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More Things I Found.

I found this handbag online, too, and I love it.It's become apparent that I'm more scattered these days than ever before.  I think I need a personal assistant, but one who can tolerate my mood swings, coffee addiction, and propensity for making up my own curse words.  Maybe someone from California Closets would be a good place to start, judging by the crap I found this morning:

Things I found in my workbag:
  Two iPod shuffles (both of which I thought I lost months ago),  a bottle of test strips with Code 22 (like every bottle I’ve opened in the last three months),  a TubeGuard, the cord that connects my meter to the computer for blood sugar downloads, the electric bill (whoa), a moleskin journal that I drag everywhere with me, and one lonely penny from 1994.

Things I found in my car:  Three discarded test strips, two Elbow cds, and a center console crammed with Dunkin Donuts napkins.  (Does that sound like the 12 Days of Christmas to anyone but me?  No?  Bueller?)

Things I found in the grocery bag: 

Things I found in my email inbox that I forgot about:
  An email from my mom asking me to confirm that I’m alive.  (Whoops – sorry, Mom.  I’m alive!)

Things I found hiding between the shower curtain and the liner when I climbed into the shower this morning: 
Siah.  I yelled.  She purred.  It was an odd scene.

Things I found in the work parking lot:  One small bird who was trying desperately to get inside of a discarded coffee cup.  I watched for a minute to make sure it wasn’t stuck, and laughed when I realized it was trying to snuggle up to it.  Apparently this bird didn't dig yesterday's snow extravaganza!

Things I found in my coffee cup:
  A tea bag.  That was unexpected, and proved how tired I was when I was trying to get my caffeine fix this morning.

Things I found in my bed this morning:  One fat Abby cat hiding under a pile of blankets and a rogue Dexcom receiver floating around.

Things I found funny:  This link from SomethingAwful - Real Books That Look Like Photoshops.  The "Barkley vs. Godzilla" made me laugh so hard my nose threatened to fly off my face. If you can look at these books without laughing, you are way more mature than I am.

Things I found out:  That I am in dire need of a vacation! 


Thanks Kerri, that put a smile on my face. Loved the Siah in the shower one. So your Mom doesn't read your blog?!

That put a smile on my face on an otherwise crappy morning. :)

I honestly can't stop laughing at "What's wrong with my snake?" The picture is just too funny.

OMG!!!! This weekend at the retreat I was at, I saw the "How to S**t in the woods" book on a shelf! I LOL then and now I am dying!!! LOL

When working in a polyglot environment, making up one's own swear words is the only way to swear without people knowing what you are saying or telling you you're mispronouncing the cussword or using it in the incorrect context. (OTOH, it's also a good environment in which to learn how to correctly pronounce other languages' expletives and what they really do mean...)

Coffee w/a teabag,Interesting!
I'm going to have to try that combo for that extra ZING of caffeine that I so need in the morning!
kelly k

Only three discarded test strips???? Are you absolutely sure you have diabetes ; )

22, huh? I've been stuck on code 17 for several months. I'd like to know how that distribution system works. Wait, that sounds really boring. I don't really care that much.

Oh , my ...Mom wondering ... one day you really understand how Mommies work ...with love to your MOM from me .

Thanks Kerri for a great laugh. I'm a book lover, but now I'm no longer sure I want to admit that. I'm just glad I wasn't drinking tea when I saw the cover to Knitting with Dog Hair!

A Hand In The Bush: The Fine Art Of Vaginal Fisting. WOW.

So YOU'RE the one that keeps stealing my wife's iPods at the gym!

"Batman and Superman vs. Aliens and Predator"?

Ugh, I am all for crossovers, but no thank you.

I will, however, totally be reading "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies". Awesomeness.

i want to know where you got that fab handbag i am always looking for fab handbags !!! It is to die for . I love it . do tell !!!

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