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The Faces of the Philly Meet Up.

The conference I'm speaking at this week is about social media and how pharma and patient bloggers can work together to benefit the patient community.

My main points are to drive home the fact that even though we might be perceived as "target markets" and "diabetes consumers," we are people first.  We're people before we're patients, before we're anyone's consumer base, before we're diabetics.


And last night, I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out in Philadelphia's Black Sheep Pub with a bunch of people who just happen to have diabetes.   Sitting among all these shining faces (because, holy crap was it hot in there), I wished that Big Pharma was there with us to see the real people behind the diseases about which they create power point presentations.

The D-Bloggers Descend on Philly
 Hey Pharma!  See us!  We're your "target market!"

It was great meeting everyone last night!  Thanks for coming out in that heat, and I'm looking forward to seeing you guys again!!


I wish I had known you were in the city...I was out of town & without dsl for most of the week. I would have liked to meet you all.

Great pic! Hope you all had a good time. :)

wow i am all sorts of round and shiny! it was so great meeting everyone last night! :D

Awesome pic. Real people. Love. It.

Great points. I hope Pharma starts listening. Glad you are at this conference this week. Keep up the great work Kerri! Go get 'em, go teach 'em!

I see at least four people I know in that group of smiling faces!

Kerri, hope your talk goes/went well. You're gonna be great... :)

So cool!!!

Let me know next time you'll be in the area. I live in Princeton and Philly is not too far (45 min) to drive to meet a celeb.

This is so true! I mentioned to my wife last night that it's so upsetting to see nothing but "gray hairs" with T2 on all the advertisements and media. Why don't you see any 41 year old men/women and children in the adds?
Note: Nothing personal against the elderly with T2 :))

Hey! I know a few of those faces! Very cool!

I am making quite the cheesy "Cheese!" face there. It was a blast, though!

Ah man, wish I'd have known you guys were gonna be in Philly, I live out in the 'burbs. Next time!

I'm making quite the "God it's so freaking hot out" face!
It was so great to meet everyone!
Kelly K

What an awesome night! That totally made my week. I'm super glad I caught your reminder tweet! So great that you and Manny were able to get together with all of us :)

Woo hoo!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. D-Meetups are the best thing ever.

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