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Easter Eggin' It.

I have a lot of traveling going on this week, so Chris and I decided to stay in CT this past weekend instead of thrashing the roads.  

We spent a wild Saturday night spent coloring Easter eggs. With the little cups lined up and holding a Paas egg coloring tablet, I poured an unfortunate smelling combination of water, vinegar, and lemon juice into the cups and watched the colors fizz.

While I was sticking sheep stickers onto hard-boiled eggs and using egg real estate to sell our cats, Chris made the world.

Rows of eggy goodness.

Best I could do was make a rather bunny-looking Siah Sausage.

The egg arsenal, 2009.

She was not amused. 

Chris tolerates me.  Siah does not. 

Chris humors me.  Siah, however, doesn't.


You two are the best egg decorators I've ever seen!! I always think about coloring eggs, but never quite get around to it. Now I'm disappointed, because it looks like you had a ton of fun with them. Hmmm, I wonder if the grocery stores still have the Paas kits . . . cheap!!

How romantic, Chris gave you the world. :-)

(1) At least your sheep are doing something G-rated. (At live performances, the Tartan Terrors use their sheep puppet to elicit a lot of raucous laughter...) (2) People own dogs. Cats own people. (3) Repeat above: Chris gave you the world... sweet :)

Very cool but what is the story with the one I see that has questions marks on it? Something tells me there are some other fun ones.

Where is Madagascar?

The best egg I made this weekend was Billy Ray Cyrus from the Hannah Montana movie. Gotta love 7 yo girls! You'll have to take my word for it though, I forgot to get a picture.

I'm like Karen, I think about coloring eggs, but never get around to it. I even saw a Star Wars kit at Target on Friday that made me think I could convince Jason to decorate eggs with me, but I didn't get it. Maybe next year...

I did get him an awesome Spider-Man Easter basket though. I even found Spider-Man Easter basket grass. I had to laugh at myself picking through the Easter basket stuff with people buying stuff for their kids when I was getting it for my 36-yr old husband.

Wow, very impressive egg decorating!

You two are going to make great parents!! :)

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