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Hanging with the BlogHers.

So the panel was why I was there, but there were plenty of perks that came with being part of the BlogHer conference.  Like meeting other BlogHers.  And exploring the fine city of Chicago.

I'd never been to Chicago before, other than layovers at O'Hare.  So I definitely stole away for the conference for an hour or two with Rachel and Julia to take in some of the artsy-fartsy sights.  

Take, for example, this enormous chrome bean: 

Rachel, Julia, and Kerri at "the bean."

I also had a chance to see the Chicago skyline from the top of a very sky-scrapey building where Ms. Poppy Buxom was hosting a fabulous party (Thanks to Julia for getting us all in!!!) with fabulous lady-bloggers such as Jasmine, Blackbird, Cinnamon, and the Hotfessional.  I couldn't resist having my photo taken with Ree, because she inspired the hell out of me at the panel that day.

The party at Poppy's.

There were people everywhere.  Tim Gunn was doing some Tide promotional stuff down in the Expo hall.  We listened as Elisa, Lisa, and Jory gave the opening keynoteRachel and I sat in on the Healthcare By Committee panel, featuring Kim from Emeriblog.

The BlogHer days were long, and the nights were even longer.  Sessions started early in the morning and the parties began right after the evening keynote.  This was exhausting, and I was constantly thinking about Leah Jones's post about "PTMO," or Permission To Miss Out.  After a very hectic travel day on Thursday and an early, kind of stressful Friday (including speaking on the PatientBlogger panel), I needed to chill out and take some time to recuperate.  I gave myself PTMO.

Kerri and Jenni and this puffy fella.
I spent a lot of time with Jenni from Chronic Babe.  We got to know one another very quickly, and in three short days, we hung out with the Michelin Man, lizards, had our own "fake Chicago skyline" photo opportunity, and beat our collective chronic illnesses into submission so we could make the very best of the conference.  (Note to Jenni's friends:  If she suddenly starts shoving her iPhone down into her shirt, forgive her.  She developed some serious insulin pump envy during BlogHer, and now she wants technology in her bra, too.)  And Jenni and I experienced what can only be called Mrs. Potato Head Effect, which may spawn a party for next year's BlogHer conference.  (Click through for an explanation.)

BlogHer '10 is in NYC next year.  No flight required for me.  That, plus the knowledge that many of these fine blogger friends wil be in attendance, makes my attendance almost definite.  Hopefully next year there will be more medblogger panels!!


Great to meet you at BlogHer. I'm singing your praises, and hope to be in touch soon!

Hee... the bean. My son and I were just down there on Friday (we live way up on the north side of the city). Its official name is actually Cloudgate. Don't know why. :)

Sounds exhausting and wonderful at the same time!! Wow, now I'm very intimidated to think about BlogHer '10 in NYC.

Love the bean picture - total awesomeness.

That chrome bean is sooo cool! and the Mrs. Potato head effect made me crack up!

Ahhhh you came to Chicago and I missed you. :(

Maybe next time.

"and now she wants technology in her bra, too"

We need to bring back the ALOL, because I sure did at that statement!

P.S. I also want technology in my bra but for an entirely different reason.

Hey, it was so great meeting you and having dinner with you Sat. night! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend all around. :)

You are becoming quite the flyer! Good for you.

Great to meet you...see you in NY!

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