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CWD: D is for Disney.

Once the CWD Friends for Life conference was over, Chris and I took a few days of vacation to hit up The Magic Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Words are one thing, but pictures are more fun.  :)

Kerri and Chris alongside what appears to be a big mouse hand flipping the bird.

We hit up the Disney Hollywood Studios, where a kind guest took our photo.  But instead of getting us in front of the Mickey Mouse hat, she only managed to work in the hand.  Now it looks like we're posing in front of a giant glove that's happily flipping the bird.  Go figure.   

I love me some Army Men.

This sign was in the Pixar area, which also had a barrel of monkeys gone loose. 

Ice cream is awesome.  Especially Disney ice cream.

And, of course, the traditional Mickey Mouse ice cream ears.  Quality treat, and perfect for bringing blood sugars back into range after traipsing around the parks all day.   

Thunder F'ing Mountain.  Yo.

This would be the ONLY roller coaster I like - Thunder Mountain.  This ride kicks so much ass that we went on it twice.  I like roller coasters that don't have huge drops in them but are still fast, and this one just does it for me. 

Plenty of other pictures on Flickr (warning:  there are so many shots of the Cinderalla castle that I'm actually embarrassed), if you're interested in checking out other people's vacation photos.  :) 

The fire-eating dancer at the Taverna Opa.

Oh, and one last sidenote:  This is a scene from the Taverna Opa, where Chris and I had dinner with friends on Friday night.  Of course, this fire-eating dancer lady was doing her thing.  And she was picking out men from the crowd to make them mimick her dance moves.  I'm not saying that Chris was pulled from his seat and encouraged to shake his hips for strangers.  I'm not saying the crowd went nuts.  I'm not saying I didn't laugh myself off my chair.  I'm also not saying that my husband has moves.  

That is all I'm not saying. 


In the interest of continuing to comment on things that you/we are "not saying." I'm not saying that I lost count of Cinderella's Castle pictures in that flickr stream.

Although I will say it looked like an awesome time.

Great photos. Great times.

Shake it Chris!
Just sayin'. Since you're not. ;-)

Is it me or does the dancer appear to have a fire draped hula-hoop? I'm glad Chris didn't mimic that! Ouch! :D

Go Chris! Go Chris! It's Your Birthday! LOL That is so awesome and the glove pic was awesome. Yay strangers!

I'd have loved to have been there to see what "I'm not saying".
Sadly, I've never been to Disney. Sigh.

haha Kerri!!
that is soo funny...Thunder Mountain is the ONLY "rollar coaster" i like and will go on toooo! =] it's so much funn.

Hey, i dont know you, but when did you go? i went about 5years ago and there was no thunder mountain, although i have been on it at disneyland paris, maann, that was awesome! :D

my ears are made of ice cream ;-)

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