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Dexcom Disclosure.

Dexcom is now a sponsor of SUM.I use a Dexcom CGM.  (This isn't new news, but bear with me.)  During the course of the last year, the folks at Dexcom took notice of my bloggish ramblings.  And thanks to my honest feedback (yes, I told them that their device is the most comfortable for me, but the adhesive still needs work) and their support of the diabetes community, they've decided to sponsor me here at Six Until Me and provide my Dexcom products gratis.

I am very, very proud to be part of this agreement, and I'm also very grateful.  Even though my sensors are now covered by insurance, copays and deductibles are still what they are, and I'm thankful for any financial assistance that can come my way during these tough economic times.

However, I wanted to let you guys know what the deal is because I don't want there to be any questions about my relationship with different companies.  Disclosure is the responsibility of the blogger, and I wanted you guys to know about this agreement as soon as the proverbial ink was dry on the contract.  To be clear, yes, Dexcom is giving me my sensors for free.  They are now a sponsor of this blog.  They are going to be placing an ad here in the coming weeks, and you also may see me in their ad campaigns.  And I am using their product.

But it's important to note that my decision to use their product did not stem from a sponsorship agreement.  As I've written before, I tested the CGM models that were made available to me and made my decision to move forward with Dexcom based on my actual user experience, and prior to any agreements between myself and the company.  During the course of drafting this sponsorship agreement, I spoke at length with many of the folks at Dexcom and they're well aware that everything I write about Dexcom won't always be favorable (nothing is completely awesome - these technologies are still in development across the board), but what I say about their product will always be honest.  And unedited.  (And hopefully spelled correctly.) This is the disclaimer that has been provided by the Dexcom legal team and is now living in the disclosure section of my site:

"DexCom is a sponsor of www.sixuntilme.com and provides DexCom products to Kerri.  All content is that of the author and not reviewed or approved by DexCom."

So I'll continue to discuss the pros and cons of Dexcom'ing, with honest feedback about its accuracy, the BEEEEEEP!s, how it makes me feel emotionally, the flipping adhesive problems, and the moments when it bails me out of a potentially difficult diabetes situation.  The one things I'm now biased on are the financial implications of using a CGM.  I will not be paying for my sensors during the course of this sponsorship, so when a sensor comes loose after just a day or when the accuracy is spazzing out, I can't properly convey that feeling of "Arghhhh, frigging expensive sensor waste!"  But I do know what it's like to use this device and to fight for its coverage.  And I also know what managing diabetes has been like for the past 22 years, so I'm no stranger to the expense of this disease.

There's my moment of disclosure.  If you have any questions about this, or concerns about anything, please let me know.  I'm doing my best to give a true and honest perspective to you guys, and I want to make sure everyone knows where I stand here at SUM.  I work for dLife.  I'm sponsored by Dexcom.  And, if given the option, I would sell my soul to Nikon for making such a stellar camera.  But I want to be honest with you guys and I also wanted to share this exciting (at least to me) news, so now you know.  :)


Once again, congratulations.

Congrats, Kerri! And who wouldn't love some free CGMS supplies? I'm really excited for you. This means you'll be in print ads or commercials? If so, that will be super cool :)

Nice way to start the new year too!

Sell Out.

Just kidding, that is AMAZINGLY awesome news!! Congrats!

SO - Thanks! :D

Lee Ann - I'm excited for sure. And free is always good when nothing else seems to be. ;)

Windy - I spit out my coffee laughing. I am such a sell out! ;) Nah, I'm just lucky to have been picked up by a company whose product I actually use and like, instead of pimping out stuff I have no clue about. I'm stoked!! And thanks!

That's awesome, Kerri. Congratulations!

I am so glad that dexcom is doing this for you. My 7 yr old uses a dexcom and we love it. Sounds like your year is starting off with a blessed start!

That's awesome, Kerri. Congrats.

I was considering posting this anonymously, but decided against it. Hope this gets past the moderation.

I always try to be honest, and so looking at some of the other comments on this post, I've bought my asbestos gear with me. ;)

It is one thing getting adverts on your blog, but it is another thing getting an ongoing supply of "free" products.

I started reading your blog a number of years ago. I've been on a pump for about four months now and, yes, a lot of your posts have really struck home and have helped educate and encourage me about all aspects of having a pump - and diabetes in general (type 1 since '97).

I am thinking about CGMs to see if it's something I want to push for. But I don't feel that I can trust sixuntilme for impartial advice about CGMs anymore.

Kind regards,


I also like how you "disclose" that big rock on your finger in the photo... hehehe.

DJPaul - I really appreciate you giving me your honest perspective. The thing is, I can understand where you're coming from. I wouldn't want to read a blog and then come to find out that they have all these relationships with companies that were previously undisclosed. That's exactly why I wanted to be completely honest and forthright with this sponsorship with Dexcom.

But I'm not a diabetes company or a money-making website. I'm just a blogger, and I don't make any money on this site. When it comes right down to it, I'm just another diabetic who is trying to live a healthy life. Diabetes, whether I'm blogging about it or not, is an expensive disease to manage and having access to free or discounted medical supplies is in my best interest as a patient. But I feel that I have a responsibility to my readers to let them know if I'm receiving things for free.

So again, thanks for your honest feedback. I really appreciate it. And I hope that while you may not take my CGM feedback as unbiased, you'll at least view me as a blogger who discloses respectfully.

That is great news Kerri! So cool :) Congrats...

That is great news Kerri! So cool :) Congrats...

Awesome. Congrats

Congrats. I think you deserve to be sponsored by them because I never even thought seriously about CGM until I started reading your site and I didn't know about any other system besides Minimed.

That's awesome news Kerri!! Congrats!!

Congrats Kerri.
Quick question about DexCom: my CDE said that one issue some of her patients have had with DexCom is that their software for downloading data can be frustrating. What has been your own experience on that front with DexCom?

Woo hoo! Go Kerri! :D I'm glad you are getting those sensors for free. I thought you should have been sponsored by someone years ago! You are way too much fun to read. And you should really be getting something (tangible) out of all the work you put in and time you spend with us diabetes oc people. :)

While I agree with DJPaul's opinion that the CGM advice here won't be as impartial, I've come to accept that - for various reasons - there isn't much impartiality to be found by ANY diabetic bloggers, including me. Despite the fact that I really wanted an Animas pump, my insurance (which, for the record, is way better than most) would only approve a Medtronic pump. Thus, that's what I wear and on my blog you won't find any chatter about Animas. In my opinion, ALL diabetic product reviews are subject to the lens through which the reviewer is looking, and that lens could just as easily be skewed by sponsorships as it could be by insurance or employment realities.

My only complaint - and I realize I'm talking apples and oranges here - is that I hope Dex (and all mfrs. for that matter) spend as much energy working w/ insurance companies as they do canoodling with bloggers, since THAT's where the greatest impact could be made, imo. Reviews of products my insurance won't approve aren't important to me.


We are entitled to our opinion.

Following Kerri for over a year, one thing she is for sure: ALWAYS HONEST.

And just for my personal sanity after being DENIED insulin (PWDs don't NEED, NEED, NEED CGMs - we NEED NEED NEED NEED insulin, NO Matter What) from a program, the ONLY program out there that I have found, that states I make too much money -- read Kerri's post again:

"So I'll continue to discuss the pros and cons of Dexcom'ing, with honest feedback about its accuracy, the BEEEEEEP!s, how it makes me feel emotionally, the flipping adhesive problems, and the moments when it bails me out of a potentially difficult diabetes situation."

She is Always Honest.

And kudos that Dexcom sees her as someone who can honestly endorse a product she has used.

Think Lilly will endorse me?
But one desperate PWD can hope, can't she....

Hooray! I was hoping they would hit you up for Sponsorship! I wonder why they waited so darn long!? My dream came true for you!Yeah Kerri!

Congrats Kerri! I am really excited for you. I know how much a device like that means to you in your life right now.

If I know you as well as I think I do, I am fairly certain you will still be impartial with your reviews and frustrations with Dexcom.

I might feel differently if I didn't know that you also tried the MiniMed device before you made your decision.

I think that is terrific!! And I do believe that you will still tell us when things about the Dex tick you off, just as you will tell us about the things that are great. As for me, I've been hooked up to a CGMS for 5 1/2 hours, and have been getting readings from it for 3 1/2 hours. And compulsively checking the monitor to see where I'm at about a million times!!!! I have to say, I'm pretty excited!

Congrats! I'm sure you wish that they could have sponsored you before the whole insurance war - but the fact that you had to fight so hard for this technology (which seems the trend) only strengthens the trust for me that you will write honest reviews of the product. After all that hard work, you are truly entitled to these "free" sensors. Congrats again!

Good for you.
I have to say though, even though my CGM (medtronic) sensors are covered by insurance, i still feel like its waste if i lose one before 3 days are up. Probably something to do with just knowing how expensive they are -- and a pain to insert!
Happy CGM'ing!

I have mixed feelings about this as well. But the main emotion I am feeling is happiness for you. This is an incredibly expensive disorder and for you to be given this break is very wonderful. You do seem to be an honest person and I do trust that you will continue to give us the straight up goods on things. You deserve this break, Kerri. Good for you!
Now... how can I get some free stuff for my daughter's diabetes management?? LOL!! ...seriously though...

Delurking here, but I'm glad that you're sponsored by DexCom. Plenty of other diabetes celebrities are spokespeople for different products (Phil Southerland, Scott Dunton, for example) and no one bats an eye. You may be "just a blogger", but you are really stepping in now as a true leader in this community. I've been reading you since your Blogspot blog, and I have complete faith that you will be honest, just as you have been honest with us today. Other writers wouldn't have even disclosed that. Your writing a whole post to keep us informed speaks VOLUMES.

Don't let anyone's skepticism affect you. This is something to be very proud of and something you've earned as a top diabetes blogger. So congrats from me and my support team (mom reads you too!)and thanks for everything you do. DexCom is lucky to have you.

Congratulations, Kerri! I'm glad they chose to sponsor you.

Hi Kerri - very cool about your sponsorship!

I keep thinking of a trick we use for my son's pump sites when you talk about the adhesive problems. (you might have already tried this, so stop reading now if you wish...)

Take a piece of IV3000 and fold it in half. Cut a half circle (which will be a full circle when you unfold) out of the folded edge (like you are making a snowflake). Make the circle big enough to fit over the sensor, but small enough to cover the white adhesive part. Stick over the sensor patch.

this keeps our son's sites sticking much longer, and allow for little-boy roughhousing and also lots of ocean swimming in the summer. Plus the IV3000 comes off really pain free and leaves no marks.

congrats Kerri!! That's awesome, awesome for anyone!!


How does it work to mix "brands"? I have a medtronic and a medtronic crg-- how does the paradigm work with the dex cgm?

oh, and can I add how AWESOME your ring looks in that picture?!

Kerri, that is SO great. what i am so psyched about is that many others who don't know about CGM yet will learn about it from YOU - just think about what this is enabling!! it is my true wish that everyone in diabetes knew about sixuntilme. AND about cgm. thank you as always for filling us in so beautifully. just, thank you.

This is a good thing! I sent them links to your site many times with the suggestion they sponsor it, I'm gld they are. It is a good device that I wear 24/7, 365. Can it be improved? Yes. Do I feel that they will get better feedback about user experience through you? Absolutely. Don't let the negatives distract you, OF COURSE you'll keep your integrity!

Congrats Kerri!! And even more kudos for showing exceptional ethical standards by being an example of transparency. If people doubt your motives, objectivity or honesty after all you've given to the diabetes community just because a company tried to make good with one of their products (and let's not forget how you will probably help make that product better for others) than that's their issue. Your history and examples speak for themselves. Best of luck.

Congratulations Kerri,

This is my first blog post ever, prompted by my happiness for you after reading your posts for the last few months. My 5 yr old son has diabetes, no cgm yet, animas pump. Just wanted to add to Christine post that for us using the smith nephew iv3000 peripheral frame delivery with infusion set has worked wonders with very little skin irritation. Hope this is applicable and may work for others in cgm until dexcom comes up with solution.

Good for you Kerri!!!
I was just telling my husband the other day that I wish, since I work so hard on this diabetes, that I could get paid for it. It would really help with all the costs involved. It's nice to know these companies are paying close attention to their customers.

And I appreciate all your blogs showing that life goes on beyond diabetes. We can have joy mixed in.


Hi Kerri,

Recently discovered your site - love it! I think you do a wonderful job and are an inspiration to all diabetics.

I myself have had diabetes for seventeen years - since I was two years old.

Just a quick reply to Christine's comment on using IV3000 over your sensor site. As Christine said, if you have already tried it, then no need to keep reading! I used to use IV3000 over my pump site but I found it would tear out quite often. I now use Tegaderm and I find it to be much better. Anyways, just thought it could come in handy.

Congrats on being sponsored by DexCom - I know you will do a wonderful job.


Hi Kerri,

I've just recently came across your blog when I was searching info about Dexcom and I'm hoping you may have some useful information. My mother has been using a Dexcom for almost two years. She has been a Type I diabetic for 42 years and has had numerous difficulties controlling her blood sugars, despite a healthy diet and even diagnostic assessments at Cleveland Clinic. Before getting her Dexcom, she was in danger of losing her license due to several incidents involving low blood sugars while she was driving. She also lives alone, and before getting her CGM, has spent hours on the floor unresponsive, because she no longer gets the normal signs that her blood sugar is dropping. This whole time she has paid out of pocket for her machine and each month for her sensors. It has been a life saver several times over. But the cost has been quite the burden for someone on a fixed income. We have recently found out that some insurance companies are covering CGM's and I'm currently researching the best way to appeal her insurance company's denial of coverage. I was hoping you can tell me exactly what info would be helpful to include in those letters. I read that you have been through this before and would greatly appreciate any assistance you could give.

Thank you

For the rest of us who have to still pay cash for the sensors, any knowledge of why the price suddenly increased by $30 per sensor pack just as the new "Plus" model is being released? I know you're not a Dexcome employee, but thought you may be able to at least provide your thoughts.

Dexcom sucks. I almost died cause of its false readings. Do NOT buy it.

Hello! Can you tell me who the person was at Dexcom who got the ball rolling with your free device? I would like to advertise through Dexcom, but need the name of that person. Thanks

I just started on Dexacom and just happened to run into your blog!
I get some of the same symptoms but absolutely love it.. I used the Medtronic one last year and hated it..it hurt like hell!

Hi Kerri,
Please can you use some of your blog microphone pull to lobby Dexcom on behalf of the many Dexcom customers who are Mac users? We would LOVE to be able to use Dexcom software--but can't because they haven't made it Mac compatible. :( Ask them to please get with the 21st century--Macs are in high use these days, and we NEED Dexcom software access! No Mac discrimination, please!
Thanks so much,

Dexcom QC is bad. I have to admit that my A1c dropped from 7.x to 6.1 using a CGM; however Sensor Error #1 and a ??? on the display 50% of the time indicates Dexcom issues.

I have a slight allergy to the Dexcom sensor so I can't wear it continuously. So much for the "C" in CGM. It has gotten me thinking more about what to do about hypoglycemic unawareness. I still feel my lows, but not as much as I used to. Technology is great when it works. I have been thinking maybe someday I will get a diabetes alert dog. Unless you are allergic to dogs, I think it could be a solution for you. Not to mention you could blog about it and more people would then be aware that this possibility exists.

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