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We Didn't Buy These.

A trip to the grocery store brought home some very tasty items, like brie cheese and fresh avocados and a bag of salty-sweet kettle corn.  We love grocery shopping, grabbing cups of Greek yogurt, blueberry tea, and organic meats.  Everything we needed for healthy meals.

Oh, and there was a sale on blank-faced cats.  Two-fer-one. 

We did not buy these.

 A special on Sausage.

Send it back.

 She sat in the bag for hours.  Stupid cat.


My daughters love your cats and today was "crazy hat" day at school so one of them wore a kitty headband complete with ears and fuzzy stuff. I can hear them squeal when they see these pics later. TGIF

I used to love grocery shopping. Then I had kids and the price of food when through the roof. Now I loath to grocery shop.

What is it with cats and paper bags? Very cute!

Awwww. K.C. is still afraid of the grocery bags. I'm sure that will end soon.

at least your cats face out - mine sit in the bags face in.

Hee hee. Our cat somehow ends up on top of our fridge whenever we have friends over. She was up there last night, until she knocked a vase over, smashing it into a million pieces. Such odd creatures.

That is so funny Kerri ... not to mention cute too :) We have 2 ferrets and they just LOVE bags too! lol

Cats, you got to love them one of our cats does the exact same thing when there is a paper bag on the floor!!

My cat used to get into the paper grocery bags ALL the time when he was young. Front and center.
Back-end and center too.
It did not matter to him.

Cats are funny.
Thanks for sharing the photos! Too cute.

Oh man, those pics bring back childhood memories. We had this monster Siamese (24 pounds, and, no, he was not big-boned). He loved claiming turf inside a grocery bag. When we'd try to get him out, he'd snarl and spirt and wouldn't budge. Yes, he also sat in it for hours........

I was in sort of a foul mood until I saw this. Thanks for sharing your kitties. I guess cats love Trader Joe's?

I think it should read... "two fur one" as a play on words for your furballs!

Dumb, we paying total attention to them in the bags, that is bright, not dumb!


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