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When They Match.

My coworker has a special knack for matching.  Her shoes match her shirt with precision.  Her earrings and her bracelet have the exact same color purple in them.  Her headbands even match her pants which match her socks which match her bag.  In my mind, she has a whole frigging wing of her house dedicated solely to fashionable accessories.

Total matchy-matchy.  I’m always impressed.  I do not have a talent for this, and her outfits amaze me daily.

But there are moments when I have some matchy-matchy magic.  

The Dexcom isn’t meant to replace blood sugar testing, and usually when it BEEEEEEEP!s, I confirm whatever it’s hollering about with a blood sugar test.  I watch the line and see if I’m cruising upwards, falling slowly, or holding steady in a (hopefully) relatively flat line.  BUT when the CGM and the meter are just a point or two away from one another, I can’t help but mentally high-five my technology.

I like it when this shit matches.

I like when things work.  And better, I like when I work – numbers like these make me break out my camera because I want to capture that moment of success.

Small victories:  I haz them, too.


At 4 AM this morning, I had one of those moments too-123 meter, 123 Dexcom. They're awesome.(and rare)

I LOVE when my dexcom & one touch meter match!



I do a Hurrah walz too( or is it a Tango ?) , when that happens with my MiniMed 522 /sensor .

I love matchy-matchy, too.

LOL. The other day, I told my room mate about the unreliability of the CGM technology. She couldn't believe that something so expensive wouldn't be accurate enough to trust all the time. (Disclaimer--so folks don't start thinking that I feel like the CGM is overrated... Though the lack of accuracy frustrates me, I really like the CGM. It helps me get a sense of where my BG has been and where it's going; that information is helpful and priceless!) Anyhow...I love when they match, too. It makes me smile (and so do the captions on your images, Kerri.)

Matchy matchy people make me ill . My mom was like that she was always matchy matchy and she expected me to be the same . she would consistantly criticize my wardrobe and choice of it , Oh well go figure some people just have that talent , not me . LOL !!! great blog as usual.

Oh yes, it's always a great victory when the CGM goes matchy-matchy with the finger sticks. And I always think some day, we'll all look back and say "Remember when the CGMs were new and they could be off by +/- 20%???". And we'll be amazed to remember that. :)

I am somewhat impressed by the matchy-matchy but way MORE impressed by the almost straight line on the DexCom graph!

I celebrate your victory with you! Good numbers make me very, very happy, and bad numbers....well, I'm quite the grouch ( so sez my hubby!)

Mousie, with a real purty 89 before lunch! ( read: good mood right now!)

i do the same thing...i have to match also...youll be getting something in the mail soon from me to for go your matching sense....

I take pictures every time mine match. It gives me far more pleasure and glee than it should. I recall the moments the way I imagine some people recall cute, memorable things their children say and do. That's kind of sad, isn't it?

I've got a serious case of matchy-matchy envy! My Navigator has been running consistently higher than my finger sticks all week. I'm most impressed by the flat line. Way to go! I'm flat lining myself - too bad it's 80 points higher! (Apparently I've got a case of flat line envy as well.)

I've really been interested in getting a CGMS. I know that aren't always accurate, and I definitely understand that they don't replace fingersticks..but are they THAT inaccurate? Is it worth the money and work and extra discomfort?

I like that this tech stuff works. People spend a lot of money on it, or theyre insurance companies do, and it would be awful for it to not be worth the money spent. I'm glad it works for you, Kerri!!!

kerri, you are an inspiration!

Ahh! I thought this was a post without a curse. I know better than to forget to read your captions! What was I thinking?! :)


Noticing that you were the Paradigm, why did you choose the Dexcom vs the CGMS? You wouldn't have the extra hardware...just curious. :-)

Hi Kerri,
I am soo proud of how you kept fighting for your CGM approval. I have been denied twice and I am ashamed to say that for a few months I gave up on the fight. I am willing to start another appeal but I was hoping to find an example of a CGM denial insurance appeal letter. Can I ask you a favor? Can you please e-mail me a copy of the insurance appeal letter that you and your Dexcom Rep had previously written? Thank you so much for taking the time to read my comment and your help would be greatly appreciated!

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