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SUM Reader Needs a Hand!

You guys are total super heroes!Hey again.  I received a question from a reader I'll call "NC Mom" and "NC Daughter," but it's out of my geographic grasp.  Maybe one of you can help?  Here's her question: 
"Kerri, my 28 year old daughter (who has diabetes) and I love your blog.  I have a question I am not sure you can help with, but it's worth asking ...
Do you know of any resources to help preggo diabetics in North Carolina? We are so excited that she is pregnant, but also are concerned about the costs. She has to see her Dr. every week with a $50 co-pay, since he is a specialist.
I know the costs are going to continue to sky rocket, with pump supplies, test strips, etc.  I am just reaching to everyone I know (and don't know) and asking about resources.  Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated!"
I edited out some things from the email, but one point to make is that our pregnant North Carolina reader is employed, but her insurance has a wicked high deductible and her income is above the poverty level, so she doesn't qualify for Medicaid.  Do you guys know of any North Carolina resources - or ones she can tap from the Internet or phone - that can help NC Daughter maintain a healthy pregnancy with diabetes?  Leave it in the comments section.
Thanks in advance!  I appreciate all of your help. 


I don't know what insulin she is using, but sanofi-aventis has a discount for co-payment on Apidra ($20 discount per prescription). I know it's not a whole lot, but at least something.

Rather than directing this young lady to any NC resources, in the spirit of camaraderie I think WE should be the resource.

I'll pony up the first $50 for an office visit co-pay. Just tell me where to send it.

Well, I'm not in NC, but I can offer a couple of tips...

While I was pregnant with my son {and now with #2!}, so that I wouldn't have to drive to my Dr. office every week {and do that in Los Angeles traffic, mind you!}, I emailed her food logs and sensor reports every "off" week. I also alternated between seeing her and the PA and dietian {who was a DE also}. Luckily, because my hubby is an active duty AF officer, we don't have co-pays through our insurance, but I imagine if she talked to her doctor, he/she might be willing to work with her. Also, you might send her to diabeticmommy.com - I'm sure someone there would be able to help her too.

Best of luck to her - I think diabetic mommies and mommies-to-be are some of the most amazing people! Of course, I'm a little biased.

When I was pregnant with gestational diabetes, I went to the major hospital in St. Louis, and they had a clinic for gestationally diabetic or T1 or 2 women who were pregnant. Their mission was funded through a grant that was designed to give all diabetic women who were pregnant the prenatal care their babies needed.

Maybe she could consult one of the larger major medical centers (the teaching hospitals).

The lady in question needs to talk openly with her doctor about her economic situation. Her doctor may be able to reduce the number of in-office visits and may have other resources in the community to direct the expectant mommy to. My doctor was willing to do much of my prenatal care over the phone as far as faxing blood sugar logs and making dosage changes over the phone. I sailed through two pregnancies and delivered two healthy babies. The lady should also contact her local pharmacy and see if there is any way to recieve a reduced rate on supplies that she will use like crazy such as test strips. I know it is a scary time but keep in mind that a healthy mom and baby are worth any price. I personally found that being open about my situation opened a lot of doors and presented options that I would not have had otherwise.

I had actually just been talking about this yesterday! I have Type 1 and sympathize with the high cost (I'm a grad student = broke). In my management, though, I changed my sets- I have a minimed pump and switched from the quick sets to paradigms. I get my supplies by mail (and in bulk) so I have boxes and boxes of quick-sets (like five or six boxes' worth). I also switched meters and have boxes and boxes of Nova Max test strips and BD strips (like twenty boxes). If any/all would be of assistance, please just post and let me know and I will ship them over!

Have her talk to the doctor's office about working with her on her $50 copay. See if by chance they can contact any drug reps to see if they can help her with sample supplies she may need. I know I am pregnant as well right now and seeing my OB weekly as well, but they are willing to work with me on everything I need. There have been some weeks they have seen me twice due to issues that have came up and are willing to work with me on payments.

Hi there. I really like all the suggestions above, but I would also suggest seeing if there was a social worker you could talk to. As one of those this kind of thing is something we help people with a lot. Another thing is I know from having medical costs while I had crappy insurence, was that I was able to work out a payment plan for a bunch of doctor's offices. Almost all of them were willing to let me do this, and I paid all of them off in 6 months.

Depending on what type of pump it is, I have a box or 2 extra of reservoirs and infusion sets.
Other than that, I say go with the talking to the doc and seeing what can be worked out about a payment plan. Oh, and also asking the doc about other things like samples, community help, etc.
Sorry I couldn't answer anymore questions. :(

The Freestyle Promise Program might be good for her, even if it means switching meters. You can enroll for free by calling 1-866-246-2683. Basically, it helps with co-pays - I believe if you order 50 test strips you save up to $25, and if you order 100 or more strips, you save up to $50.

Hi! I live in Winston Salem, NC and am a type 1 diabetic who is 29 years old. I have been very pleased with the care at the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center's Section of Endocrinology. My doctor is Dr. Larry Cantley. They have a department called the Diabetes Care Center and I would recommend you call Kathie Cooper, who is a diabetes educator and explain your situation. She may be able to connect you to some helpful resources in NC. Also, I don't know if this person lives near Winston Salem, but I moved here from another state in the middle of my pregnancy, but received excellent pre- and post-natal care through Lyndhurst OBGYN (many good doctors there, but I love Dr. Mims and Dr. Pollard). I hope helps! Kerri--feel free to pass on my e-mail. Blessings!

NC daughter here ... thanks SUM "family" for all the info!! I'm working out a payment plan w/ the OB's office but of course they want all the deductible paid in full by the 7th month (equates to $417/mo!!!) and I'm seeing a perinatologist who is AWESOME - if he could deliver my baby none of this would be an issue cause i love him!! But, in the real world of deductible, copays, sucky insurance - that is, of course, not an option. Not sure how to get you guys my info for further conversation, but here's my email addy mdvfromla@yahoo.com

again, thanks for all the offers of help!!! Much appreciated.

NC Mom here, I don't know how this works for direct contact, but Cara, Midge and Nick, would you contact my daughter?? She posted her email above. Also, she is using QUICKSET INFUSIONS AND THE 3.0ML RESEVOIRS FOR THE MINIMED 522/722.

She has talked to her perinatologist about spacing out her visits, and saw the OB yesterday for the first time. Like she said her insurance is crappy, but what can you do?? We are prayerful that all will be well. Thank you all for the outpouring of concern. I can be reached at moni_smom@hotmail.com. God Bless you all!!

CONGRATS NC DAUGHTER!!! it's so exciting that u r expecting!! I just wanted 2 recommend that u check out www.diabeticmommy.com. there r so many great ladies on there-- i am sure there r a few moms on there in your area who could help u out. p.s. sorry 4 the weird script here-- tryin 2 type w/1 hand while holding my own little 1! lol

There are some useful tips in this conversation in TuDiabetes:


Hope that you will all join the community too (if you are not already a member)!

I'm not sure if it is any help, but I frequent the Diabeic Mommy chat room. I came across is by just googling the name when I heard it from somewhere else. Maybe she can get some advice there. It just reminds me how lucky I am to have insurance that covers these sorts of things.

Hope she finds some help!

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