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When I'm getting ready to go to the gym at night, I change up into my workout clothes and then test my blood sugar.  For a cardio workout, I like to at least start in the 160 - 180  mg/dl range,  but sometimes my numbers are lower than that at 6 pm.

Chris makes his protein shake and we talk about stuff that happened that day.

"So I was talking with [CoWorker] about this thing at work and ..." I lick the blood off my finger and see a result of 98 mg/dl.  I walk over to the freezer and open up the bag of whole wheat bread, grabbing a slice.  Still talking, though. 

"... it could really help bolster community so we were thinking about making that our next project.  What do you think?"  I bite into cold, almost completely frozen slice of bread, the chill making it easy to swallow.  Chew, chew, chew - all set.

"Good idea.  Also, you'll be good to go in a few minutes?"

"Yeah.  Having some froast and I'm good to go."

Froast.  Frozen toast.  I eat this all the time and only now am I realizing how (perhaps) slightly unusual it is.  Doesn't everyone get their carbohydrate fix by chomping into a frozen slice of whole wheat bread, sans butter or jam or any kind of condiment?

Chris thinks this is the oddest thing, but I do it all the time and barely think anything of it anymore. 

"Wouldn't it be fread?  Like frozen bread?"

We have this discussion more often than two creative people with social skills should.

"No, because it's frozen.  That's what makes it firm.  So it's like toast, only not cripsy from heat.  More solid from cold."

"Oh.  Okay.  That makes sense."

Not "fread."  Not "broast."  Not "brozen."  FROAST.  It's a frigging weirdo staple in my diet. Froast is a way for me to grab some carbs and keep my blood sugar holding a bit steadier instead of downing fast-acting slugs of juice and empty calories.  I hate the idea of drinking my calories and would much rather have a good old fashioned slice of froast.  At least it's something of substance.  Froasty goodness!

Weird food habits:  I haz them.

(Note to readers:  I never claimed to make any sense.  It's a tangled diabetes web I weave, and it includes the consumption of frozen bread.)


Ha! That's funny!

I've not tried that before, but will smirk every time I take bread out to thaw...

OMG! I thought I was the only weirdo like that! Hahaha! When I was pregnant with Kacey, I used to eat frozen garlic bread. To this day, when I make the Texas Toast garlic bread, I eat a slice of it before the other 7 slices go in the oven. LOL!

You, my friend, are weird. Nice, but weird.

Froast? Neva even heard of it :p

Does it matter what type of bread you use?

I cannot even contemplate a time in which I would desire to eat froast - sorry Kerri! :)

Dear Kerri, FROAST does NOT do it for me :-)toooooo boring ...yes to licking blood of finger ...almost 100 percent of the time , ha, ha

Froast...never tried it. Freas...eat 'em all the time. Frozen peas. Green sweet peas. They are delicious pods of frozen goodness (and a good source of fiber to boot)!

OMG Tesney - "Freas" is making me laugh out loud for real. Nice one!

Sara - It's completely boring. I know. But I had to share. Otherwise, I'd be hiding here with that secret. ;)

Nel - Boooooring! I know!

DJPaul - I prefer wheat bread. The more boring, the better! ;)

Julia - Quack, quack.

Jill - YAY! Another froast'er!

Scott - I do what I can to invade your brain. :D

Boring is not the problem. Disgusting is the issue at hand!

Whilst I love bread/toast, the idea of FROAST is entirely unappealing to me. Do you keep your bread in the freezer because you like FROAST or because you buy more than you need and freeze it until you need to dethaw it to consume? I gotta say, I love me some toast/bread, but FROAST? Well, don't know it til you try it, I s'pose! At least you're proactive, and I'm totally with you on drinking calories (unless it's a tasty cosmo or other alcoholic beverage, then it is worth it from time to time!)

I think the idea is very appealing, but i like frozen fries, go out for ice cream in snow storms and can -only- drink ice cold drinks. -do not assume i am in the right mind-

i want to try this.

We do freeze bread until it's ready to be eaten, but I've never tried FROAST.

Your term for frozen bread reminded me of weird words that families have, the ones that seem normal to us, but totally foreign to anyone else. Our daughter Sienna has a rubber ducky which is a duck dressed up as a cow. We call it "Cow-duck." Just tonight I realized how odd that phrase is, yet how normal it sound to Dennis and me.

Words are funny...

And once, when having low blood sugar, one of my friends called me a diabolic having an insolent reaction! Makes perfect sense to me.

Ha! I remembered this new term today and used it at work when we went to defrost some bread for some students. I prefer froast over any other option. It has a nice ring to it.

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