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SUM Bloopers.

I like to vlog, but I talk nonsense about 80% of the time.  (Those of you who know me in real life can attest to my ability to spew nonsense.) Only a small portion of what I end up rambling on about makes it to the vlog post, and the rest remains on the cutting room floor (also known as the folder on my laptop marked "Vlog Crap").

Since I haven't had a chance to vlog recently, I thought I'd share the running blooper reel of outtakes from SUM vlogging attempts.  Unfortunately, I could do a new blooper reel every damn month, but eventually the cats would tire of being pulled in front of the camera. 

I present ... the sad little blooper reel:

Being awkward is my specialty.  :) 


Ummm Kerri, your cats are Ginormous. May need to test them for HGH. ;)

Very cute! I love it. :)

That was awesome... I love blooper reels.

Thanks a lot! I'm laughing sitting all alone in my office.

My favorite part was 'have a good weekend - it's not the weekend' :)

LOL So Funny. 1.2.Yanni. LOL

great blooper reel! cats never do what ya want 'em to do when ya want 'em to do it! little buggers.

"see ya next year" LOL

And yeah, Tony is right, your cats are Huge!

Please share more anytime. ;-)

Very. Funny. Did I mention that the reason there hasn't been another vlog is because it took about 12 takes each time, thanks to the darn cats?


Love the theme music.

Nice one, Kerri. Very funny.

ROFL. Ok, those were really good... or is that bad? Personally I think you should keep the bloopers in the vlogs. But if not since you say you could do a new one each month maybe you can do that for the month end vlog, with music of course?

Ummm... what's the cats' carb intake per day?

*gigglesuncontrollably* I love the blooper reel!!!

Too funny! :)

Kerri - I LOVED this feature.

I think you should make it a regular part of the vlog...

BTW - Having a blast getting to know your bro a wee bit via twitter!

That's mighty funneh!

I could not stop laughing when you were doing the cat voices. :)

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