida where I live but will have when I move to columbus in 13 months and frankly I cannot wait . Yes I am also working on treating lows with food instead of juice and glucose tablets . bad habit I suppose that juice and glucose tabs thingy . Oh well I guess that is something we all have to work on .

I'm half Italian, but can't stand meatballs. Yuck. I blame my English and Polish heritage for screwing things up - but it's probably just me being a picky eater again. Those smoooooshed fruit bars sound yummy though - I'll be picking up some of those. Not the apricot or raspberry though. Yuck. (Picky eater alert!!)

oh these sound great! [my] chris bought a giant bag from costco, but somehow i think TJ's is healthier ;)

i they also have all sorts of nuts that make for some happy low carb snacking.

TJs is awesome! We're there at least once a week. Love the way you're treating lows with low-carb foods instead of glucose tabs. That's what I do. :)

I'd love to know what you and others use to treat lows. What 'real foods' do you use that still bring your sugar up quickly? I used to use lifesavers, but got tired of them and switched to starbursts and also juice sometimes. I'd rather treat with 'real food,' but don't know what that would be. Thanks for the help! Rachel

There'd a TJ relatively near us..don't get out there much,but they definatly have tastier,healthier food options then at the local grocery store.Those meatballs look DELICIOUS!

There's a TJ relatively near us..don't get out there much,but they definatly have tastier,healthier food options then at the local grocery store.Those meatballs look DELICIOUS!

Hmmm. I was happy to have switched from candy to JuicyJuice for my lows. I also like Clif's Twisted Fruit (fruit "ropes") when I'm worried about freezing in my glove box or don't feel like explaining my need for emergency rations to airport security personnel (in the past, they have let me take a juice box - packed in my baggie of insulin - through, though).

I do the Juicy Juice thing now too for lows. It's the perfect amount of carbs, so it keeps me from over-treating. Although I still have days when I long for my Skittle and Starburst attacks...I'm much better off. Must be a sign of maturity.

Love Trader Joes! Another awesome low-carb snack they have there is their egg white salad - it comes in regular and spicy flavors, and in pre-packaged two-serving mini-tubs that make them portable for work, etc. I think they're only about 2 grams of carb for the whole package. Love 'em,!

oh how I wish we had TJ's here in Colorado...

Those smooshy treats sound so much better than all the Oreos G ate last night to treat a bad case of the lows.

Oh God! Someone said Oreos!!! Yummy! I'm working on going lower carb, too. It really is too bad that veggies and meat are the most expensive things on my grocery list. BUT, I'm finding ways around that...like making my own meatballs and freezing them. Do you have a garden with tomatoes for the sauce? I just started that this year too. Sounds like you are doing great. :) Made up words are the best, btw.

Fruitaboo's are great. Also great: the Whole Foods version, Fruit Strips (not nearly as much fun to say)...mainly because they have 14g of carb, so they're a bit easier when you hit the super lows.

Those meatballs are the bomb.

Another supa dupa low-carb snack from TJs is the egg-white salad. It comes in little portioned-out tubs and a full package has only about 2 grams of carbs. I like to mix the spicy ranchero one with regular and call it lunch. MMMMM!

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