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She Makes Packing Difficult.

Yes, Siah, we're going to be in RI this weekend.

Foolish Sausage.
No, silly cat, you cannot come with us.  Get out of the suitcase.


She looks sad, like she wants to go with you.

Wacky Siah!

This SO needs a caption and put on icanhascheezburger.com!

My cat has ALSO done that before too! I have photos of him in the suitcase!

And why the H can I not? Am I not the most important member of the family? You, human, exist to serve me -- not the other way 'round!

You will not, I repeat, NOT, leave me behind!

Siah's a sad sausage! She looks like she is about to cry!!

Oh poop, we'll be there next weekend. Darnit!

she wanted to make sure even if she did not get to go, you would remember her because no matter how hard you try to get rid of cat hair...it never goes away!

cats just love being in places they should not be, one of mine loves to get into the laundry when it is being folded.

I'll sneak into the duffel bag then !!

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