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A1C Payoff.

Oh hell yes.I've worked very hard over the last few weeks.  There's no denying that.  

I've logged blood sugar numbers on the Kevin spreadsheet and busted my butt to keep up with the maintenance of those logbooks.

Chris and I have counted carb after carb, making sure that I'm dosing accordingly.

I have changed some of my "bad habits" here and there in efforts to get crap under better control in pursuit of BabySparl.  (I even gave up coffee.  For anyone who knows me, THAT is a huge thing.  Huge-r than logging numbers.)

And yesterday, after spending the entire day under the weather, my phone rang.  Dr. CT was calling with my A1C results.

"Kerri?  This is Dr. CT.  I have your blood work back."

I was napping off my illness just before she called, so I had to shove the cat off my head and rub the sleep from my eyes.  "Okay.  How'd I do?"

"Wonderful.  This is just great - such progress!  You're at 6.3%.  You have done a fine job."

"No kidding?  6.3?  That's the lowest I've had in years.  Ever, maybe."

"Well I wanted to call and tell you personally.  I saw these results and said, 'Oh.  This will be a fun call!'"  

"Thanks, Dr. CT.  Thanks for calling."

And that's that. 

There's so much swirling around me right now and so much change on the horizon that I'm excited, ready, scared, and overwhelmed and all I can think is that tomorrow marks 23 years that I've been living with type 1 diabetes and I'm still learning so much every.  single.  day.


Great job! I just emailed Kevin for a copy of his spreadsheet. Thanks for the help.

YAY! Woo Hoo!!! Cheering and clapping...Congratulations Kerri!

CONGRATS KERRI!!! That is amazing! When I got my 6.9 a few months ago, my doctor literally gave me a copy of the paperwork to hang on my fridge. What a great accomplishment. Keep up the great work!

I may have already told you this but when I got my first A1C result after buckling down in prep for getting pregnant and they told me it was 5.7, I gasped and threw my hands up to my face like they'd just crowned me Miss America. :)

It's a good feeling. Revel in it because you've earned it.

That's great work, well done! I have to say I am terrible at logging my results, and just store them in my glucometer. How much had they gone down by? It's so satisfying to see that hard work really does pay off. You must be super pleased, and so you should.

Congrats! I know you're so happy right now. :) You DID earn it! :) You giving up coffee would be like me giving up my diet pepsi, so believe me when I say I think you made a great sacrifice! :)

Awesome. :)

That's so awesome, Kerri! I know you've been working super hard to get that down, and speaking from experience, I know it feels darn good when those efforts pay off :)

Good news indeed!

Did you cry? I remember last year when I had a 6.4 I bawled so much it was embarrasing! I cannot express how happy I am for you ... I know this is a common saying but seriously keep up the good work because you are obviously doing lots of things right :) And happy diabetesversary btw! I wish you many, many more healthy years to come!!

Xcellent job Kerri! Good for you (Chris included).

*golf clap*

Applause! Way to go, Kerri. you've worked so hard for this and it's fantastic news. So very happy for you - and glad you're feeling betterer too.

Congratulations, Kerri! What wonderful news.

What an accomplishment! Inspiration or jealousy - I want to improve my numbers - eithter way your influence is for positive results! Also, I have e-mailed Kevin for the spreadsheet; but, have not yet received a copy. Is there anyway you can get in cahoots with him to share this infamously amazing tool, please!

Congrats!.....Does this mean you can go make baby now? Have fun at it.

Congrats! Wonderful news! Hope you are feeling better.

Congrats Kerri! I got mine yesterday and I'm at 6.8. I just started using Kevin's spreadsheet last week and am confident if I keep up with the logging I can be under 6.5 just like you. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Congratulations; I love reading about your progress and your positive attitude. Good luck and keep up the good work.

Great job Kerri!! After posting this, I'm emailing Kevin for a copy of his spreadsheet to improve my A1C.

How exciting!!! You continue to be an inspiration for me! I celebrate 20 years of Diabetes this Saturday. Looking to tackle my A1C as well this year so my husband and I can work toward having a baby too. Seeing a new endo next Friday. I'm excited and encouraged. Keep it up!!!

Go Kerri! That is fanTASTic for you both!!!

Congratulations!!!! Wonderful news ;)

Is it weird that I welled up a little? I think I may have a plumbing problem..

I am so proud of you even though I still hate your disease but I love how you are kicking its bee-hind.


Congratulations, Kerri and Chris! I must feel terrific to see the hard work pay off!

Go stand on the bow of a giant ocean liner with your fists in the air!

This is outstanding! Congrats! You should celebrate.

Great job Kerri - the hard work did pay off - you should be very proud of yourself!


Congratulations, Kerri! It's amazing I can feel so proud of someone I don't even know personally! You rock. And you inspire.


Congratulations, Kerri! You have inspired me to hop back on the wagon. Went to endo yesterday with HBA1C of 7.4. Committed to lowering it below 7.0 for my appt in December. Thanks for posting link to Kevin's blog to request his spreadsheet. Actually looks like it will be fun to track BGs now!

Congrats again,


Good work ..you have worked hard for this and you got it nailed!!! HUrrah


Congratulations, Kerri! That 6.3 is a tiny little number (thankfully) for the huge effort you put into it. PS: Babies grow just fine living in a womb that's steadily 6-7%.

Great job!! Congrats on all your hard work!!

Go Kerri! Woohoo! VERY excited for you and for Chris!

Awesome news!! And an inspiration to all of us who live with or support someone living with this disease!!

Congrats -- I hope you and Mr. Sparling celebrated appropriately -- wink, wink, nudge, nudge...
BabySparl, we await your presence!

It's amazing when the hard work pays off, isn't it. We think/know we're doing better but that A1C comes back (my last one was 5.9% - which was the lowest EVER - in 19.5 years) and I didn't even believe it, AT ALL. Keep it up! You are obviously doing something right!!!! Whoo hoo!

Happy for you Kerri!!! Everyone has the congrats, atta boys, etc. covered. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!! I think I remember that you were diagnosed on your sixth birthday......weren't you or did I just dream that? Anyway, Happy Birthday!!!! What a great gift of a lower A1c.

That's awesome! What a relief to know that all that hard work paid off for you.

I received Kevin's spreadsheet many moons ago but never bothered to use it. Now that I'm a spreadsheet maven for my finances, maybe I'll use a spreadsheet for the big D. My own doctor's appointment is in about 2 months, just enough time to knock it down a percent... You had such a hard time getting your A1C down (or at least it seemed like it) so if you can do it, I think anyone can.

Thanks, guys! And while the spreadsheet is a kickass tool, it's just one part of the equation. I think it came down to me actually paying attention to everything and having a goal, instead of going at it piecemeal. Nothing motivates me more than the thought of a Future Baby. And now I'm on track. :)

"If you can do it, anyone can?" Nice vote of confidence, Mrs. Blass!!!!!

Nice job, Kerri! I hate logging a lot but it seems like sticking with the logging plan helped you get there. I'd like to "get there" too. I think I need a copy of Kevin's spreadsheet. Can you send one to my email?

Congrat's on the great A1C. It's always good to see positive results of hard work. Now you know you can do it. Keep up the good work.



I'm not sure what's with the question regarding my statement, but yes, I think that Kerri's story shows that even people who have a difficult time lowering the A1C can accomplish their goal. Kerri worked really hard and I'm proud of her. I think she's inspirational for not giving up! I think those of us who are frustrated with our A1Cs and unsure of how to do this can learn a lot by how she did it. She didn't like logging, and has admitted some bad habits, but she was able to accomplish her goal. If she can overcome her obstacles, than I have faith that we call can do it.

I'm also not married.

Anon - I think I agree with Allison - if I can do it, I think it's possible that anyone can make progress. I suck at a lot of this diabetes stuff, and I don't think that getting a good A1C is always easy. But I'm thankful that things aligned in my favor this round. I worked hard, so I feel that this is a deserved result.

Also, feel free to use your name when you leave a comment. We don't bite. At least not when you leave your name. ;)

Allison - Thanks for the true vote of confidence, "Mrs. Blass." ;)


Congratulations Kerri, and happy D-b-day to you!!

Nice work, Kerri! Hard work and discipline does indeed pay off. Awesome!

I am so happy for you. I cried silently a little at work when I read your post. -- Out of happiness of course...


Congratulations Kerri! Where can I find this amazing spreadsheet everyone is raving bout?

Congrats on the A1C! Hope you're feeling less under the weather, too. :)

YAY Kerri! Congrats! 6.3 is awesome!

You go, girl!!


Kerri I am usually lazy and read your blog via the instant email send out. You can't comment when you access it that way. So even though I feel like crap, I had to come tell you how proud I am of you!!!!

Kerri I am usually lazy and read your blog via the instant email send out. You can't comment when you access it that way. So even though I feel like crap, I had to come tell you how proud I am of you!!!!

You're an inspiration to all. I can not tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts.
Thank you for so many great blogs. I'm rooting for you!!

That's awesome, Kerri! I'm so happy for you.

YAAAY! Congrats Kerri!!! Now go make babies and celebrate!! HAHA!

Congrat's!!!!!!! You go girl!!!

Made my day! I am so proud of you!

Thanks for your honesty on your blog. I would love it if you and Chris get pregnant around the same time as my husband and I. It will be comforting to share that journey with a fellow type 1. And congrats on getting the A1C into baby-making range!

giving up coffee...wow
Actually, that's awesome. I remember when I started following your blog under 7 was the goal. (if i remember correctly)
Take care. good news. --AP

Well done, wish I was that good! Mine was 10.4!!

I've been trying to do a "what's in your handbag" video but can't get it to upload. What did you use to record yours?

Congrats!! Job well done!

Congrats -- that's awesome! Is it for sale ... I'd love to buy a 6.3!!!

Great job Kerri!

Congratulations. That is an excellent number to have.

I don't know what is more amazing... the6.3% or giving up coffee! You gave me the push to go caffene free!!

Congrats Kerri! Awesome work!

Congrats on a terrific A1C! You go, girl!

Congrats, Kerri. I'm so excited for your next chapter.

Way to go Kerri!

I'm also commenting my vote that "the Kevin spreadsheet" should be capitalized, to emphasize its epic awesomeness.

The Kevin Spreadsheet

See - that is so appropriate! :-)

That is great. I am working on an A1C that good and am expecting it in about 3 months. Great job and I like your blog. Unfortunately mine might not be as good as yours but we all try--great job on the A1C

Thank you for this post and for your blog. I've had diabetes for 20 years and for the last 10 or so, have doubted if pregnancy would be possible for me. I haven't always been in the best control, but three days ago, I got my monthly A1C checked, and it had dropped to 6.3. It's the best feeling! Finding this blog has given me so much hope. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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