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Diabetes Mor(r)on(e).

Is this thing on?I just felt off.  For like an hour.  My head was wrapped in cotton balls and my reaction time was just a half second slower than it should have been.

Internal Motivational Speaker whispered in:  Hey.  You've been a bit of a work nut lately.  How about taking a few minutes and maybe walking around?  

"No, no.  I'm good.  I have to finish this and I have the cruise the week of my anniversary, so I'll have a whole week to collapse and lay on the lido deck."

Hmmm.  So explain the dizzy?  Why are you feeling so dizzy right now?

"I don't know.  Maybe because I've been staring at this computer screen for like five hours straight without much of a reprieve.  Maybe my eyes are fried."

Could be.  Or you could have some kind of brain deformity.  

"What?  Why the hell would you say that?  I'm just a bit burnt out.  And I've had like a LOT of caffeine.  So I'm sure I'm just a little rattled."

Or suffering from some undiscovered, undiagnosed illness that starts with dizziness as a symptom.  Google it.

"No.  I am not consulting Google.  NO.  Back off and let me finish this."

Dr. Google calling.  Come on, Kerri.  You've been dizzy and sort of disoriented for over an hour now.  

"You ... stop it.  I'm not going to let you get me all frantic.  I'm fine.  I just want to finish editing this one article and then I'll take a break for a few minutes.  I promise."

Fine.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

"Warn me?"  I took quick stock of how I was feeling.  I was very irritable, short-tempered, and this weird feeling of swimmy dizziness was dominating my brain.  Granted, I'd been sitting at my desk for at least an hour and a half straight and focusing intently on my column, but maybe I should think for a second and address this nagging feeling of disorientation.  So, despite my better judgment, I Googled "causes of dizziness."

And five minutes later, I was convinced I was dying.

"Oh em gee, I'm dying.  Like today."

I told you.  You can't let something serious like dizziness go undiagnosed.  


And it's also important that you listen to me when I talk to you because I know what I'm talking about.  Finding out what's wrong with you, at least physically, is part of my job and ...

"Wait a second."  I took out my meter. 

Your health takes priority and you need to stay very tuned in to your body and thank goodness you have me because obviously you'd be lost with me and ... 

53 mg/dl.  I reached for some glucose tabs.

Oh.  And then there's that. 

I think it's waaaaaay past time for a vacation. 


Is it wrong that this made me smile And laugh??

That internal voice can be so nagging and So Wrong.


Great post. Thanks for sharing!

Pretty typical for me: feel "off" -- check time since last meal, check bg, check bp, calculate hydration level. Forget about eyestrain until everything else says "you're normal"... unless it's really obvious, like when I can't read a line of text without taking off my glasses...

Whoops. Now you know the dangers of hypo googling.

I have no excuse for this. I was making cheesy scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning and wondering why it was taking so long to scramble, even after 3 minutes. Then I realized I hadn't turned on the stove. Whoops.

Hmmmm...well, I can't say that I know what it feels like to have a low blood sugar like that.

But I do know that my first symptom with all 3 pregnancies was dizziness :)

lately one of my symptoms has been confusion and I have actually convinced my self to go back to sleep, keep cooking, finish the game, whatever, rather than test. and then i start crying. why do low symptoms change? they are no fun at all.

Sounds like me at work. Funny how we can convince ourselves of all the other things it "must be" when we just want to finish something....time for your cruise indeed!

The inner struggle! How many ERROR 3 or ERROR 5 (too soon with the blood or not enough blood) do you get on your meter when testing and you are low? I get them way more often when I am low and (properly!) give into the inner struggle.

CAL - Nope. It made me sigh and laugh while I wrote it. :)

Tmana - It's a "forest for the trees" thing, I think. Or at least it seems that way!

Rachel - Those delayed eggs sound delicious. ;)

Wendy - Believe me, I'm not pregnant. I'd admit it if I was.

Bethany - My low symptoms seem to change every few months, but not dramatically. Just enough to throw me off a little.

Kelly - I'm on cruise control, in more than one way.

Scott - I hate error messages!!! I get a lot of them when I'm low and fumbling.

Better a low than an "OMG I'm dying"!!! I had a low the other day that made me confused enough that although I knew I felt low, it didn't dawn on me to eat until I got down into the 40s. Darn diabetes thing just likes to mess with us!

I had a similar, yet opposite thing the other day. I had my performance exam for nursing school, and I was getting really nervous. When I get nervous, having nothing to do with blood sugars, I get REALLY thirsty, and I pee A LOT... so of course, was doing that all before the exam, then after the exam it kept on going. I was saying to myself. Wow... I'm not nervous anymore, wonder why I'm still peeing a ton. Gee... must be all the water I drank when I was so thirsty. Anywho, I'll just keep studying for my written final... maybe thinking about my written final is making me more nervous than I thought making me have to drink lots more and pee lots more. Nope... check... adrenaline / stress / nervousness / possible carb miscalculation 471!!! I hadn't been that high in AGES... should have listened to that darn brain of mine that's fried from this semester yet still seems to know what's going on even when I don't.

I totally do the same thing! Usually ith lows. I'll go along for a while thinking, "Geez, why is it so hard to think? . . . I wonder why I feel so out of it . . . Wait, why are my hands all fumbly?" Then I feel really stupid when it kicks in and I realize I'm low. Oops! :-)

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