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No Peace.

In the morning when the alarm starts blaring, I stagger off to the shower and make attempts to wake up in the hot water.  I shower, blow-dry my hair, and proceed to finding something that isn't too wrinkled to wear to work.

You would think I'd be able to do these morning rituals by myself.  But noooooo.

Siah wants to stand between the shower curtain and the liner and purr while I shower.

She wants to slalom between my legs while I move through the house.

And God forbid she leaves me alone for five minutes while I use the curling iron.  

I am certain she cannot do math.

Instead, she spies from her perch and stares at me.  Purring.  And twice now she has fallen into the toilet while attempting to saunter towards me.

Siah, you provide me with endless entertainment.  Now please, for crying out loud, leave me alone for five minutes!


My cat's favorite spot is between the shower curtain and the liner right after I take my shower and throughout the day. While I am taking my shower, she sits on the toilet bowl and stares at me. Haha! Its kind of creepy!

Rosie likes to sit inside of the curtain, right at the end of the tub on the corner - where she can stay somewhat dry but still watch my every move. If I lock her out of the shower room, she stands at the door, yowling and reaching under it with her paws...

Such weird little animals.

awww... she loves you and she'll swim through toilet water to get to you. You're a lucky gal, Kerri.

Has my cat moved into your house? He looks just like my cat, he acts just like my cat, just sayin!?

HAHAHAHA Omg, Siah is so funny. I love her.


My cat does not "join" me during shower time. But he does like to greet and shed before I fully towel off.

Otherwise if I am in the bathroom for other reasons, he is right there, usually opening the cabinet door but never shutting it.

Siah cracks me up. Creepy and all. ;-)

My cat loves to weave in front of me as I come down the stairs in the morning - she has nearly been squashed so many times but does she learn... No!

Consider it practice for when you have a toddler/pre-schooler. :) Also, wow... I think your cat thinks it's a dog. ;)

My girlfriend's cat, Marilyn, will dip her head under the water faucet while I'm brushing my teeth. I dig cats, Siah looks like a cutie.

Great blog by the way! I don't know a whole lot about Diabetes, but you look like you have done extremely well despite this challenge. I found your through your guest post on Go Healthy Go Fit.



That is a great picture - but I am a little scared of Siah's face in it. :|

Not quite sure I understand the caption though...

Our cat, Whit, waits for me to get out of the shower and then he tries to lick my legs dry!!!

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