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What Begins With F ... ?

What the F?Karen has graced me with a letter with which to meme ... and it's the almighty F.

I have a good relationship with F.  F and I go waaaaay back.  And Karen made me promise to keep this clean, so I will just say now that there will be no mentions of "f-bombs" or my inability to watch my mouth.  I promise.

According to the meme rules, I'm supposed to list ten things, in no particular order, that begin with F and pertain to my existence.  Here's the F-ing List: 

  1. Farts.  Classy or not, I cannot pretend to not be entertained by a good fart joke.  Even though it's crass and juvenile, I'm still giggling when someone quips a clever one about gaseous emisions.
  2. Fancy Feast.  The Fancy Feast commercials are entertaining, and I once had the desire to force Abby to eat daintily from a crystal bowl, her whiskers barely skimming the edge of the tasty morsels and a napkin raised to her lips every few moments.  Instead, that image was shattered by Abby's tendency to place her whole face into a bowl of food and inhale until every bit is devoured.   
  3. Flying.  Am not a fan.  Though I am already scheduled to take several trips this year, I'm already looking forward to refilling my xanax prescription and achieving my own, personal cruising altitude before taking off. 
  4. Friends.  I love my friends.  From my college roommates (all six of them) to my childhood buddies to newly-minted friendships to my dear NBF and Batman, I cherish every friendship I have.
  5. Frickafrackin'.  Yosemite Sam had a temper problem, and he was notorious for spewing off a creative and borderline indescribable string of curse words when he was angry.  I indentify with Yosemite Sam, and have often substituted "frickafrackin'" for the other words I'm thinking of. 
  6. Fired up.  In keeping with the aforementioned "frickafrackin'," I tend to get fired up pretty quickly.  Italian temper?  Just plain short-fused?  Either way, I'm quick to get loud and I don't shy away from confrontation. 
  7. Flippant.  This is a word that my father throws at me all the time.  "Don't be flippant, Kerri."  I remember him saying this to me when I was seven years old.  I also remember him saying this last week.  Whoops.
  8. Fandango.  This word has been stuck in my head since those paper bag puppets started singing about it.  I would use this service to order movie tickets but I'm terrified that the paper bag puppet people will show up somehow.
  9. Film. Even before Chris, I was a movie buff.  And now that I'm married to a filmmaker, I'm just about up to my eyeballs in films.  We see a lot of movies, and there's nothing quite like the experience of a movie in the movie surround sound, with the red seats and a bucket of buttery popcorn.
  10. Funny.  Back in middle school, I wasn't voted Most Likely to Anything or Best Something Else - I was Class Clown.  It happened again in college.  I cannot figure this out - I do my best to be serious, but I am not often successful and usually I end up ferreting out the funny in most situations.


If you want to take a stab at this meme, leave a comment and I'll toss a letter your way. 


It's no fun if it's kept clean!

Anyways, as funny as it always is.

I never would've pegged you for being voted the class clown.


That was a fun meme.

You are Fantastic!

I think I shall take a stab at this meme if you want to throw a letter my way ;)

You were very fastitious in your forumlation of your list.

Flamingo! there AWESOME! lol. I mean come on its a pink bird. when's the last time you saw a pink animal. Huh Huh?

Anyone who can't enjoy good fart jokes shouldn't get married. In retrospect, Jason and I really should have put something in our vows about that. Who cares if it's crass or juvenile because it's so stinking funny!! :D

Awesome meme!

i'm so proud of you for not using the eff word. it must have been torture trying so hard to avoid it.

Letter please! I guess I will continue to fill the internet with memes. Naysayers be damned! :)

I love your blog, although I have never left a comment. My son has Type 1 Diabetes and I enjoy reading about your experiences.

Please toss a letter my way :)

I'll take a letter, please. I've been neglecting my blog lately; perhaps this will help me get back to it. Thanks!

I was really looking for the f-bombs.

Hey Kerri, can you toss me a letter? Thanks!

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