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Santa Sausage.

Well here's something that made me laugh out loud.

Siah as Santa ... Claws.  HA HA HA! 

HUGE thanks to Jaimie, who is working her magic on people's Twitter avatars and took on Ms. Siah Sausage as a favor.  According to her Twitter feed: "@JaimieH can do Santa Hat for ur Twitter image. She's collecting donations for TuDiabetes.com: $1.50/hat." Good fun, good cause, and who doesn't look good in red?

Santa Sparling 
The Island of Misfit Bloggers?  But I wanted to be a dentist!  ;)


Too cute and great idea for the santa hats . great blog as usual .

Jaimie is awesome! I sent her a bunch of pics and told her to do whatever she wanted. I promised I would use it as my avatar on Twitter until Christmas no matter what!

Siah looks awesome by the way.

Thanks so much Kerri!(blushing)

I can whip up your tudiabetes profile pictures too :)


Awww, isn't he adorable as a Santa kitty!!!

You sure that isn't my cat, Kerri? ROFL

Ah, but here is one that will get you laughing big time (thanks to Chunks of Reality and Wondering Coyote)

Cat V. Printer


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