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World Diabetes Day (SUM Style)

Happy World Diabetes Day, everyone!  To mark this year's WDD, I've created a little video about what a day in my life is like.  People know what diabetes is, but they don't know how much management is part of our daily routine. (And, because I watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure the other night, it's a bit inspired by the breakfast machine.)

What's a day in your life like?  Blog it! Vlog it!  Or even just tell someone who may not know.  Today is the day to educate people and let them know that diabetes isn't an invisible disease - it affects every single one of us.

Be sure to check all around the medical blogosphere today for diabetes awareness efforts.  Special thanks to Dr. Val for taking the time to do a podcast with me for Getting Better, and to my friend Buzz Bishop in Vancouver for all of his efforts diabetes.  Here's an interview he did about diabetes - and hula hooping!) 

Happy WDD, you guys. And thanks for everything you do.


Thanks for the video Kerri! Happy World Diabetes Day everyone. We did our part over at glucoholic.com with a little post that includes the "Top 5 Things For Glucoholics To Do on World Diabetes Day 2008." We think you'll really like it, especially if you have cats.

Great vlog, Kerri, But I have to say, that music was really annoying.

Glucoholic - Awesome. I'll go check it out now. (I do like cats.)

Ryan - Have you ever seen Pee Wee's Big Adventure? It's the music from the breakfast scene. ;) It IS annoying!

Happy WDD! Great video blog and great interview with Dr. Val this week. Thanks Kerri for everything that you do! I also wrote a post about WDD today http://tinyurl.com/57n646

I'm putting the social media into overdrive today to spread the word. Since there are already a couple of links here, maybe it's not too "uncool" (thanks Jennifer Anniston for making that word seem really ridiculous)to point to my World Diabetes Day post on KNOW THE SIGNS http://wontbeetus.blogspot.com Thanks for the inspiration, Kerri.

Great vlog! That looks a whole lot my day! Though I definitely don't have my supplies lined up quite as nicely in one place. Nor have I thought about keeping my insulin pump in my stockings (though I can't use my thighs as an infusion site because they're way too absorbent and I end up perpetually low, so the tubing might not reach all the way down there). The only things I'd add to a vlog about my day as a diabetic: weighing food (and putting tags on my lunch with the carb totals); writing everything down; and constantly looking at the clock to figure out when to test, bolus and eat! Happy WDD!

LOVED the Vlog. Complete with PeeWee music and cats - how could it miss. Ha Haha. (Did you know you can learn to laugh like Pee Wee? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwuEo4y5luk )

Anyway, I wondered what to post on the D-Blog today. I'm going to steal your idea and do a Day in the Diabetes Life.

Love it, Kerri.

Just love it.

That was great Kerri! Thanks for raising awareness and all that you do.

Great video! I'm sending it to my mother (type II diabetic).

Kerri, I look forward to your blog/vlog when I work as a little break in the madness. Today, I thought I'd (try) to return the favor - here's a link to my blog where I occ blog about my type 1 (the 2 most recent at least)


peace, Steve

Listening to the podcast.

I SO Agree!
"I would love to have a reason not to hate her."
The Halle Berry Conundrum. Right.

Loved the video. Do not recall the music but definitely Pee Wee Herman. Thanks for the flashbacks. ;-)

Happy WDD! Thanks for sharing as always.

Awesome job Kerri! Short & sweet :) The music is hilarious!

I like at the end where you say you could have shared so much more...that is so true...day to day can be so completely different...everyone has a different story to tell for sure...

Big "D" hugs!

Love the vlog! That was a great idea for WDD. Crazy Siah, going for the pump tubing like that. Classic kitty behavior.

Hi. Loved your video! We've also posted some videos on Type II Diabetes on the Johnson & Johnson health channel. Please check them out.



Great! I love the Pee Wee music! (And seeing dLife HQ!!)

Your vlog encouraged me to try testing my thumb today, I always forget! Not really a fan but it was a fun experiment anyway... :)

Kerri! That was AWESOME!!!

(I too got a kick out of seeing a bit of dLife HQ!)

Wait, can you test on your thumb? Dammit, I've been neglecting 1/5th of my viable test spots!

Anyway, great vlog, you've inspired me to (maybe, hah!) do one myself! Now where to post it?

Great video Kerri! I don't know that I could overcome my nervousness of taping in public places.

I just finished my 'day in the life' post.

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