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Abby and Dex.

(This is embarrassing.  But true.)

At night, when I go to sleep, I tuck myself in underneath the down comforter and the blankets, I snuggle up against my husband, and I fall asleep, usually with my head about halfway on the pillow.  And Chris and I sleep.  For about twenty minutes.

Until the cats come calling.

Somehow, all 16 lbs of Abby the Fat Cat manages to launch onto my side of the bed.  (I swear the bed lists to one side.)  And instead of curling up at the foot of the bed, like a normal animal, she takes up residence on my pillow. She tries to stick her paws in my ears, she snores, and she completely disregards the fact that the pillow is meant for MY head, not her whole fuzzy body.  (Usually, I end up sleeping on about 1/8 of the pillow.)

Unfortunately for Abby, things have changed in the Sparling household.  Not only is there a Chris and a Kerri in the bed, but there's also a Dexcom.  The Dexcom hangs from a headband that I have wound around the headboard of our bed.  That way, if it buzzes, Chris and I both are certain to hear it.

And two nights ago, the alarm on that sucker sounded at 3 in the morning.  Just as the sun was stirring, the Dexcom BEEEEEEEP!ed and I vaulted up from the bed.  Unfortunately for Abby again, the receiver was sitting on her back, and she also freaked out.


"Meow!!!"  Her claws come out and sink into my head.



Unzip meter.  Shunk.

35 mg/dl.

"Chris.  I need juice."

'Mmmm hmmm."  Juicebox with orange juice in it appears out of nowhere.  




"You okay?"

"I will be in a minute."

I'm sweaty, shaky, mouth sticky with orange juice and sleep.  It's three in the morning and I want to go back to sleep.  But I know I should wait a few minutes, so while I do, I take picture of what a 3 am low looks like:

You do realize there is very little room for my head here...

 At least she keeps my head warm.


If you put a pillow next to your pillow - her own special pillow - would she sleep on that? that's what I resorted to doing...but then you might miss your head warmer!

LOL I'll have K.C. give Abby a good talking to. (And Siah too, for that matter.) K.C. rarely gets on the bed, and when she does, she knows she's supposed to stay by my feet. And she does. :)

Of course, now I've jinxed myself and she'll crawl all over my head tonight.

Hehehehe... totally the cutest headwarmer I've ever seen :)

I don't know what it is with cats, but they making sleeping humans their target for inflicting discomfort. Mine has found her way to sleeping between my legs on top of the comforter. There is no way to move at all.

Okay, I'm wiping the tears from my eyes as I try to control my laughter.
I think I'm good now... maybe. :)

I Loved this! It brought back memories of my cat sleeping on my head, but she never had to deal with a dex like Abby. I do wish we had had the option of a Dex when my son was younger. He was diagnosed at 17 months!
Take care,

Wow, guess I won't be complaining about my old man (16) anytime soon.

He has never done the sleeping on my pillow, near my head routine. He starts out near my side (horizontally so he takes up more than half the bed) then ends up at the foot of the bed then somewhere else in the apart.

But, in the morning, if I don't wake up to his liking, he jumps up near my head, walks across my pillow above my head, then back, meowing, jumping down, back up again until I stir.

Every once in a while he is close enough while we sleep that he startles at my pump buzzing from an alarm I have set. Vibrate actually is more of a guarantee I will wake up then beeping, go figure.

Great post Kerri. Too cute. And I was totally expecting full disclosure: a picture of you, sweating, hair messy, juice dripping..... ;-)

Thanks Kerri, that was hilarious!

LOL. Reminds me of where my cat sleeps at night. My mom gets into bed and there is enough room between her down pillow and the headboard for my cat to stretch out there, so she does. And that's where she has left every night for at least the past year or so.

Great picture, by the way.

I need to get a cat...or a dex. :D

The sun stirs at 3am? I could never live there.

Nick - Are you busting on my futile attempt at wordsmithing? ;-)

Kerri's Tortured Poetic Soul

Oh those crazy pets! However, a serious question about the Dexcom...what did the Dexcom think your blood sugar was at the time, and do you feel it is necessary to double check against your meter when you have a low alarm? I mean, can Dexcom be trusted in the middle of the night enough to avoid that extra step before gulping down whatever juice is handy?


I always double-check against the Dexcom before treating a low or correcting a high. The Dex shows trends, not precision blood sugars, so I don't count on it for real numbers. When my meter said I was 35 mg/dl, the Dexcom said "Under 50 mg/dl." Close enough for me, and it woke me up, so I'll take that save.

Thank you for making me laugh! I've had times where I'll be sitting at my desk and the Dexcom receiver vibrates and I've about jumped out of my seat! It's quite loud even when it vibrates.

Have you thought about attaching the Dexcom to Abby? You would definitely know when you were running low even if you slept through the Beep. Then you can train her to fetch you juice boxes. LOL.

Having Abby there could eliminate the need to use a lancing device...just insert strip and apply to one of the many head/face/neck wounds available. Really, at 3 a.m., it could not be simpler.


I always say the same thing about these posts, I want a kitty so bad. I miss this stuff as silly as that may seem.

Hee hee... my cat would do that all the time, but while sharing my pillow would nuzzle into my hair and knead my neck. Affectionate, but not always the best nights sleep. :)

oh that is so funny and cute and funny. one of our cats sleeps with Ian, on his pillow, and Ian is constantly being 'groomed' by the cat. I think the cat thinks Ian is his baby or something. So watch out for pillow grooming. it's not pretty.

For me - I shut the door. No kitties in my bed thank you very much.

Abby's cute
For many years, we had 2 cats (then 4, now 3) - Coquette is definately my wife's cats - she curls up right next to her shoulders and sleeps

My Tuxedo (who passed away 12 days ago) would sleep on my hip, as he hated being blown on by the CPAP machine. Noe next to my hip - I sleep on my side, and he'd hop up and settle in. I miss him

The 2 new cats (which we got in October - a good friend passed away, and they were her boys) will occsionally hop up on the bed to nap, but they don't sleep WITH me. I feel lonely

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