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Stealing Stars.

Abby doesn't get much visibility on this blog because Siah is a scene stealer.  So when there was a chance to be a star (a stah!!), Abby got first dibs.

Abby the cat - FINALLY in the spotlight
She looks so happy.  And serene.  Yet in the background lurks a Sausage.  Abby wore her little makeshift crown just long enough, then she abandoned it for a visit to the food dish.  (Surprise, surprise.)

This cat is a menace.
Siah decided that she wanted a little attention.

Frigging theif!

But instead of wearing her crown, she ate it.

I hate this cat.



Siah is so funny.

If you ever want to get rid of Siah, box her up and mail her to Florida. I'll be glad to take her.

Awww gotta love Siah. I don't even like cats at all, yet I love Siah.

Too funny. Great pics Kerri, thanks for sharing.

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