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The Snowless Snowday Six.

The Friday Six:  December 19, 2008 editionEveryone is bracing for the winter storm that's aimed at New England today.  Schools are closed, people are working from home, and cars across the region have their windshield wipers pointed to the sky.  Yet there isn't a flake to be found yet.  (Stop laughing - I am not a flake.)  It's a snowless snowday here on SUM.  Time for the Six!

1.  Okay, this is from a release sent to me by a PR company, but the horse's name was enough to make me want to write about it.  Apparently, Justin Credible, a horse that has the first documented case of type 1 diabetes, is now sporting an Omnipod.  The article also states that Justin may be hooked up with a Dexcom.  And after I stopped giggling at the name, I had to share with all of you. 

2.  Yesterday was our work Yankee Swap (where the heck did that name come from?), and since I came into work only for the afternoon, I missed the actual swap.  But, since my coworkers are awesome and always remember me, someone participated on my behalf.  And I scored this calendar:  Porn For Women.  (Google, have your fun with me.)  This calendar made me laugh my arse off, especially the last page, where the handsome hunk looks into the camera, smiling sweetly with the cat litter scoop in hand:  "Who would object to cleaning up after the cutest thing on four legs?" 

3.  Also, I wrote about stumbling upon the "secret features" (they're not so secret - I'm just clueless) on my insulin pump yesterday.  But you guys trumped me out big time, because I learned so many other tricks from the comments section that my technoJOY! was in overdrive.  Thanks for sharing your tips!

4.  In other news, I saw a release this morning about a "common infant virus may trigger type 1 diabetes."  The whole virus/type 1 connection has always been of interest to me, because I was diagnosed a few months after a weeklong bout with a high fever.  My doctors and my parents have always cited this "birthday virus" as the trigger for my diabetes.  If you have type 1, does your medical team site an illness as your trigger factor?  I'm curious.

5.  Re: D365, I'm in the home stretch for this yearlong project.  And it hasn't been easy.  Marking each day with a diabetes connection wasn't as difficult as I had hoped it would be.  Somehow, everything plays in to disease management.  Diabetes is truly a lifestyle, and the D365 project has proven that to me over and over again.  I have a lot of admiration for the D365 members who have crossed the finish line, and I'm hopefully joining their ranks at the turn of the year! 

6.  Lastly, since we haven't seen any snow yet here in CT, I found a cool online tool to make virtual snowflakes.  Check out this site and snip up your own snowflake in preparation for this blizzard that's a-comin'! 

Stay safe, stay warm (make bread and milk soup, like you do), and I'll see you on Monday.  


The omnipod is available for a HORSE, but not in Canada!??!?
Since recently starting my own pump, I've realized how painful it is to rip adhesive off of a mildly hairy stomach... I can only imagine how painful it would be for a horse!
Really... A HORSE!?!?!?

LOL I had a feeling we would end up flakeless all morning. The weather peeps do it to us every time - get us all psyched up for a huge storm that never comes.

Enjoy your calendar. My best-friend bought me that in book form a few years ago. Don't know if it's in your calendar, but my favorite is one that says "Ooh, look, the NFL playoffs are today. I bet we'll have no trouble parking at the crafts fair." Or "Hold that thought a second, I want to pull over to ask fro directions." :)

i wanted to know if his insurance covered his dexcom?

I'm so tempted to get that calender for a coworker. Knowing her, she'd love it, but HR has gotten real touchy about that stuff lately, and we have too many nosy folks in the office.

Might get it for my Mom, though (no, I'm not weird) just to see her reaction.

I vaguely remember snow from my youth. White little stuff that looks like dust only outside?

Happy Holidays all!

In terms of a trigger for my Type 1 - I just finished defending my thesis for my masters degree and was going through a divorce - so, mine was not so much an illness but an extremely stressful time which my doctor attributes as the trigger...

I saw that calendar and almost bought it for myself - same favorite page.

Snow here an Albany started 5 in ago and sidewalks/streets (and the labradoodle who wont come in) are already coated. So I'm sure yours is on its way.

For #4 - no virus dx for me. I can't remember even having a cold for at least 2 years before the D showed up...

EDIT: It's snowing like a bitch now. Me and my big mouth. ;)

My mom swears that a fever/virus triggered my Type 1. She says that for the first 3 or 4 years of my life, right around my birthday, I would spike a decently high fever (102-103) and be sickly for 2-3 days and then it would disappear. But she says it came back like clockwork every year until I was about 4 or so.

Now, I wasn't diagnosed until I was 8 and I wasn't very sick at the time so it's not like it had be ravaging my body for years before we caught it. Also, my dad had type 1 and my paternal grandfather had type 2 so there's a pretty strong genetic component in me as well. I can't really contribute since I don't really remember these wacky fevers. So, who know's really? But that's my mom's theory. I hope I'm not the only one whose mom has a cooky theory about everything in life . . . ?

There are so many type ones and type twos in my family, we say that it's when, not if. The genetic component is very strong for us. Still, most of us are diagnosed after a major illness or life stress. For me I went through a divorce, had a son in Iraq and spent a year battling cancer.

Well, at least you have some flakes to join you now, Kerri. ROFL.

Enjoy the calendar, BTW.

I was diagnosed just before my seventh birthday. I had a flu like illness about a month before my diagnosis.

LOVE the horse with the OmniPod - hysterical! {Maybe Dwight wouldn't have killed Angela's cat on The Office if Sprinkles had of had one too!}

As for the virus-trigger theory... I'm a believer! I caught the flu {or something to that effect} about a month before I was Dx {during which, I lost 30 lbs}.

It's actually back up to 70 degrees in my neck of the woods. The weather is acting crazy!

I firmly believe in the virus theory. I had a virus for which they gave me steroids. Can you say REALLY SICK really fast!

We have already had snow here in kentucky and we are bracing for more coming on monday supposidly . I want to have a white christmas and i want it to snow on christmas . It has been so long since i have had a white christmas .great blog as usual dear have a great wknd and we will see you on monday .

I agree with the thoery of the virus.I was 20 years old ( I am 28 now) and went on a vacation to Greece ( at the time i lived in Canada) and i caught a virus that apperently triggered my diabetes. When i went to the hospital, there were 2 other girls that had the same thing as me. We were all diagnosed with type 1 and all three of us were around 20 years old.

I also share your interest in the virus theory. I was sick ALOT before my dx and oddly enough very little since.

I read an article several years ago indicating that the coxsackie family of viruses might be a trigger. Polio is one disease caused by this virus and my mother had polio as a very young girl. I've always felt like there was a tie somehow.

The doctors think mine was virus plus stress - a side benefit of the parents divorce I suppose. :(

A horse can get a dexcom but I can't be approved??? Boo!!!

Currently the temp is -10 below zero and later wind chills down to 40 below give or take a few with snow. Oh yes well will get above zero how does 1 above sound this weekend ? We had a blizzard this morning and I drove 26 miles round trip to a doctors app in it.In 1976 I was dx with type 1 from a bad strain of flu going around back then called the asian or hong kong flu fever yes, chills yes and everything imagenable that comes with the worst flu ever.
When I drove school bus and the bus would slide due to ice on the road I would say to my kids " weeeeee" just to keep things light so when having a bad day just say " weeeee" .

I definitely agree with the illness trigger!! I was 23 when I had a massive sinus infection for over a month, no meds could kick it and then I started losing my vision (from my sugar being so high, little did I know), and then I got diagnosed. Also lost 25 lbs - best diet ever if it weren't for the horrendous complications that followed. And every time I get sick now my sinuses are a bugger.

But I am not sure what came first - the sickness or the "sugar".

That's hilarious about Justin the horse. I used to fantasize about a CGM for my diabetic cat, or even just getting insurance to cover her test strips. Those little suckers are pricey!

No snow yet out in CT? How about now? The Midwest has gotten a lot.

I was diagnosed when I was 8 years old. I was simultaneously diagnosed with my first-ever case of strep throat. I've heard several times now that that likely wasn't a coincidence.


recently found the blog - keep up the good work.

I got wiped out by a virus at ~age 20, and got type 1 ~age 31 - very slow progression if virus related, but it has always been in the back of my head. I have never been too impressed with my diabetes docs, so never had discussion with them.

I can't see how 'stress' could cause type 1 - this is an autoimmune disease, right?

I agree with the virus trigger..Casey's pediatrician is convinced that an ear infection gone awry the previous month triggered his. BTW the infection was not treated by his regular ped, but a partner in the practice that didn't trust my gut instinct that the infection was not getting better. Saw his regular ped, the infection had spread,and after IV antibiotics, he was ok. Then the following month dxd at almost 1000 @ 7 yrs old.

my dd was dx at 8 January 26 after her sister (then 10) had suffered for three months with the strep that wouldn't leave! I was buying toothbrush after toothbrush! My theory is that there is some propensity, but unless there is a genetic link, a virus sets the propensity off. Without a propensity theory, the random nature of who "gets" it doesn't make sense.

I also agree with the virus trigger....i had a v bad case of tonsillitis right before i was diagnosed! If ever my kids get tonsillitis i'll be sooooo paranoid for a few weeks later!

About the theory - I was a sophomore in college taking 18.5 credits of all pre-med classes. My immune system was weak from all the studying and stress. After I came out of hospital with mono, I went right back with diagnosis of diabetes. I was diagnosed as type I, but ended up being type II or what they call "modi" diabetes. I believe it.

In the west we call a Yankee swap a "white elephant." I know where the term white elephant comes from, but not Yankee swap. The Google has not helped me find an answer yet.

Hey Kerri...it's me again! I told you I was going to respond to some of your posts...and right now, I've got the time...
About the "infant virus thing"...yes, my daughter had RSV (an awful virus common in infants) when she was just 10 days old. It was terrible!..hospitalized, fever...not getting enough oxygen, etc....very scary.....then...
when she was diagnosed at 22 months, she also tested positive for the same thing...RSV (I can't remember the long version) She had a relentless fever for about 10 days...of course, hospitalization, our type 1 diagnosis and so on. And I've read about a type 1 diagnosis being preceded by a virus like this too. Not that it totally explains things but, hey, it compromises a fragile immune system. Thanks for the post!

I know I'm late responding to this post, but oh well. :)

For some reason, I've never even heard of the virus theory. I was diagnosed right after my 12th birthday. I was REALLY sick for a while, had NO appetite so I wasn't eating, but I drink a ton. I'd lost so much weight. In the 3 weeks before I was hospitalized, I was told I had a sinus infection, then strep, then another sinus infection. I'd lost SO much weight. My mom picked me up from cheering a basketball game when I began to not keep anything down, not even clear liquids. The next morning I went to the emergency room. My BS was so high it was off the charts and couldn't be read. I was out of it and told I was almost in a diabetic coma. I was a small child anyway, but by the time I went to the ER I weighed 45lbs!! At 12 years old! They put me on an ambulance and me to a nearby hospital who could better treat me. I don't remember the next few days.

I never really thought of the viruses being anything to do with the diabetes. In my mind, I always thought they had simply misdiagnosed me with the viruses when all along it was the diabetes. Hmmm, I'll be interested to learn more about it.

I do have a unique perspective in one way. I am an identical twin. When I was diagnosed, we were told my identical twin sister had a 50% chance of becoming diabetic within the next year. I'm so happy to say next month will be 9 years since then, and she is still diabetes-free!! Who's to say it may not eventually happen, but for now, there goes the entirely genetic theory.

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