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An Open Letter to Brett Michaels.

Idiot.Dear Brett Michaels,

Really?  Really?  I'm going to hope that you were misquoted.  I'm going to hope that maybe the reporter took your comments out of context and made you sound like an idiot, instead of you actually saying the following:

"Brett Michaels:  The only time it [diabetes] will ever affect you in bed is if you have extremely low blood sugar and you go into insulin shock, at which point you won't be standing up, let alone performing sex. However, I will sometimes hold off on the insulin, which will jack my blood sugar level up to the low 200 range. It's like how a prizefighter will want to go into the ring with his blood sugar levels high. It gives you the stamina of a bull. So, yes, sometimes I will endanger my own life to pleasure a woman."

(source:  Huffington Post

You dumb shit.  Brett, going low during sex is a pain.  I know.  I've had to stop for snacks, and I've had to stop entirely.  I've had discomfort and the inability to perform due to high blood sugars, too.  I've had sex while connected to my insulin pump, and I've also had to find ways to feel comfortable with sharing my diabetes with sexual partners.

But you, saying that you purposely run high "like how a prizefighter will go into the ring?"  Gives you "the stamina of a bull," you say?  You don't sound cool - you sound like a toolshed.  I was under the impression that high blood sugars are among the main reasons for sexual complications for diabetic men.  Are you hearing me, Mr. Michaels?  If you run purposely high, your manhood runs the risk of malfunction.  And stamina of a bull?  Pffft.

High blood sugars aren't steroids.  They're toxic and cause lethargy.  They are dangerous for a diabetic.  They make your breath smell like airplane glue, and telling a reporter that running high makes you shag like a rock star is a bit of a misleading statement.  (Are sure you're rocking these women as passionately as you claim?)

Dude, you are in the public eye.  You are among the very few celebrities who are living with type 1 diabetes.  I'm not saying you have to be Johnny Advocate, but don't spread misinformation.  Don't encourage some young guy to skip his injection in pursuit of being good in bed.  You know as well as I do that good diabetes control is what leads to strength and stamina.

You know better.

Or maybe you don't.



Good point. I wonder if the interview was before or after he got smacked in the head. Maybe it was the brain damage talking.

And (pardon if this is TMI), I though high blood sugars caused guys to have a soft spot for their ladies in a very unfortunate location.

Oh way to rip a strip off, Kerri!!

'Shag like a rockstar' destroyed me! LMAO!

You beat me to it. I'm currently writting my own letter to Mr. Michaels. I'll let you know when I've posted it. :)
BTW, great letter.

Sotomayor? One Step Forward
This Douchebag? about 15 back.

If we have to fight fire with fire, we should start a campaign to get Kerri in Rolling Stone. Anyone? Anyone?

Fantastic! Good for you for standing up for what's right.

I was with him to a point - I'll carbo load before a workout, let my blood sugar get up to 120-140 (from my usual 75-90 baseline) and this usually keeps me from bottoming out on the elliptical. But then he veers off a bit, but the guy's not a diabetes educator, he's a rockstar. Like Charles Barkley, he "is not a role model."

On the other hand, I hear the blind are awesome in the sack, so, go, Brett.

i thought the bit about 'endangering' his life to please a woman made him sound like a right idiot. it sort of implies he doesn't fully understand the pathophysiology of diabetes too well either. but the main impression left is of a geek desperately trying to look good.

Believe me, I've run intentionally higher during workouts and other moments of activity, but I would never claim that it gives me "stamina" or other sexy-sounding qualities. He sounds so bright when he's edited by Diabetes Health article. I thought he was better than trying to "impress the cool kids" of Elle.

I know I'm ripping him on this, but it's just one more crappy, misinformed spotlight on this disease.

When I saw that quote yesterday, it seriously made me want to throw up. Endanger his life to please a women? Come on!!! We aren't buying that.

Thanks, Brett, for coming up with new ways for the general public to misunderstand our disease. There wasn't enough diabetes ignorance out there already.

Preach on, I agree 100% with you.

I don't quite get how it can both "give him the stamina of a bull" AND "endanger his own life" simultaneously.(they are contradictory statements) He'd certainly have more manly stud energy if he learned how to manage his insulin/carbs/bgs in the normal range,during sex.

High blood sugar for boxers works because they have a mechanism in their body with which to transport the excess glucose into their cells.

Diabetics lack this same transport mechanism, thus their tendency towards elevated blood glucose levels.

I seem to be unable to remember the name of that transport mechanism... something like insulon, or something like that. ;)

What a tool. His music sucked, he sucks, and seriously, high BG's are just like you say Kerri, no good for the little dude.

What. A. Tool.

All I can say is, don't read the comments on Huffington Post. I'm pretty sure none of the people (even the so-called experienced ones) know what they're talking about.

I agree w/ some of the folks that yes, starting sex at 200 mg/dl isn't terrible. I mean, sex is exercise, so having a bit higher of BGs may help. But the point is - and what most of them are missing and what we aren't (go us!) - is that it *doesn't* make you *better*. It just keeps you from crashing with a low blood sugar.

Get it straight, Brett!

I'm pretty sure Nick Jonas said the same thing.

I have just one word that says it all for me to you -- BRAVO!!

Don't forget the Pam Anderson sex tapes...

Thanks for this post - he really bugs me. I think his statement proves he's not only lacking diabetes managment but most likely, he's lacking something else as well ;)

having high BG as a diabetic will not afford the body of extra stamina. Because insulin dependent diabetics lack insulin, the necessary hormone to allow glucose into the cells to do its action - not using insulin to attain higher BG is completely useless.

Brett Michael's logic is medically flawed, and is also putting him at risk for multiple complications of uncontrolled diabetes.

Perhaps when he suffers from lack of circulation to the extremities, leading to gangrene, leading to amputation....maybe then he will realize that his prior actions were of vast ignorance.


His reality show made me cringe. (Never seen it btw, just knowing it is out there, bleh)

Now this?

:::in the voice of Red, I do attempt once a week to perfect this:::


Atrocious! Really sad when a diabetic spreads false information, and it makes you wonder: does he really, truly believe that crap himself?

who is Brett Michaels?

I was about to come through the computer when I read that yesterday. "Put my life in danger to pleasure a woman." Puh-lease. What a dipshit.

Maybe he was low when this happened.... HAHAHA! Dumb ass.

Great comments, Kerri. I felt the same way.

Hmmm. All I can say is if he and "l'il Brett" keep it running high, at least he'll Darwin his way out of the gene pool...

I think there's a lot to be said for the irresponsibility of Elle for publishing something like that. Plenty of athletes and non-athletes have indicated that they let their blood sugar run a little higher in preparation for exercise--it's specifically noted in the chapter on exercise in Pumping Insulin, too--but those statements are presented in a very qualified way. Consult with your doctor before embarking on an exercise regimen, etc. Some dude just running his mouth about what he does in a FASHION magazine should not be taken seriously. If I just had a conversation myself with the guy and he said he lets his blood sugars run a little higher before sex, I'd be like, well yeah, sex is exercise, that makes sense. All that bullshit posturing about performance sounds like exactly what the magazine people want to hear. So don't discount the editor's role, too, especially since they are surely as ignorant about how diabetes works as your average journalist!

Obviously you haven't seen his reality show -- yeah, I sat through two episodes.

Vapid, sexist, etc. He is definately not a roll model for anyone.

I think that both Brett and Halle Berry must consult the same doctor...I mean WTF?

Excellent, very well put!

I'm guessing this guy would sell his own mother to make himself sound like a "raging bull" in bed.

I certainly hope that non one holds him up as a D-role model. PUH-LEESE ...!

When one talks from one's ass, one's words will stink.

i'm sorry, cause i could have sworn that stamina is FAR from my mind with high bloodsugars.
i feel dehydrated, drowsy and cranky.
bret michaels is a moron.

even in response to his diabetes health article... they STILL talk about him injecting :"If he's at 78 mg/dl, he'll take about four units"
REALLY? taking insulin at a bloodsugar of 78?

Nice work. What a douche. Plus, as cranky as I get when I'm high, I can't imagine anyone would find that sexy. I would like to throw a rock of love at his head.

Two letters for genius Bret...E D

Stellar letter 2 a MAJOR MORON!
From the looks of things, he loves his botox injections better than his insulin anyway, but now I'm just being catty!
Kelly k

Oh man, I wonder if he really believes this? After 40 years of being t1 diabetic it seems impossible to me that he could actually experience or believe such things. Then again, maybe it's the drugs talking?!?!

I find this very disappointing and his flippant response about endangering his life to please a woman is stupid, wrong and just plain asinine.

Maybe this is why he keeps having to have tv shows to find a woman???

Super G

With his thought process his little dude may soon always remain little.

Sotomayor a step forward? Puh-leeze. Let's not put diabetes advocacy before the future of our nation.

He actually did pass out in bed while "doing it", and the woman thought he was dead in bed with her.

Read this article!


(I can't believe he told this story.....TMI)

Awesome, awesome, AWESOME reply back to that dude. What a total douche bag he is!!!

Hopfully Brett reads this. Or at least something posted on the DOC. Maybe he will take back his statement!

Its a stupid thing to say, plain and simple being high does not make you good in bed. uhh

I am t1 diabetic...This is a great blog...will definately be following it...i don't think there is any blog like this happening in India...I am really glad to feel that I am not alone :)

What a dumb-ass! Thanks Kerri for bringing this to the attention of people who don't follow "tradtional" media.

TMI: Since I was diagnosed and stabilized, I have been feeling much stronger and more...umm.. "capable". A "slightly" higher BG may keep you from crashing, but it's not Viagra. (dumb-ass!)

The "ZONE"; the normal BG zone, I mean, is where is your body is supposed to be. Your inability to properly process sugar is not any kind of advantage!!

Did someone shake this numb-nuts when he was a baby??

Unfortunately, we can't choose the celebrities who have type 1 diabetes and speak out like Brett or claim to have had like Halle Berry. It sure can be frustrating no doubt.

P.s. (and I've actually been wanting to say this to him for a long time) If you pick one of those rock of love girls to ACTUALLY be with they are going to kill you! You think they are actually gonna be able to help u during a high or a low? Can't you try to find a nice girl somewhere? Cuz I'm sure there's one out there. I'm actually starting to sound like my mother...

uh, can someone give me the drugs he's on? because when my bg is high, i feel like i'm swimming through jello.

Ok Monica read the article...REALY? That was a real article and not a joke or April fools or something? Thank God that we do have proper diabetic role models (no pressure Kerri) who aren't celebrities!

Good God! Can we quickly find a better voice for d-boys/men before my son is old enough for this??? Excuse my harshness and the pun, but he is a DICK!

Wordemup Kerri!

thanks for bringing that mind-numbing interview to my attention, and for your awesome response. Haven't laughed that hard in a while.

i think you could have also ended this with

- Amen.

good post

You are my hero. I just recently started reading your blog-- thank you so much

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