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Wax On, Wax People.

After we first moved out here, Chris and I visited Madame Toussuad's wax museum in NYC and hung out with some of our fake plastic favorites.  It was a bizarre experience, and one we had to repeat with NBF and her husband when they came to visit last weekend.

So I present:  Waxing Poetic, Part II.  (There were also plenty of photos of the guys, but those fellas are shy!)

Kerri and Bono ... reunited and it ... something, something.

I had a chance to check in with Bono again.  He's cleaned up his hair a bit, which I prefer.  And I told him so.

Kerri and Jess and Jerry!  Jerry!  Bitches battle.

NBF and I also found ourselves in a tussle on the Jerry Springer Show - I was like, "No, you didn't," and she was all "Bitch, I so did."

I liked it.  So ... you know the rest.

Also caught up with my girl Beyonce and we talked about waxing our armpits.  (HA HA HA!!)

We don't look cool, but I don't care.

And for some reason, there was a 4-D movie in the wax museum - something about the environment and whales and what have you.  (4-D appears to mean that when there are whales spouting up water from their blowholes, water comes out of the seat and splashes you in the ear.  It was startling, and I kept yelling "Oooh!" when it happened.) 

A dinner at Carmine's - awesome food, in my opinion - rounded out the night.  And Chris and I were excited to share some fun with our friends who braved the highway.  Note:  Hey RHODE ISLAND, it's not that far!!! Come see us!!

This weekend I'm heading home to RI to see my college roommates and have a night out in Providence.  Hopefully the freaking snow holds off until I get home safely.  See you Monday (and Fairfield County Dinner ladies, I'll see you Monday night!)! 


Oh how fun!!! I've been to Carmine's - it's fabulous. But I've never been to the wax museum.

Hope you are feeling better. Looking forward to Monday!

Wow Beyonce's pits look so smooth.

Does she wax?


Holy freakin' Real. Well, Bono freaked me out. He looks, so, Real!

You are too funny Kerri.
Thanks for sharing your wax!
ha ha ha ha

I know you're a fan, but was that a Radiohead reference...fake plastic people?

Harry - YES!!! That absolutely is in homage to Radiohead. Nice catch!

Looks like fun. I wanted to visit Madame Tussaud's when I was in London, but we never made it there.

Have a good weekend, Kerri.

I've been to the Tussaud's in Vegas and NYC. I love wax people!

Until I read your caption I thought you and Beyonce were doing the "Single Ladies" dance.

Jeez, Beyonce looks like they slapped a Tyra Banks wig on Scary Spice and called it a day!

Bono, however, looks goooood ;)

Wax models are a little scray sometimes. The Jerry Springer one looks kinda like in Total Recall, when they fly outside and start choking out for some oxygen, or maybe I'm just going crazy ?! I hope someone knows what I'm on about, haha.

Anyway, loving the 4D glasses :]

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