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Coney Island.

I'm not sure what caused what, but over the weekend, Chris and I ended up at Coney Island. 

Was it because we were talking about how we wanted to watch Cloverfield again?  (I loved that movie - brilliantly shot.)  Or was it because Chris had talked to his sister about the movie The Warriors?  Or were we, simply, bored?

We've lived out here for three years (over three years now, as of July 1st), and we've never been down to the mystical, magical land of carnival freak shows.  But either way, on Saturday we ventured down to the southernmost part of Brooklyn to take in the sights.

The view from the pier.

Freakshows aplenty out on this end of town.  We actually paid a dollar to see the "snake girl" - Body of an enormous snake!  Head of a beautiful girl! - but it ended up being a crappy sham with a ratty girl sticking her head out of the middle of a bench with a snakeskin coiled around her head like an inner tube.  Booo!  Scammed by the carnies!!  But we did see the famous Cyclone roller coaster and the Wonder Wheel.

The famous Cyclone roller coaster.  Similar to the one at Rocky Point!

We also went into the New York Aquarium and scared ourselves silly with the big shark tank.  I love aquariums and this one is decent, but the weather was so hot and muggy that it was almost too hot for hanging out in an unairconditioned, outdoor venue.  (The fish-types seemed okay with things, so that's a plus.)

Ahhhhhh!  I mean ... oh shit, just AHHHHHHHH!

And this lead us right back, at least mentally, to Cloverfield. Which we watched last night.  And I liked all over again.  (Quick Question:  Does anyone have a good website that points to all the clues and trivia bits in the Cloverfield movie?  If so, please share!  I love that stuff.)   

The rest of this week is going to be a busy one, between heading off for the Roche Summit and BlogHer. (if you are going to be at BlogHer, come by the PatientBlogger session on Friday at 2:45 pm!)  I didn't think ahead and ask for guest posts this week, but I did hear a purring rumor that Chubbles the Sausage Cat (aka Siah) might be game for another appearance. 

... actually , I hope not.  She's a pain in my behind. 

I'm off to get packing for the week to come! 


Oh yes, Perl will be making an appearance later this week. Perl and Siah, the dynamic duo...

I only have one question this time - what if snake girl wasn't a sham? How different would this post have been?!

Sara - The post title would have been "OMGWTFSNAKEGIRL!" And I also wouldn't feel like I wasted a dollar. ;)

Oh what fun. Darn carnies. Always a good chuckle tho.

Busy busy are you! See you soon!!

Anything that JJ Abrams is a part of, is going to be amazing...i.e. LOST, Fringe, Star Trek (the new movie), Cloverfield etc. Maybe IMDB.com or Wikipedia would have some insight.

Would you believe I've lived here my whole life and have never been to Coney Island?? How lame am I??

Did you eat a Nathan's hot dog? I've seen them on the Travel Channel! I want one!

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