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The "Ellipmachine."

The Ellipmachine ... by Mennen.When I was preparing for our wedding last year, I spent a lot of time at the gym.  A.  Lot.  As in, too much.  If I wasn't at work at dLife or doing wedding-esque things like cake tastings, dress fittings, and bridal shower fun, I was working out and doing my best to keep the stress from fattening me up.

Fitness was my priority.  

But after the wedding, other stuff started to crop up.  Weekends home in RI.  Travel for work.  Writing projects that required lots of attention.  New focuses at dLife.  Every day was this whirlwind of chaos and while I've been having fun and being very productive, my days at the gym were harder to come by.  Before, I was working out faithfully Monday - Friday after work.  But "life stuff" kept cropping up, and suddenly I found myself at the gym only four days a week.

Then it all became a perfect storm of distraction.  I was working late on dLife initiatives.  I was answering emails from my Blackberry into the wee hours of the night and sleeping less.  My wrist exploded in a fit of tendinitis and low blood sugars returned to my life with a renewed sense of determination.  Piles of snow kept falling and the gym kept closing, and on other days, I worked too late to get to the gym before it closed.

My time at the gym went from frequent and intense to only four days a week and pretty remedial.

Not okay, because my body wants to be fluffy.  It may be a family gene pool thing and it might also be exacerbated by diabetes factors, but if I sit still and let nature take its course, my body wants to be a happy 15 lbs heavier.

I, however, do not agree.

But I was frustrated because between feeling stressed and having lows again, my caloric intake far exceeded my burn off.  Thus, I lost any semblance of abs.  (Shame, too, because I liked them while they were there.)  So, in effort to reclaim my abs before I get pregnant and become a happy beach ball swallower, I did my part to stimulate the economy:  I bought an elliptical machine.

Or, as I keep calling it by mistake, an "ellipmachine."

It was delivered and assembled last Monday morning, and I called Chris (who was on business in California last week) to tell him it had arrived safely.  

"It's here!  The ellipmachine!"

"The what?"  

"I mean the elliptical."

It's a nice machine - very smooth and not clunky as to annoy our downstairs neighbors (I do not want to become Shoes) - and I used it every day last week for an hour.  Now I'm able to go out with my coworkers after work for an hour or two and still manage to slide a workout in.  I am also hoping to use it in the mornings (provided I'm able to get to bed at a reasonable time and eek out a 20 minute workout in the am).  My main hope is to reclaim the level of fitness I worked so hard to achieve before the wedding but lost a bit due to that pesky "life stuff."  

Last week, while Chris was out of town, he called one night and I answered, panting.  

"Hey baby ... what are you doing?"

"Dude, I'm on the ellipmachine."

I could hear him laughing.  "The ellipmachine, eh?"

"Oh you know what I mean."

Here's hoping that the ellipmachine can help me get a workout in even when my schedule wants to thwart my good intentions.  I'm ready to battle.

(Take that, early gym closings!  En garde, late nights at work!  Pffffft, snow days!  Come back, sort-of-abs!) 


Good for you!!!! I have a treadmill, but am in the bad habit of flopping on the couch instead. I'm going to use you as inspiration and work on walking more than sitting.

And shoot - we "talked" about getting together last week when Chris was away, didn't we? Sorry, with Pete home sick two days I totally spaced it. :(

I love my elliptical, even when it kicks my ass.


I wish I had the room and moola for an elliptical of my own. I have been exercising 3 days a week (and I walk 5 days a week) at the gym since July and I have not seen anything. I'm still very fluffy. So annoying! But I'm keeping at it. Keep it up Kerri!! Maybe Larry will be off your case now. ;)

ahh...bummer, I hear ya! I lost my abs too this year, I know how you feel! Good luck....just think...swimsuit season! Gets my butt out of bed much easier to think of that!

Congrats! I'd like one, as well. So, you're happy with this model?

I have always wanted my own elliptical. Not a treadmill. Usually if I'm going to run, I feel like I should actually be GOING somewhere.

those scare me. Back in the day, I had a nordic trac. That scared me too.

perhaps I am simply scared off by exercise machines? This would account for the fact that at age 32 (post Ian) I was a lovely 130 lbs and at age 40, I am not. LOL. And yes, I could also say that diabetes has made me fat - lack of sleep, stress, all contributing factors. But really, it's my fear of gym equipment.

Jump rope anyone?

I'm really glad I bought my ellipitical exercise bike. It doesn't get used every day, but it's perfect for when the weather doesn't let me get out and walk.

Now that I'm walking more, I'm hoping to add in time on the bike on a more regular basis (like days I don't go to the pool) for a more 'over all' fitness routine.

You're doing great to already have spent an hour a day on it in the last week. You go, girl!


I've been steppin' up the workouts too, to get those stubborn 10 to go away. I know some mommybloggers have "Hot by BlogHer", maybe we should have "Fit (or Hot) by CWD" - LOL!

I love mine.
Took me a while to save up for it, but it is SO WORTH IT to have at home! Good luck :)

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