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Guest Post: Bennet Makes My Day.

Bennet Dunlap is a husband, father of some seriously cool kids, and blogger over at YDMV.  He's also the keeper of a pink camera and a bit of a goofball.  But he's been a supporter of the Sparlings (yes, both of us) and I'm both honored and a bit scared to have him guest posting on SUM today.  You just never know what Bennet is going to say.

*   *   *

Kerri asked me to guest babble while she flies off to Southern European film shoot. Sucks to be her huh?

What do you get out of the deal? Less than squat - you are stuck with me as the After School Movie of the Week Special Guest Star.  Sucks to be you, huh? 

Anyway this whole Mediterranean movie thing has me thinking of the old Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns. Stumped for anything intelligent to say I thought I would turn to Clint for some type 1 diabetes care wisdom:

Diabetes life is only in part about Blood Work most is about attitude. Look at the meter and say make my day.  When you don’t like what is says then learn to adapt, to improvise. The key is to get the care done Any Which Way You Can. Don't walk a Tightrope trying to make it A Perfect World. That would be a True Crime.  Don’t go looking for a Sudden Impact.

Newbies  - you may be the The Rookie but you’re not in the Dead Pool. It isn’t Breezy, easy. BG is sometimes going to go Every Which Way But Loose. When your fingers feel like "Rawhide" remember someone thinks you are the Million Dollar Baby (Like say the strip companies!)

Be the Enforcer of what you do and let the numbers be the Changeling. When your numbers go to Where Eagles Dare or drops top where you are the Pale Riderdon’t let them make you feel you are Unforgiven on Heartbreak Ridge. You have the Absolute Power to move up from a Gran Torino to a Pink Cadillac.

It would be fun to move Clint into Larry Bird territory around here, so how about chipping in your favorite Clint inspired silliness?

OK if that doesn’t make you miss Kerri, I don’t know what will.

*   *   *Don't mess with Larry.  Or Bennet.

Ring, ring.

Kerri:  Hello?

Larry:  Kerri.  It's me.  I'm not sure if you saw that post from that Bennet guy?

Kerri:  Larry ... um, I obviously saw it.  It's what we were just reading before you called.  Kind of hard to miss.

Larry:  He's not building many bridges into our respective Madison Counties, Ker.  If he runs his mouth about our relationship, I might send him out to orbit like a Space Cowboy.

Kerri:  Dude, you just got sucked into it.   Don't let Bennet get in your head.  You'll never get him out.  It's like ...

Larry:  Escaping from Alcatraz?

Kerri:  Silence.

Larry:  Get it?  

Kerri:  Larry, this just got too weird.  I gotta go. 



Gotta love Bennet. Glad you took the risk Kerri. ;-)

And "..Gran Torino to a Pink Cadillac."

I'll take the Gran Torino any day.

I suppose Bennet's actions would put him In The Line of Fire of Larry's wrath?

I love the Internet. Great post.

Yes, you made my day!

Hey Larry!

How's it feel to be In the Line of Fire*?


Haha! Bennet - you're a nut. Love ya, mean it! :-)

LMBO!!!! Great Post! Haha

Haha! That was great!

LOL. Though if you have another guest blogger like this we may have to Hang 'Em High.

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