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SUM (More) Diabetes SEO.

Searching for ... Sausage?I went poking around in my Statcounter statistics for the search terms that are sending people to Six Until Me.  Most of the anticipated terms are there in full force, like "diabetes," "Kerri Sparling," and "blogs about insulin pumps," but there were some real zingers this week that I wanted to share. 

Another version of SUM SEO, right after this break tag! 

diabetes pun - I love that this term brought someone here.  I LOVE PUNS!!! 

aluminum foil in my aquarium hurt - I'm sorry, what?

i had a dream that i was diabetic - Funny.  I had a dream that I wasn't. 

why did my diabetic friend act crazy the other night - If I had a nickel for everytime my friends said this ...

making animals out of towels - This is a direct throw-back to the cruise I went on with Chris a few years ago, and I was enamored with the towel animals.  Still am - they amaze me!

can a type 1 diabetic ever drop down to just taking pills instead of insulin - Sigh.  Halle Berry, are you Googling for answers again?

xanax slogan - Makes Kerri "plane" happy!

snorkeling with an insulin pump - You may be better off using a snorkel. 

that cat Siah - Yes!  Siah is her own search term.  Now maybe she'll stop.  staring

type one diabetes weird facts
- We eat tree bark?  We can smell colors?  We can turn Jell-O into minature bicycles?  Oh, and we don't make insulin. 

frozen toast on a stick - FROAST!!!!

Even though this is a diabetes blog, the non-diabetes search terms make me laugh the hardest.  Especially this one:

Was Grimace a dinosaur? - Of course.  Of course that sent you here.    


awww...towel animals, much too cute :(

Further proof that the Internet is a scary, yet fascinating place.

"aluminum foil in my aquarium hurt." I lol'd.

I think your comments are much funnier than the actual search terms to get to SUM. Especially the Halle Berry one.

Best thing I've read all day. Great laugh ~ thanks!

The one about Halle Berry is hilarious!

Bad pun:

A mad scientist made a clone of himself, but the clone had a terrible habit of screaming obscenities out of the window of the scientist's three story building. Finally the scientist had enough and threw him out the window. The police arrived and charged the scientist with making an obscene clone fall.

I can't stop laughing. You really need to do these posts more often!!!

The non-diabetes ones can be pretty hilarious indeed. I need to find a better stat plugin because mine cuts off search engine terms after so many characters. Sometimes it amuses me because I can make up what the rest of the words are, but sometimes it drives me nuts because I can't figure it out. Also, I really need to find more constructive ways to spend my time other than completing those search engine Mad Libs.

I love these, thanks for sharing. You'll also appreciate that googling 'diabetes ostrich' took them to my blog. I posted one video of an ostrich in South Africa and now all ostrich traffic seems to be directed my way. I wonder if they're worried that their ostrich might have diabetes? Poor ostrich.

Siah and my Rikikitty must have some of the same genes! With the addition of staring and purring I also have drooling!

Does a kid have to be fat to be at risk for diabetes? my little brother has such a poor diet, and my parents are not doing anything to change it. I'm so sick of it.

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